Diggory was being held in the basement of the Level Guardian Society's largest Lodge in Ninten. This was mostly for his own safety, but also because he was a walking political time bomb who regularly switched between surrendering because he was bored and slaughtering everyone in a fit of rage because he thought he saw someone hit a healer. The Society were also thinking of using him as bait to lay a trap for the people who had sprung him from the last prison he had wound up in, but they weren't so sure whether this was a good idea or not. After all, they could make bigger explosions than the Society.

The responsibility of guarding Diggory's cell was entrusted to Donkey Kong.

He was unimpressed with the 'honour'.

Mr. Ganondorf had told him it was an important job but he was starting to worry if the Vice Chancellor was lying to him. He was well aware that the others did not respect him, did not see his awesome power. The great Donkey Kong – King of the Apes – was yet to prove himself worthy of an equal position on the Level Guardian Society Council. Bowser – even Wario, who had only recently registered as a Society member and was a known traitor – was shown more respect than the giant gorilla. It's the banana jokes that hurt the most, thought Donkey Kong as he sat on his favourite wooden barrel.

"Mr. Donkey?"

"Donkey KONG!" he roared at the slightly emaciated prisoner. Donkey Kong kept trying to feed him but he refused to eat. He wouldn't even eat bananas. Diggory put a finger to his lips.

"I've m... made an important decision."

"You're not responsible for the fall of Amstrad?"

"Sega." corrected Diggory, "And no, I still am. I've thought of how I'm going to atone for my sins. I'm going to register in the Tournament."

A wide grin spread over the monkey's face, displaying all his sharp teeth.

"You know what? So am I."


"Lucas." Pit sighed, "As you grow up, you'll learn that a main character has certain duties and responsibilities. One of the things people expect from you is to be recognisable. People want be able to take one look at you and say 'oh yes, that's Lucas'. That means no suddenly changing your appearance, Lucas! What on earth have you done to your hair? And where did you get a change of clothes from?"

The boy stared at him vacantly. He didn't move a muscle. His round eyes didn't blink.

"You want to be like Ness, don't you?" asked Pit, lifting himself out of his chair with a quick flap of his wings and placing his newspaper on the arm, "Well, Ness never changes his clothes. I'll go and get the Earthbound video if you don't believe me."

He floated out of the room – he was more comfortable using his wings than walking – and into the TV room, where he kept his collection in a glass cabinet. He heard the small boy trailing after him, dragging his baseball bat behind him with a dull, repetitive thud.

"Lucas, the Earthbound video isn't in its case. Would you happen to know anything abou...?" he began. Then he looked around. The boy was back in his normal clothes, with normal coloured hair.

"Is this some kind of trick?" he demanded. He could see how Lucas could be wearing two T-shirts and a wig, but where had he hidden them? For a small child trying to play a prank, he was unnaturally stony-faced and generally too good at it. Pit scratched his head.

Then he looked around one more time. When he looked back, the boy's clothes and hair were wrong once again.

"I think Pit needs some sleep." he said, "Why don't you go upstairs and pester Wor? I hear he's made some progress at restoring Nowhere Island and he'd love tell you all abou..."

"Nowhere Island is completely restored."

Pit almost laid an egg. He hadn't heard his father fly in through the window. Lucas stared at him with an expression that made most corpses look lively by comparison. We both need sleep, decided the winged boy.

"That's... good?" guessed Pit.

Wor shook his head.

"The whole thing? Overnight? Its impossible, son. Let me tell you what's happened. That... that place that looks like Nowhere Island... its not Nowhere Island."

"What do you mean? What is it, then?"

"I don't know." admitted Wor, "But I think we're in trouble."