Ironhide was pissed, more pissed than normal to say

Ironhide was pissed, more pissed than normal to say. It was raining he was muddy and stuck. On patrol and searching for decepticons Ironhide had spotted something out in a field and trained to let nothing past him drove to it. Unfortunately half way there the mud sucked up at his tires, he tried to spin out and gain some friction but he was down right stuck. The object was still a ways away but he could tell it wasn't a decepticon. It was small and shaped much like a bucket, the thing intrigued him.

"slag it" he muttered, his head lights flashed brightly as he put all of his effort into getting out of the mud, it proved useless.

Next to the field Ironhide was currently stuck in was a busy highway, Transforming was not an option, too many people would see him.

This was downright unfair, Ironhide was a good soldier, he didn't need this, what had he ever done to deserve this. Ironhide hated this, his com link then opened, Optimus began to talk.

"Ironhide, Optimus, where are you? Your late"

"uh, im following a car which could be a decepticon" Ironhide revved his engine and tried feebly to get out.

"do you need back up?" Optimus asked concerned.

"uh negative, I'll be ok" Ironhide considered transforming and getting out of this.

"alright, don't take too long" Optimus cut the connection and Ironhide was once again left to get out of the mud by himself.

The object in front of him suddenly gave out a cry. Wait buckets didn't do that? Right? Ironhide activated his holoform and got out, he pulled himself out of the mud and walked over to the object. The object was a bucket, there just happened to be a human baby inside. The baby was squirming, the bucket was already half full of water due to the rain, it was shivering, lips blue. It looked up at Ironhide pitifully, it raised its arms and asked silently to be lifted out of the cold hell it was enduring. Ironhide complied and raised the small child out of its bucket.

"what are you doing here?" Ironhide asked, he didn't expect an answer and got none. The baby just shivered and held onto him tightly trying to draw in his warmth. It cried into his chest, as even more rain fell onto it. Ironhide wrapped his arms around the small child and tried to keep it warm as he made his was back to his original form. There he had the heater already going.

Once at the truck the door opened and Ironhide placed the baby inside on him, the seatbelt snaked its way around the waist and tightened slightly. Ironhide himself in holoform stayed outside. He walked to his front and began to push, the wheels began to move backwards and soon with his strength he was able to get out of the mud. Ironhide's holoform disappeared and the truck kicked into drive. He was driving as fast as he could, the baby in his seat was crying and screaming and kicking out at mostly anything those legs could reach.

He was muddy, tired and badly needed recharge when he finally reached the base. Ironhide grumbled and groaned as he drove into the makeshift base the government had provided the Autobots. Sam the boy who had gotten rid of Megatron walked up to Ironhide.

"hey Hide" suddenly a cry exited Ironhide's exterior. "what the heck was that?" Sam asked walked over to Ironhide, and pulled the door open, he saw the baby and gasped. Sam quickly took the child out of the seat and held it close. "how the hell do you get a baby?" Sam fortunately had experience with children, due to an aunt with a child and being forced to baby sit. He held the baby tightly as it squirmed against his grasp, trying to get back to Ironhide. It screamed, yelled and thrashed. Ironhide was a source of heat for the still cold child, it wanted heat and it wanted it now.

Ironhide transformed and stood above the two, the baby itself stopped crying almost immediately. It tilted its head to the side open mouthed; drool exited its mouth to rest on its damp clothes.

Sam laughed "I think this one likes you"

Ironhide stiffened, not liking that comment "how would you know?"

"Listen" Sam said smiling "do you hear that? … Silence, you intrigue this baby" Sam shifted the baby in his grasp. The baby began to cry again, its wails were heard by every one else who happened to be in the base at the time. Ratchet entered the room first.

"what the hell is that noise?"

Sam held up the child "Ironhide found a baby" Ratchet looked at Ironhide and sputtered. Soon every one else was in the room, Optimus directed his gaze at Ironhide.

"well" he said "how did this happen?"

Ironhide held the back of his neck, he then explained himself and then waited for the others to bring in all he just said.

Bumblebee with his new voice asked "who would do that to a human child?" he looked down at the baby when he asked. The baby itself looked up at him and continued to bawl its eyes out.

Sam shook his head "some people are bad that way, they cant handle the child and leave it out to die, its fortunate Ironhide found this one"

Ratchet held out his hand and asked Sam to place the baby on his hand, once the child was in place he brought it up to his face. The baby stopped crying once again, its head tilted once more to the side as it examined the large face staring down at it. "it's a girl" Ratchet said, "she's hungry and her body temperature is too cold for my liking" he looked up at the others, Ratchet was one to take charge when others were sick, ike the infant, he would not rest until the child was safe and her health was up to what he preferred. "Sam and Bumblebee, I need you to go out and by some baby food and milk for her, try different types, we'll see which one she likes best."

Ironhide stepped in "wait, we're taking care of that thing?" every one gave him a look that suggested duh.

Optimus patted Ironhide on the shoulder "we're Autobots remember, helping humans is what we do… we will help this one too"

"but cant we just drop it off at a hospital or something" Ironhide protested.

"I don't trust those places" Ratchet said still looking at the child in his hand. "Ironhide your going to be helping me in the lab, we need to get this child warm. Optimus can you get some cloth or something we can wrap this baby with?" Optimus nodded, he then headed out and went to go look for the requested items.

Ratchet pushed Ironhide with his free hand and ushered him out of the room and into the med lab. There he placed the girl on the table and told Ironhide to watch her while he got the necessary things for what he had planned for her.

Ironhide looked down at the infant, she was silent as she stared up at him, something about him and Ratchet had caught her eye and she was mesmerized by it. Ironhide stared back at the child as she gurgled happily still occasionally giving a hiccup or a shiver, his heaters had done most of the job but she still needed to be stabilized.

Ironhide growled "what are you looking at?" the child giggled and smiled a toothless smile at him.

Optimus came in a few minutes later; he held some cloth and placed it on the table next to the girl. He then left with out a word. Ratchet came just as soon as Optimus left, he held a tub which was full of warm water. He placed it down.

"get the child undressed" he ordered Ironhide

"you want me to what?" Ironhide asked taking a step away from the baby, which lay on the table shivering fully now. She trembled as Ironhide took a glance at her. "nuh uh, I wont do it"

Ratchet stood up and stalked towards him "your not the one who has to bathe the thing, just get it undressed"

Ironhide said a few choice words as he turned on his holoform, he knelt down next to the child and began to take off its clothes. Soon it was a pink squirming thing in his hands, Ratchet took her from him and began to bathe her. the whole bathing process took no more than five minutes, the child was soon giggling and gurgling, rosy flush had entered her cheeks and she looked ready for bed.

The infant was then wrapped in clothes and put back down on the table. Both robots watched as the child wriggled a bit and then went to sleep, thumb in her mouth. Ironhide turned to leave when Ratchets arm on his shoulder stopped him.

"your not leaving, you get first watch, babies need constant care" Ratchet whispered, he pushed Ironhide back to the table, gave him a threatening glare and went into the next room where a recharge bed lay waiting for him.

"why me?" Ironhide asked to no one, the baby sighed contentedly in answer. "I don't deserve this, I saved you and that should be good enough, caring for you is well past the hero contract" Ironhide looked down at the small child and sighed, he turned around and sat down using the table for a back rest.

A few hours later Ironhide was jostled out of his day dream when the baby began to cry. Ironhide stood up, he had no idea what was wrong, the baby looked up at him pitifully asking to be picked up. he did pick up the child and began to rock it gently in his hands. The baby cried harder, Ratchet ran out of the room,

"what did you do?" he asked harshly.

"nothing, the thing just started yelling- it wont shut up"

"why are you rocking it?" Ratchet asked.

"that's what the internet told me to do" Ironhide argued.

"your doing it wrong"

"how would you know. Go away" Ironhide snapped.

"make it stop" Ratchet said through what sounded like gritted teeth.

"im doing the best I can" Ironhide growled. The rocking continued and still the baby cried. "maybe its hungry" Ironhide suggested.

"where is Sam" Ratchet said whirling around, "the human child needs food"

Sam came in a few seconds later almost as if on cue "sorry it took me so long, there was so much baby food I couldn't decide" Sam held four bags full of food and other such things, Bumblebee came in right after him carrying even more bags. Sam smiled "enjoy" he then walked out Bumblebee in trail after him. the old bots were once again left to care for a child- something they knew very little about.

The two began to shift throughout the bags searching for something to give to the baby, "here try this" Ironhide passed Ratchet a can of food, Ratchet opened it and began to offer it to the child. She ate it and gave out a loud burp, smiling happily up at them she giggled.

Ironhide looked at the child "is she still hungry?"

Ratchet shook his head "dunno" suddenly another sound filled the room, it was far to disgusting for description, the bots flinched and looked at the happy child. She had some how managed to grab a hold of her foot and was trying to stick it in her mouth. She turned her bright green eyes towards them and laughed, it was a far nicer sound than the one before.

"what was that sound before?" Ironhide asked.

It took Ratchet a while to answer for he was searching on the internet for its meaning, when he found it he stiffened. "uh its what humans call flatulence, or farts. I think this baby emptied its fuel tank… you change it" he pushed Ironhide towards the baby.

"no way" Ironhide held out his hands trying to find something to hold onto, he dug his heels into the ground and tried not to be pushed towards the baby. "I had to undress it, your changing it"

"no im not doing it" Ratchet continued to try and push Ironhide towards the table.

"you're the doc, you do it"

"no thanks… you found it you take care of it, im just you're assistant, you get to do the hardcore stuff" Ironhide was finally at the table, Ratchet bopped him on the head and then hurried out of the room, locking the door firmly behind him.

Ironhide's shoulders fell a few inches "what am I supposed to do?" he was once again talking to himself. An internet search told him what to do and he did not like the procedure one bit.

It took him a good ten minutes to figure out the diaper, and then get it on the constantly moving child. He threw away the old one and sighed, leaning down next to the child he shook his head.

"your more trouble than I thought" he said to the laughing child. She was rolling back and forth on her back staring up at him at the same time. Ironhide moved so that his hands were on either side of her ready to catch her or stop her from rolling off the table. The girl rolled in to the side of his hands and stopped, Ironhide thinking she had hurt herself picked her up and brought her close to his face. She turned over and smiled at him. it was one of those adorable smiles that would stay in his spark and mind forever. With a hand she reached out and stroked the metal plating on the side of his face. She gave off a sigh, her hand slipped off of him and she then was asleep- just like that. Her content little sighs made Ironhide smile, she was cute, he had to admit that. With a nod he sat down, the child still in his hand and then went into his much needed recharge.