Jasper's POV

The clouds have been dark and dreary all day. The humans are scurrying trying to get home before the rain begins. I welcome the clouds. It allows me to feel fleetingly human. To be able to wander the streets in the daytime. Wander…..I've been doing a lot of that lately. Wandering, searching, looking, contemplating. I'm tired of it all. I long for a moment of contentment, of knowledge, of belonging. I know that I am doomed to walk and wander for eternity, but after years of such death and destruction how I do that in peace or at least without the haunting fact of who I am and what I am?

I feel a drop of rain as it lands on my shoulder and then another on my head. I stop and turn my face towards the sky. A few more drops grace my face. I lower my head and pick up my pace. There should be a diner down the street. I can retreat in there for a few moments.

I swallow the excess of venom that has now flooded my mouth at the thought of being in the small warm diner full of humans. Some of them possibly damp from the rain. That always makes them smell stronger. I loathe myself in that moment as I once again swallow down the bitter taste in my mouth, trying to quench the fire in my throat.

By the time I reach the diner the rain is steady and I brush my hand through my wet hair slicking it back, out of my face. As soon as I enter the diner I shrug out of my jacket and drape it over my arm. I take in one deep breath. I can hold it and only take short shallow breaths for appearance sake, to lessen the burn.

Immediately my guard is up. There is another here. One of my kind….sweet and pungent, a hint of ocean and magnolias in the background. I scan the room quickly as I make my way to the last barstool at the counter. Away from any immediate human neighbors. I make my usual request, coffee. It works for a while, giving me a reason to sit inside. The boredom in the room from the rain is all around me. Beyond it echoes a happiness, a joyfulness. An expectancy.

I wipe my emotions clean as I sit and pretend to sip at the coffee. I have no need to feel those around me at the moment, and I do not wish to.

I'm suddenly hit with an overwhelming emotion of happiness and hope. I turn to stare at the girl sitting next to me. She is the one, the other like me I became aware of upon entering. Her intoxicating scent rolls over me and I have never sensed anything as sensuous in all of my time as a vampire. I look at her quizzically. She is an anomaly. Something I have never seen before and it confuses me. She is short and pale of course with short ink black hair that makes her pale skin glow. She looks to be in human years an older teenager. We must have been around the same age when we were turned. Her height gives her an even younger appearance however.

She's happy and content. Content above all other things. Her eyes, I've never seen another of our kind with eyes like hers. They're amber, not red like the blood in which I feed off of. I take another pretend sip as I study her over the rim of the mug in my hand. I can feel her tug at me with her emotions; she longs to caress me, to soothe me.

"I've waited on you for a very long time." Her voice is high, smooth and musical.

Waiting on me? Do I know her? I filter back through my memory and I cannot recall ever seeing her before, even with red eyes.

"Sorry to keep you waiting ma'am." I feel as if my manners are needed, to hide the monster that I feel I am inside, even though she is one of my kind. She couldn't possibly have the same history as I. If this had been any other encounter I would probably have found some means of escape by now. I had loathed the accompaniment of my kind for a while, yet the solitude was just as bad. Once again I was overwhelmed by and almost choked on the contentment and happiness this girl was radiating toward me. Her desire to be near me and her elation at finding me caused me to be confused.

"May I ask who you are? I don't mean to be ungentlemanly, but why have you been waiting on me?"

She smiles up at me. "You are my future and I am yours."

"Future?" I question. She said she's waiting on me, so obviously she's known me in the past or of me or someone who knows me, yet she says I am her future and she is mine.

"Let's talk. But not here, we don't need to be overheard." That is true. I want to talk with her. I have questions that I cannot voice in a room full of humans. Such as why are her eyes amber? How does she know me? How am I her future? I'm sure all of things involve aspects of our shared existence that does not need to be overheard.

Her happiness pulls me towards her. She has hopped off the barstool and is now standing expectantly holding her hand out towards me. I reach in my pocket and take out a few coins to pay for the cup of coffee I have sat back down on the counter. I look down at her out stretched hand and then back up at her eyes. They are wide and expectant. I already feel as if I could lose myself in a good way in them.

I take a step forward and my hand reaches out for hers. At that moment she is overwhelmed with a since of joy and it fills me too. All her emotions: her happiness, her contentment and especially her joy. I have never felt like this in the almost hundred years of being a vampire. I've never felt this radiated from any of my kind. She sucks me in and I grab a hold afraid of letting go. I let her sweep me along in the wake of her waves. Leading me to as she says, our future.