Just Trust Me


"Just trust me." He whispered, stroking my face. I was alone, nobody could hear us now. "Don't you trust me, Yuki?" He smiled, horrifying, menacing.

I couldn't tell him the truth. That wasn't what he wanted to hear. I could only lie, attempt to make him happy by forging my own version of reality. "Of course I do." I said softly, looking away. Slowly he took my face in his hands, and brought me closer to him. "Then why won't you let me do this?" Silent tears stream down my face, as he closes the distance between our lips. It feels all wrong, letting him have my first kiss. Our lips don't match up, and he tastes far too sweet, like pure sugar.

Slowly he pulls away, and smirks. "See? Wasn't that everything I told you it would be?" I nod automatically, looking away from him to be sure he couldn't see the pain in my eyes. "And more." Was my reply. He seemed delighted to hear this and shuffled closer.

"I can show you just how wonderful it can be. You just have to trust me." I was nearly sobbing now, but I nodded once. Slowly, he slid his hand down my stomach and towards the waste line of my too-loose dress pants. I didn't stop him as he reached closer towards his destination and my nightmare. I didn't want to lose it this way. I wanted him to stop. But Akito was God, and I had no power over him. I couldn't force him to do anything. I had nothing.

He began to slide his fingers up and down my secret place- The one my mom told me not to let anyone touch. But God could do it. God could do anything. I tried to let him have his way with me, but he suddenly stopped.

"YOU'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING, YUKI! HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOW IF YOU'RE ENJOYING IT?" He screamed, squeezing me tightly. I let out a cry of pain, that he mistook for pleasure. "That's more like it." He said, squeezing me again. I bit back a whimper.

He slid his hand back and forth, squeezing each time he got to the base. I was sobbing, but he didn't care. He pulled my pants down, leaving me exposed for the world.
Slowly her ran a finger down towards the tip, making me shudder. "Now Yuki...It's your turn." He said, starting to pull away his yukata. I gasped, and turned away. He grabbed my hair with sickly thin fingers and pulled me towards him.

"Yuki...You trust me, right?" He said, glaring into my eyes. I looked blankly back, and nodded. He pulled me forwards, toward his exposed private place. I closed my eyes and he shoved it into my mouth, making me gag. I tried to spit it back out, but his hand was keeping my head in place. In the back of my mind, I heard him moan in pleasure. "Now..." He said roughly, "Suck."

He pulled my head up for a brief moment, but as soon as I thought I would be free, He pushed it back down. I moved my tongue around a bit, trying to find somewhere I couldn't taste this disgusting piece of flesh, but he seemed to like that and pushed me down harder. Finally, he let me up to take a breath. I choked down the sweet, fresh air, but it wasn't enough. He had already pushed me back down before I really had a chance to breathe. I began to feel myself slipping away, trying to find a spot where I could be happy, when I felt him tense. He screamed out my name, and I wondered what I was doing wrong.

Warm liquid shot into my mouth and I gagged once more, trying to spit it out. It tasted awful. "Swallow it, Yuki." He said breathily, watching me suffer. I tried to, but it leaked out the corners of my mouth and onto the floor. "Good." He said, and pulled me close into a hug.

"See? I told you, Yuki. You just have to trust me."