Since Naraku was dead,he would go back to doing what it is he wanted to do,find power,his power which belong to him. He wanted nothing more than to surpass his father. He had study his fathers past,doing all the training,learning what he needed to learn,just about everything. He could not fight his father for the power,he was dead, so he would have to do it the old fashion way.

He growled and threw the book down,He had done it all,there were only a few small things he didn't do. He remembered his father asking him about protecting someone,He had protected Rin,yes he did find that when it came to protecting her,he did seem stronger,but nothing like his father. He went from book to book,trowing the ones that were of no use to him to the ground. Finally he came across one that got his eye. It was a diary of his father.

my power,my new power,my great power I shall use it for the will of good,for I am wise. My Love,she has given me my power,she has loved me,a demon Lord. Heart pure,heavy with Love for me which has given me my power,I shall protect my son's,I hope that for my son's they get to feel this power and use it for the will good, for the will of love. My heart bleeds for her,my love...all the fighting and training in the world,all the knowing does not come close to baring the power she had brought me...supreme power,it was her,this human woman,my love,my mate.

Sesshomaru growled so loud,everyone in his castle took cover in fear of running across than angered demon Lord. He was mad,he was mad at his father. His anger sent him for a walked,killing everything that crossed his path,which was not much,and animal here and there.


Kagome was alone,kneeling by a brook,washing some cloth,her thoughts in her head swirling.

She needed some time alone. It had been months since she sent Inuyasha away...away with Kikyo. She loved him, they say if you love something let it go,so that's what Kagome did,she let him,no made him go. It was then when she sent him away that she realised that yes she loved him...but she never allowed herself to fall in love with him.

Kagome sighed and pulled the cloth out of the water and rung it out. The sun had went down and the moon had come out. She sat strait up,still on her knees and looked to the sky,when she felt something,or someone

"What do you want Sesshomaru" she asked not looking at him

He growled a low warning growl to anyone around to say away.

that damn girl,I hate all humans,it was her kind...that made my father meet his death...his death,he died taking his supreme power with him.

that's when his father diary hit him...

all the fighting and training in the world,all the knowing does not come close to baring the power she had brought me...supreme power

Sesshomaru's eyes widen a bit. It was a human woman,who gave his father stupid,but it was the way. Kagome stood up,still not looking at him.

"Well if you have nothing to say...I'm going!" and she began to walk away. With his speed he came to her knocking her into a large rock,Her stomach hit the rock and she clutch into it. She didnt know why his was so angry,he never acted like that to her,but she had guess it was because he was having a bad day and then she had gone and walked away from him. She had her eyes closed in till he was standing behind her,she opened her eyes in shock

is he going to kill me!...