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Ello, everyone! I don't really know what to say. I came up with this story idea just a few minutes ago. I hope you like it.

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Chapter 1: Fox Magic

Hiashi jumped threw the trees surrounding his home village. Just hours ago his daughter had gone missing. No one knew where she was and he feared the worst. The diplomat from Kiwi was gone too, which only proved to up his worry more. 'Please let her be safe…' he silently prayed.

Hinata blinked, she felt like her bed was moving. Then she realized, she wasn't in her bed. The young Hyuga's eyes flew open as she realized she had been gagged and bound. The girl struggled agents the arm holding her in place. Tears beginning to form in her eyes, she tried to scream. Her inability to do so only made her cry harder. Her captor stopped suddenly, whirling around and throwing a kunai into a bush behind him. "Who's there?" The man asked.

The ninja dropped his charge to the ground, not bothering to be gently with the young girl. He had light gray hair and black eyes, a Kiwi headband on. For a second he heard nothing except the rustling of the leaves. The diplomat began to question whether what he had heard was just in his head when he turned and saw something rather strange. Two blue orbs starring at him from up in one of the trees.

Hinata starred at the blue orbs staring straight past her at her kidnaper. Then they shifted to gaze at her. The two locked gazes for a moment, her frantic lavender eye's gazing into the confused blue ones. The two's gaze was interrupted by the gruff shout of, "Who's there?" Hinatas eyes began to tear up as an arm grabbed her around the waist and hosted her up on to his shoulder. She silently pleaded for the person the blue eyes belonged to help her.

The Kiwi Nin threw the kunai at the person. What jumped out wasn't what he expected. Standing in front of him was a boy no older that the charge he was carrying. There was one major difference though, the boy had small blonde fox ears and fox tail. "What the…" was all he managed before the boys eyes changed to a blood red and he attacked.

Hinata didn't know what happened. One minute she was on her kidnapers shoulder and the next she was in blonde boys arms. She looked up at his face and saw the blue eyes that had been looking at her. Carefully, he sat her down and cut her bonds with one of his clawed hands. Then he sat cross-legged across from her. "Are you ok?" He asked quietly. Hinata only nodded, the ears and tail swaying behind him mesmerized her. "Don't worry about that guy, I only knocked him out." The blonde gestured over to the body of the Kiwi Nin behind him. This time he was bound and gagged. He opened his mouth to say something but stopped when one of his ears twitched. "I have to go…" he got up and turned but stopped a few steps away. "Here…so you can call me if you need me again." He put a small necklace around her neck; it was a small whistle it had a fox tail making a spiral and a fox head making where you blew into it, it also had two blue gems as the eye's and a red gem in the center of the spiral. "My names Naruto, what's yours?" he asked. "H…Hinata…" she stuttered. The boy smiled. "Hinata…I like that." The girl blushed. Then in a small pillar of fire he changed into a small blonde fox. The fox turned a grinned at her before it jumped away. Then her father jumped down in front of her.

"Hinata, are you ok? What happened?" he asked. She nodded, "I was saved by a boy." Her father looked at her questioningly. "He said his name was Naruto, he…he had fox ears and a tail…" She began to tell her father everything but he interrupted her telling her that it was impossible. "But it's not he gave me this necklace see!" She lifted it up for him to see. "Hinata, quite being silly. There is nothing there but a locket your mother gave you." Her father picked her up and motioned for the branch members that had fallowed him to get the Kiri Nin behind him. Hinata looked at the whistle that she could see but her father couldn't. 'Why can't he see it?' she wondered looking at the whistle. She never noticed the blonde fox that followed her all the way home. When she got home she was drowned in hugs from her mother. Then, after answering many questions, she was allowed to go to her room.

When she turned around after she closed her door she came face to face with the boy from the woods. The Hyuga heiress squeaked in surprise jumping backwards her heart racing. "Hi!" he said, his tail wagging enthusiastically. Her heart slowed seeing who it was. "What are you doing here?" She asked a little irritated. " I followed you here." He grinned. She sighed "Won't your parents be worried with you being gone?" She asked. His tail quit wagging. "I don't have any parents…" He said, his ears drooping. Hinata took a sharp breath , "Oh, well then you could stay with me then." She said. Naruto's tail instantly began to wag excitedly at the news. "But how come my father can't see the whistle you gave me?" She asked. "It's the Kistene magic on it at work." He said scratching his head.

He sighed at her confused look. "In other words, there is some fox magic on it that keeps people I don't consider an ally, friend, or enemy from knowing you carry my emblem, or symbol." He smiled at her. "I find it best that people don't know such things, people in Konoha don't tolerate my kind to well…" he let the sentence hang in the air as his eye's drifted to past memories. "Well, what about you? How am I going to keep you here without my father knowing?" she asked. "Get your father to come to the pound tomorrow, tell him you want a dog. If he argues tell him that if you had a dog, things like what nearly happened last night wouldn't be able to happen so easily. Then just look for me when you come to pick one out." He smiled at her. "Well, see ya tomorrow Hinata-chan."

With that the boy transformed into a fox again and jumped out her window. The Hyuga heiress slowly started to get dressed. She had a lot to think about, but it all lead to one thing, there was something that the boy wasn't telling her. 'I wonder what it is?' she didn't get much further into the thought before sleep overcame her.

Hinata looked at the small fox in her arms, persuading her father had been easier then she had thought. 'Well, now he has a place to stay…' she thought. She looked down at the fox, which was looking around at its surroundings its tail wagging excitedly. Its back paws twitched against her stomach every now and again where they hung down and its front paws continued to lay relaxed on her arms. 'If I didn't know I would say he was just a regular fox…' she thought, but if anyone looked closely enough they could see the hidden intelligence in its deep blue eye's.

Hiashi watched his daughter carry her new dog and contemplated why he had gotten her the pup. She had been right that if there had been a dog in her room at the time of her kidnapping then they probably would have found out sooner. Yet, he hated dogs, but something about that one just drew him in. 'You almost can't hate it…' he mused. 'But why did she name it Naruto?' he wondered thinking of his deceased friends dead son. He didn't ponder on the thought long because they had just arrived home.

Well this is the first chapter. Yes, both Hinata and Naruto have vary good speech for kids so young, but Hinata was raised by the Hyugas and well you'll learn about Naruto later on. I hope you like how this story turns out. Heck, I don't even know how this story is going to turn out.