"Bella, you won't believe what I just saw

"Bella, you won't believe what I just saw!" Alice exclaimed. Before I had a chance to answer her; she burst out, "Edward, dancing to RAP!" 5 minutes later she had installed a little spy camera in his room and had me, Rose, and her all set up with popcorn in front of the big screen.

On the screen Edward walked in and turned on a CD. The first song was Low and he was dancing his hot little but off. "Yo, shake your thang, bro," Rose said and we all burst out laughing. Its kind hot I thought. Right after the third song ended (it was "London Bridge") Esme walked in and asked "What are you girls laughing at?". Then she looked at the TV. "Oh," she said very softly; and took a handful of popcorn and sat down. "You know," I asked, "why doesn't he read your minds and figure out that we're watching him?' "Oh shh, he's enjoying him self," Esme said maternally. Suddenly, Carlisle walked in just as the song changed to "Grills". "Oh my, what is this?" he asked with shock. "Edward's dancing honey," Esme replied. He slumped down into the couch. "Go white boy," Emmett chanted as he joined us. Then just as "My Humps" came on (15 fun-filled song later) Edward stopped. He looked right at the camera. Snarled and then attacked it. "Opps," Alice whispered.

"ALICE!!" Edward roared.