A/N: I am not Stephenie Meyer, nor do I ever claim to be. All charcters are hers.

This is a two chapter shot when Alice finally found Jasper. First chapter is from Alice's point of view, chapter two will be from Jasper's.

Alice's POV

I'm sitting in the back corner booth of a diner. I can see every table, every barstool and the door from my corner. The waitress has already been over three times to see if I want to order anything and every time I give her the same answer. "No, I'm waiting on someone."

I close my eyes and do a quick scan. Nope nothing has changed so far. He should be on his way. I've waited for 28 years and finally, finally this should be the day I get to meet Jasper in person. It's as if I've lived with him for all these years but not quiet. An image of him and of the family we will eventually join was the first of my visions that are a part of who I am. Without them I don't know how I would have survived. They told me my story even before it had begun.

I've roamed all over looking for my Jasper, following my visions of him. But of course they are only as accurate as his decisions. Those he has changed often in the last few years as I've gotten closer to finding him. I can already tell he will be weary and tired. Not in the normal human way I suppose, even though I have no memory of that feeling. He will be tired of searching for a meaning to his existence. Perhaps that is what has kept him in one place for a while now. He is tired of searching. He has nothing else to search for after today if he will stay on his course. We will find each other.

I tap my red painted nail on the table top. This elicits a few stares from a nearby table after a while and I lay my palm flat against the table. The rain has started. Good, that means the time is drawing near. I close my eyes and see the vision of Jasper I had yesterday. His blond hair is wet and slicked back from the rain. His eyes are dark from his thirst. He is tired of feeding from humans. He wears the weight of his existence. I can teach him a different way. A way that I learned from our future father. I have already seen he will be averse to it at first but he will eventually do it for me. Because it will make me happy. I smile as I open my eyes. The bell above the door jingles softly to announce the arrival of another patron.

My Jasper has arrived.

I watch as he takes one deep breath and then holds as he crosses the room. Hs eyes hold a question as he searches the faces. Ahhh, in that one breath he has discovered there is one other here like him. Not human. He makes his way to the last barstool at the counter. Away from the humans and takes a seat.

He orders a cup of coffee. The fa├žade. The disguise to the humans that will allow him to sit here in internal torture from their scent and out of the rain.

I get out of the seat I've been occupying for the last hour and perch myself upon the stool next to him. It's an odd feeling to finally be sitting next to him. I notice for the first time how tall he really is compared to my short frame. As I knew, his blond hair is wet and shining and slicked back against his pale features. I notice the crescent shaped scar above his eyebrow and I yearn to reach up and touch it. To finally feel him beneath my hand.

He turns to face me with the most quizzical look I have ever seen. Ahhhh, I forgot he can feel my happiness, my hope and elation. Yet he has no idea where it is coming from. He has now figured out I am the other vampire in the room. He pretends to take a sip of his coffee for appearance's sake and stares at me over the rim of the cup.

"I've waited on you for a very long time." I smile up at him and reign in my need to hug him.

He sets the cup down and evaluates me quizzically.

"Sorry to keep you waiting ma'am." His voice is smooth and deep and with his southern accent it is as thick as molasses. I can tell he is weary of me, a vampire he does not know yet my emotions, the happiness and contentment that I am radiating, are holding him in place.

"May I ask who you are? I don't mean to be ungentlemanly, but why have you been waiting on me?"

I smile. "You are my future and I am yours."

The crease between his brows is not going away.


"Let's talk. But not here, we don't need to be overheard." I hop off of the stool I was occupying and hold my hand out to him. He eyes it suspiciously and I push my feelings of contentment towards him. I know that will be his drawing point. He has been wandering for so long searching for the feeling I'm radiating at this very moment. It is odd to him to feel such contentment from one of our kind.

He places some money on the counter next to his still full coffee cup and stands. His eyes lower to evaluate my outstretched hand. He looks up from my hand to my eyes and takes a step forward, placing his hand in mine. My non-beating heart swells with relief and joy. He follows as I lead him out of the dinner and towards our future together.