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He is a tease. A fucking tease. The bad thing is he knows he's a tease and he likes it. He likes the way I look at him as he sucks on that cherry lollipop. I can hear him sucking and slurping it. He knows he's turning everyone in the room on. The bad thing is we are in a big meeting, it's two days before Summerslam and we are going over last minute details. I turn and try to pay attention to Vince but I keep hearing sounds coming from him.

My eyes darted back over to him. Well...his mouth anyway. He's a very good looking person., I have to give him that. Well not as good looking as me but no one is as good looking as me. That mouth is the best thing about him. I don't know if it's the ring in his bottom lip or that silver barbell in his tongue. He is always sucking on a lollipop...I can't help but think how good it would feel to have his mouth wrapped around my-

"Fuck, not here. Not in meeting for fuck sake." I attempt to turn my head and pay attention, but I hear his little noises, the ones that indicate that he's sucking hard on his lollipop. My eyes quickly look over, to see him pop it out of his mouth, then go back to sucking on his little treat.

I took in a very shaky breath and adjusted my now tight dress pants. I heard someone chuckle beside me. Orton had that stupid grin on his ugly face. He knew what that kid did to me. The assclown found it quite funny.

Randy said something about all the boys going out tonight at this new club, I can't even remember what it's called. Not that I care, the only thing I care about is him, taking the lollipop out of his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and plunging it back into that sexy mouth of his.

After the meeting was over I quickly follow him into a secluded part of the arena. His smile widens when he see's me. He knew I would follow him. I always do. He sticks his tongue out and takes another seductive lick. I let out a growl and pin him against the wall.

" You act like such a little slut." I hissed pulling his long silky hair out of the elastic.

" It's not my fault you can't keep you eyes' off of little old me." He drawled clicking that tongue ring against his teeth. He wrapped one of his thin legs around my waist and pulled me closer to him. A small groan escaped my lips as he grinded his hips into mine.

"My hotel room. Be there in twenty minutes."


I was pacing back and forth across my room. My pants got tighter every moment. He walked into my room mintues later. Insted of a lollipop he was popping Skittles in his mouth. He was in a tight green fishnet top that showed off his belly button ring. His jeans were skin tight, I'm guessing he stole them from one of the divas. He looked good enough to eat.

He just smiles at me and slowly pulls his thin top over his head. He looked like a girl. Thin hips, long hair and those large green eye that were surrounded by mile long jet black lashes.

" Are you sure you want this?" He whispered in my ear. I shivered when I felt his warm breath on my neck.. He pushes me back onto the bed.

I grab a handful of his hair and bring his lips to mine. He tastes like sugar. He just licked his lips and smiled at me.

"I'll take that as a yes." He murmured. He pushes up my shirt a bit, exposing skin and biting at it lightly. I groaned running my fingers through my short hair. I heard him unsnaps my button and I hear my zipper being pulled down slowly with his teeth. He shoves my pants down and presses his hand down on my straining erection.

I moaned throwing my head back. My head collided with the dark headboard, I let out a small curse, but he keeps going. The pleasure definitely overrides the pain.

He slowly pulls down my black boxers. A moan escapes my lips as the material skims across the head of my dick. He makes me spread my legs a bit and he knelled between them. He looks up at me with those large green eyes and I nod. He smirks and quickly takes the head of my erection into his mouth. I let out a startled gasp. My hand reaches out and tightens around the headboard, the other in his silky hair.

He rolls his tongue around and sucks, his cheeks hollowing out. If I was thinking, I would have laughed at the irony. He's doing the same thing he did with that mother fucking lollipop.

I groan because I can feel my release coming. He stroked the base of my cock with his hand and pushes his tongue up. When I felt the cool metal of his tongue ring, I cried out. Stars shoot underneath my closed eyelids and all my muscles tightening in release. I let out a low scream as I shot down his throat.

He slid beside me and started playing with my hair. He just layed there with a cocky little smile on his face as his ran his black panted nails down my chest. I felt my eyes close,he kills me everytime I do anything with him. The only thing that kept me awake was the feeling of his warm body beside me.

" I better go. I have to go over my match. Meet me in my room after your match. I'll throw you alittle party. You might need to wind down...Champ." He drawled pulling his shirt back over his head. I kept my eyes closed until I heard the crinkle of plastic. As he was leaving my room he popped another lollipop into his beautiful mouth.


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