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Story: Six Silver Candles

Pairings: Zemyx (main), AkuRoku, SaiXem

Chapter Title: Burn Out

Song to Listen to: Doubt & Trust - Access

Word Count: 4,180

Warning, Shounen Ai, swearing, hyperactive {AKA ooc} Zexion, Epically long chapter…

Italics: actual diary

"Quotes": speech

'Italicized quotes': thought

Wednesday the 8th, April 2009, 4:30 p.m.


I look at myself in the mirror and, for a second, I ask myself 'who are you?' But I realize that that's not a negative question. Every time I think it, a smile appears on my face. I look no different than the beginning of the year, but somehow, I am different. My hair is still that odd purple-ish grey color and my skin in still whiter than paper and I'm still too skinny, but I look… Happy.

I adjust the tie around my neck and sigh, reaching my hands up to pull back my hair. I tie it in a loose ponytail with a black ribbon given to me by Demyx. He gave it to me on my birthday; it was what he used to wrap the box. I had cut off a piece and saved it, being the sentimental idiot that I am.

With a small scowl as a few strands of my bangs fall back in my face, I grab my glasses off of the top of my mirror and slide them on my face. I turn on my heel and grab my graduation gown off of my bed. I'm out my bedroom door and down the stairs without a second thought. When I reach the bottom of the staircase, I drop my gown on the bench in the foyer and turn into the kitchen. My breath stops and I jump at the unexpected sight of people.

Sure as Axel's wearing a pair of Chuck's instead of dress shoes, Demyx, Marluxia and Roxas are in my kitchen, seemingly waiting for somebody. Demyx looks up and his face brightens. He's out of his chair at the table before I take one more step. Demyx practically tackles me.

"I missed you, Zexy!" He exclaimed, pressing his face to my hair. Despite myself, I wrap my arms around him, also.

"It's been an hour, Dem," I reply, a smile growing on my face.

"I know," he replies, grinning ear-to-ear and grabbing my hand. He pulls me down onto his lap as he sits back down.

"Just out of curiosity, what the hell are you guys doing in my kitchen?" I ask, lacing my fingers together with Demyx's.

"Blame Axel. He wanted to come get you and let himself – and us – in with the spare key," Roxas explains, looking thoroughly pissed off.

"Whoa, Roxy, what's with the attitude?" Marluxia asks, raising a perfectly groomed eyebrow.

"He's just pissed 'cause his parents are away and today's graduation," another voice answers as Roxas opens his mouth. Axel walks in the doorway, holding a case of old-fashioned coke bottles. (I look down; he is wearing Converse.)

"It's not that!" The smaller teenager says, letting his head drop in his hands as Axel sits down next to him. "It's just that they said they'd be here… I was stupid to believe them, eh?" He mumbles into his palms. Axel sets the case on the table and passes a bottle to each of us, taking a bottle opener out of his pocket. The redhead slides his chair closer to Roxas's and stretches an arm across the smaller one's shoulders. Roxas keeps his head down and leans into Axel's side.

"You weren't stupid, babe," he replies quietly. Marluxia busies himself with opening his bottle, and failing pretty horribly. Demyx and I ignore him; we're in our own little world.

Demyx rests his chin on my shoulder and I turn my head. The corners of our lips are barely touching. Demyx smiles, making me smile back.

"Can you believe we're graduating, Zexy?" He breathes. My smile turns more serene as I inhale. Demyx's breath smells minty fresh. I let a small giggle escape my lips; he just brushed his teeth, I'm sure.

"No," I return, turning my head a little bit more, my body going with it to make the motion easier. In an instant, our lips meet in a slight, chaste kiss. Demyx continues smiling as he pulls away and taking a hand from my own. He pulls over two bottles and grabs the bottle opener sharply from Marluxia, who now has a bleeding finger and has most likely popped a blood vessel. I hold each bottle while Demyx pops the tops off with ease.

I glance up at Axel and Roxas, surprised to see the smaller one straddling Axel's lap, though they're not doing anything sexual. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Roxas has his arms limply at his sides and I see his small frame shaking. Axel, on the other hand, has his arms tightly around his boyfriend, whispering something in his ear and rubbing his back.

Feeling rather rude, I look down at my hands, both of which are back in Demyx's possession.

"Dem…" I start, leaning back and letting my head flop back onto his shoulder. He turns his head, getting a stabbed in the face by the corner of my glasses. I laugh as he lets out a squeak and jumps in his seat.

"Zexion! So not funny!" He exclaims, though he's laughing, himself.

"Yeah… Demy, dear, it kind of was," Marluxia says, suddenly, still trying to take the cap off his bottle. Demyx points a one-eyed glare at Marly and sticks his tongue out.

"AXEL!" Roxas suddenly erupts laughing, and we turn our head to look at the two. Axel is grinning like a fool, his green eyes shining with victory. "You fucking perv," he adds, quieter and sounding slightly seductive.

"Only for you, love," the redhead replies, wiggling his eyebrows and poking Roxas in the middle of his forehead. Finally, the air isn't so depressed anymore and I sit up straight.

"Oh!" I mumble to myself. I move my legs so I'm kneeling on Demyx's lap and lean across the table.

"Whoa! Ass in the face!" Demyx exclaims. I look back over my shoulder.

"I know you don't mind, Dem," I reply with a smirk. He blushes slightly. "And you know you wish you could get a piece of it," I finish, my eyes taking on an evil gleam. His face turns red as a tomato and he hides his face in his hands.

I look back up at Axel, propping elbows up on the table and resting my chin in my hands. The redhead's looking at me, dumbfounded.

"You're seme?" He asks, spluttering in disbelief.

"Mhmm," I reply smugly, the ghosts of a grin tugging at the corners of my mouth.

"Never woulda thought, Zex," he muses, letting out a low whistle.

"That's beside the point, Ax. Where'd you get accepted to college?" I ask him my intentional question.

"Hollow Bastian, why?" He tells me, a quizzical look on his face. I ignore his question and turn my attention to Roxas, who is still straddling Axel's legs.


"Hollow Bastian…" The blonde answers, flabbergasted. (A/N: I love that word…)

"Marl – Oh…" I start, turn my head to my friend and falter. Marluxia is still struggling to open the damn bottle. "Marly, give me that," I demand, rolling my eyes and grabbing it before he can protest. I pop the lid off easily and slide it back over to him. Marluxia stares at me, eyes wide and mouth agape. I reach over and, using two fingers, push his chin up. "You'll catch flies, MarMar," I say slyly, grinning.

In one swift movement, I turn and sit back down on Demyx's lap. This time, though, my legs are spread and hanging over the sides of his legs. Demyx immediately clasps his arms around my waist, pulling me flush against his chest and stomach. His hands roam over to my hips.

"You're too skinny, Zexy," his voice finds my ear; it's hushed and laced with an emotion that I'm all too familiar with. I shudder and my hands fumble for his.

"Please, Dem, not right now. I just took a shower and graduation's in two hours," I whisper, pleading him to listen. He grins like a fool and is suddenly not seducing me anymore.

"Speaking of which, Zexy, your hair smells really good," Demyx states randomly, his fingers combing through the ponytail on the back of my head.

"Y'know, Zex… You look really good like that," Axel comments absently. I feel the red creeping up on my cheeks and I start playing with Demyx's fingers. "Seriously, you should wear your glasses more often!" He reaches around Roxas and grabs two bottles of Coke from the cardboard case.

"Hey, when're Saïx and Xemmy gonna get here?" Roxas asks, taking the offered bottle. Suddenly, as if in answer to his question, the doorbell rings, a door immediately opening.

"Speak a' the devil…" Demyx starts, a smile on his face.

"And the devil shall come," a voice finishes, chuckling darkly. Saïx and Xemnas turned the corner into the kitchen, both are wearing solid black clothing and their hands are entwined. I've met Xemnas before, but he goes to the private school, so we've never really talked much. He has slightly dark skin, not quite white, but he's not black, either. His hair is a light-ish grey color and it falls in layers on his shoulders. Saïx hasn't changed; he has strikingly long blue hair and piercing yellow eyes. He's not short, but he's not tall either. Xemmy, on the other hand, is almost taller than Axel.

The two enter the kitchen and take seats around the table. Before Saïx can sit, though, Xemnas pulls the smaller one onto his lap. Marluxia snorts, letting his head fall to the table.

"Am I the only straight one left?" He groans into the wood.

"You're straight?" Demyx pipes up. I laugh, Roxas chuckles and Axel snorts Coke out of his nose. Saïx grins widely and Xemnas shakes with silent laughter.

"Yes, Demyx. I am attracted to only the female anatomy," he replies, deadpan. Demyx blushes and I smile, rubbing his hand and nuzzling my head under his chin.

"Hey, Zex," Saïx starts, a smile growing on his wolfish face. I look up at him, eyes wide and questioning behind thick-framed glasses. "You look like a chibi brain. It's really cute," he finishes with an eye-wrinkling smile. My face droops and I feel my lip twitch.

"I'm not cute," I reply, almost growling. I stand up and shuffle over to my pantry, opening the door and leaning on it. The shelves are well stocked, but nothing is really interesting me. Since everything earlier this year, I've been living on my own. There was never a huge court case over my dad. He confessed to all of the crimes and got off with forty years in prison with no chance of parole. I didn't like that, but it's better than nothing.

Sighing, I grab a box of Pop Tarts and obtain a package of frosted strawberry. I'm not even remotely hungry, but I know I should eat something. I walk back over to the table and sit on Demyx's lap. I break off a piece of the Pop Tart, then hold another out to my boyfriend. He opens his mouth and I smile, sticking it in. He closes his mouth around my fingers, making me blush. I pull my hand away and he pushes the rest of the pastry into his mouth.


I can't help but watch Zexion as he stands up. He walks to the pantry – he almost looks like he's dancing, the way his hips sway effortlessly. I wonder if he realizes that he does that? I sigh happily as I remember that he's all mine. The black jeans he's wearing are probably a size zero, and they're still loose on him. His shirt's just the perfect size, though: probably a youth medium at Hot Topic.

He practically rips open the door, glaring at the shelves. At first, I think he's angry, but then I realize that he's just flustered from the compliments. I resist the urge to tell him that he's beautiful and to wrap my arms around him and kiss him. He sits back down on me and shoves a piece of Pop Tart into my mouth.

I grin, not only at the fact that I successfully managed to make him blush, but also at the fact that he's actually eating without being told to. Zexion's gotten so much better. He's smiling and laughing and he's been so… happy, I guess would be the word. I can't help but let my eyes wander over his wrists. There are still prominent scars, but most have faded away. Some will probably be there forever.

"Hel-lo?? Earth to DemDem!" A voice exclaims. I snap my head up and see Axel looking at me with his eyebrows raised. "Finally… I propose a toast!" He adds, standing up. Roxas has long since slid off his lap and is sitting in his own chair. Zex and I grab our bottles. "To our last drink as high schoolers," he says, a wide grin on his face. We all raise our bottles, and clink them together.

"Kanpai!" All seven of us cheer, tapping our bottles on the hardwood surface of the table before taking a swig. We set the bottles down, laughing at our childishness. Zexion stands, chugging the rest of his bottle and tossing it in the sink.

"So… We kinda need to get goin', huh?" Axel says, leaning back in his chair. Roxas sets his empty bottle on the table and stands.

"Unfortunately," he sighs. The blonde stands, as do I. I hear Zexion go up the stairs and follow behind him. I catch the back of his heel as he enters his room. I peek around his doorframe; he looks up. A small smile graces his features and he beckons me in. I follow, closing the door slightly behind me. As Zexion kneels down, digging through his drawers for something, I sit down on his bed and look around. His walls are a plain off-white and his carpet is a boring light blue.

I let out a small gasp as I feel arms snaking around my shoulders. There's a throaty chuckle in my ear that sends shivers down my spin. My eyes flutter closed at the intimate contact.

"Hmmm, in three days," my boyfriend breathes in my ear, nipping at it slightly. "You won't be a minor anymore…" He trails off, running his tongue down the length of my ear and planting kiss after kiss along his neck. I unconsciously tilt my head to the side, giving him more room to do as he wishes. The laugh from before returns and his hands slide their way down my chest; he leans over my shoulder and latches on to my collarbone with his mouth.

Another gasp escapes my lips as he hits my sweet spot. He grins against my skin and, suddenly, he's gone. I groan at the sudden loss of his warmth. I open my eyes and see him standing in front of me, a sexy smirk on his face. I feel my mouth start to water. Zexion knows. His eyelids shrink to being half-lidded.

"Zex," I start, surprised by my voice. His name spills out of my mouth, sounding husky and dripping with need. Zexion lets a Cheshire grin stretch across his face and he walks forward, spreading my legs with his own and stepping in between them. "Don't tease me… if we can't… go all the way…" I breathe out as he kisses my face. He crawls on my lap, straddling my hips and cupping my face with his hands.

"Why?" He returns, kissing my forehead, then both cheeks. He rests his forehead against mine and his steel blue eyes bore into mine. My breath is taken away by the shear emotion in his eyes. The love, the compassion, is almost too much. I can't take it anymore.

"Because," I whisper, he dips his head down and presses his lips back to my neck. "If you don't… stop, I'll… end up… ripping your… clothes off…" I say between gasps for air as he subconsciously rolls his hips against mine. "Zex… you're… Ha-ah!"

"Shit," he mutters, after letting a moan escape his lips. He pushes himself off of me, and falls on the floor. "I'm so sorry, Demyx," he repeats under his breath as if it's become his own personal mantra.

"Zex, Zex, love, chill," I say, smiling at our current situation: two hard-ons and a graduation ceremony in less than two hours. "Just think of something totally… unsexual… Trust me, it works… Like, think of… I dunno… Uh… Me rambling like an idiot?" I offer, pulling my knees up to my chest.

"Dem, that does not help me any," Zexion replies with a sigh. "'Cause after you're rambling, you get embarrassed, then you start blushing and that just turns me on more." My boyfriend looks at me with narrowed eyes, his lips pursed.

"I'm sorry!" I laugh, feeling my face heat up. Zexion glares at for a second longer, then joins in the laughter. All previous tension washes away and we're left, laughing our asses off.

"Dem, you're too much," Zexion tells me after our laughing fit, wiping tears from his eyes. I giggle, and nod. I look at my boyfriend, who is still sitting on the floor. His hair is falling out of the ponytail. In fact, most of it is back in his face.

"Hn, Zexy, your hair's all messed up," I tell him, sliding off the bed and walking around behind him. I'm happy to note that both of our 'problems' are gone.

"Eh?" He looks up at me through his glasses, his eyes wide and questioning.

"It's all falling out of your ponytail, love," I elaborate, grinning. He shrugs and stands up. I pull the ribbon out of his hair and smile. "Hey… This was on your present last year…" I state, the smile evident in my voice.

"Way to be, Captain Obvious," Zexion returns. His voice is snippy, but I can tell that he's just embarrassed. I laugh and shake my head. I look around and finally see a plain elastic band on his dresser. I let his hair fall back in his face and he combs his fingers through it. I lightly slap his hands away and tug his hair back, gently. The ponytail I'm making is slightly higher than his previous one, but it looks cute. Part of his bangs flop back in his face as I pull the rubber band around his silvery locks. After the band is in place, I tie on the ribbon. I let my hands ghost down the sides of Zexion's neck and wrap around his shoulders. I rest my chin on his shoulder and look forward, noticing that we're standing in front of a full-length mirror.

"We're an odd couple, Zexy," I state, planting a small kiss on his cheek. I look back to the mirror and smile at the blush on my boyfriend's cheeks.

"Yeah… But I couldn't stand to be with anybody but you," he replies, resting his hands on top of mine and leaning against my chest. A serene smile grows on his face and he nuzzles his head into my neck.

"I love you, Zex, I really do," I whisper into his ear. He looks surprised for a second; this is the first time either of us have uttered the word.

"I love you, too, Demyx. Thank you," he replies, after a heart-stopping second. He turns his head at the same time I do and our lips meet, sending sparks through my body and a wave of dizziness over my vision. I've felt so many emotions today alone that it's becoming overwhelming. (Not to mention that I feel like a total sap, describing our kisses... But what's one more time?) Our angle is weird, but I couldn't feel more comfortable. This kiss… well, this one is so different than all of the others we've shared. There's no lust, there's no desperation, there's no sadness. For once, in our entire relationship, we share a kiss of pure happiness. We pull away smiling and Zexion sighs contentedly.

"COME ON LOVEBIRDS! THIS TRAIN IS LEAVING!" A voice shrieks from up the stairs. I close my eyes and grin. I drop my arms from Zexion's shoulders and lace my fingers with his.

"C'mon, love," I say, tugging on his hand. He doesn't budge.

"I don' wanna graduate," he whines, stomping his feet like a two-year-old. I grin and scoop him up in my arms. Carrying him bridal style in my arms, I walk down the stairs. We reach the bottom and Zexion covers his face with his hands to hide his embarrassment. Axel, Roxas, Marly, Xemnas and Saïx are waiting by the front door, grins on their faces.

"Jesus, what were you two doing up there, proclaiming your love or something?" Axel mock-scoffs. Zexion averts his eyes and I feel my face turn red.

"Uhhh… Yeah…" I laugh, biting my lip. I don't dare look at Axel.

"Oh. Oops." He replies. I laugh and set Zexion on his feet. He grabs his robe and loops his arm through mine. He keeps his head down. I can only imagine that he's embarrassed beyond belief. I smile and roll my eyes. Looking over at Axel, I send a pleading look his way. He grins widely and nods, ushering everybody outside.

"We'll be waiting out in the car, 'kay?" Roxas offers, a smirk on his face. I open my mouth to say something, but close it and shake my head. The short blonde sticks his tongue out before he shuts the door. Now, it's just us. I bend down slightly and look at my boyfriend. I feel my eyes go wide and I drop my arm from his, only to use my hand to tilt his head up. His icy grey eyes are puffy and there are tears trailing down his cheeks. Zexion tries to rip his head from my grip, but I cup his cheeks in both my hands.

"Love, why are you crying?" I ask, rubbing away the tears with my thumb. He shakes his head and closes his eyes. "Zex, seriously, what's wrong?" He looks up at me, then throws his arms around me, burying his face into my shoulder. I'm stunned for a second, then I rub his back. I can feel his frail body shaking under my hands. "Zexy…" I start again. I feel his grip on my shirt tighten and he shakes his head. A hear a sob escape his lips and frown.

"I-I'm s-sor-r-ry," he sobs.

"For what, love?" I ask him softly.

"Fo-or cr-cr-ry-i-ing," he hiccups. I crease my eyebrows.

"But why are you crying?" I continue to prod.

"I-I d-do-on't-t kn-no-ow," he returns. By now, I'm thoroughly confused. I pull him away from my slightly and look into his tear clouded eyes. Again, I wipe more off his cheeks.

"Then there's no need to, Zexy. Just calm down and breathe, okay?" I tell him, kissing him on the forehead. He nods, gulping down some air before hiccupping again. I grin and kiss him lightly on the lips. "Are you okay, now?" I ask him. He nods, wrapping his arms around my neck and pulling me down for another kiss. I comply, a smile on my face. Our lips meet and send tingles down my spine. We pull away.

"I love you, Demyx. Don't ever leave me," he demands, rather than asks. I nod, looking him straight in the eyes.

"I love you, too, Zexion. And I'd never dream of it," I reply. I feel utterly cheesy, but this couldn't feel more right. Zexion nods, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. He wipes off his face on his sleeve and picks up his gown. We link arms again, only this time, we're standing just a little closer than before. We walk out the door and Zexion locks it. I glance back at the house before we get in the back of Axel's car. Zexion looks up at me from his seat and pulls on my arm, telling me to get in. I glance at him and nod. I spare the white-sided house one more look and slide in.

Zexion takes a hold of my hand after we buckle up. Axel zooms out of the cull de sac and follows Saïx's blue BMW into town. I look over at Zexion and smile. He returns the gesture and leans over, placing a kiss on my lips.

"Okay, okay! No making out in my backseat!" Axel barks, mockingly. Zexy and I look at Axel, then back to each other, grins on our faces. Within seconds, we're lip-locked and as on top of each other as the seatbelts will allow. Zexion's tongue plunges into my mouth and I hold back a moan.

'Yeah, I could get used to this.'


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