Alana's first day of second grade was a hectic one. First off, she couldn't fit all of her new things into her backpack, so she had to search the base of another bag big enough to fit her things. Once she had found one she only had half an hour left to finish up and get ready for school. Grumbling to herself about the delay of time she toddled to the kitchen and was greeted with an overwhelming stench. She coughed and then sneezed; looking up through watery eyes she spotted Sam amidst the haze of smell.

"Sam!" Alana cried out "What's so smelly?!" she covered her nose and tried to hold her breath.

"What smell?" Sam asked looking around, with each turn on his head he would sniff loudly, he shrugged after a moment "All I smell is my new cologne"

"It's yucky!" Alana whined backing out of the kitchen.

"Too much?" Sam tilted his head "I wanted Sandra to notice me"

"She will! But then she'll run away Sam, you smell yucky!" Alana stuck out her tongue and backed out all the way into the hallway, she sneezed once more "Dang" Sam muttered, and he rushed out of the kitchen, past Alana (Who sneezed once more) and to his room. "Gotta take a shower!" he called over his shoulder.

Alana happy that he was gone re-entered the kitchen and opened the window as far as it would go. She then went to the cupboard to get her cereal but to her dismay there was none in sight.

"Aw man…" she groaned. She searched all of the cupboard's but there was no cereal, in fact most of the food was gone, except for the spinach- but Alana didn't like spinach so there was nothing to eat… she went to exit the kitchen to complain to someone about the lack of food when a huge explosion rocked the base, forcing Alana to her knees. She yelled out in surprise was she was forced to the ground by the power of the explosion, her head hit the ground hard and she saw stars. The sound washed over her and then from within there seemed to be a second explosion and what Alana thought was a faint yell.

Then as suddenly as it came the sound died and the trembling stopped. It took Alana a moment to regain her senses, for she was still dizzy from being hit on the head; she shakily got to her feet, still recovering. Her ears rang from the increased decibels, and when she tried to walk her legs would not support her so she just collapsed. She tried to stand once again after a moment of rest and this time she was sort of successful. And so she began to waddle towards the place where she thought the explosion had come from. As she made her way closer she saw smoke coming from Wheel jack's room. He was groaning from within the room, and then he suddenly began to yell,

"FRAG!" Alana's eyes widened at the swear, she gasped in surprise "Not again! SLAG IT!" Wheeljack groaned once more and suddenly there came the sound of his cerbo's dragging across the floor as he attempted to get out of his room. "RATCHET!" He shouted as he stumbled out of the room. As he did Alana saw the reason for his swears and though it did not seem possible her eye's widened farther and she let about a small moan of surprise. Wheeljack's arms were missing from the elbow down. Wheeljack stopped his stumbling and groaning when he spotted Alana, he attempted to hide his missing limbs but failed in doing so, in the end he just let them hand lose. "You ok Alana?" he asked

Alana swallowed, "Yup" she managed to say. "Just hit my head that's all… you should go see Ratchet" Alana told him.

"I will" Wheeljack nodded, he made a motion to leave to but then paused "Alana, can you do me a favour?"

"Sure" Alana nodded, but wished she hadn't for it made her head hurt.

"Go check on everyone else and when you've finished that come back to the Med Lab so Ratchet can take a look at your head" Wheeljack told her.

"Kay" And Alana went off to check on everyone else. The nearest room was Ironhide's she entered it and was greeted with another bad image.

There she saw Ironhide laying on the ground clutching his thigh groaning.

"Ironhide!" she ran up to him and put a hand against his cheek.

"Hello" Ironhide said weakly

"What happened? Are you Ok? Can you stand?" Alana asked rubbing her hand over the cool metal.

"Tripped over my gun when the explosion happened, it set off and hit me" had Ironhide been human he would have been clenching his teeth in agony.

"I'll get Ratchet!" Alana said Ironhide tuned his head so that his big blue optic looked into her eyes.

"Thanks" he mumbled.

Alana wasted no more time and sped off towards Ratchet's med lab. There she found Ratchet already tending to Wheeljack's arms.

"RATCHET!" Alana yelled, even though it hurt her head. "Come help Ironhide!"

"Is he hurt as well?" Ratchet asked calmly turned to Alana.

"Yup, accidentally shot himself" Alana said gaining the same calm as Ratchet. Wheeljack snorted and he was hit over the head with a wrench.

"Alright I'll go get him; you go check on everyone else"

"Mm" and once more Alana speed off. She went to Fireflight's room next and found nothing but a note on the floor. It read as such:

Dear everyone

You guys need to stock your cupboards more!!! The food was all gone after and hour it tasted good though anyways! I happened to be searching the internet (You know that really cool search engine that those humans use) and the internet just happened to say that there was an Air Show in a near by town of course I'm excited! And so I'm gonna go see it (that's why I'm gone and this note is here, be silly though if I wrote it and was still at the base LOL ) so I wont be home for a while.

See you later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the most awesome Fireflight!!!!!!!

Alana sighed and stuck the note in her pocket and went off to the next room. There she found Optimus sitting in front of the monitor with Diesel in his hands; he was staring intently at the screen.

"Optimus!" Alana called out.

"Wha- oh, Hi Alana" Optimus looked down and smiled softly at her, "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yup" Alana smiled back "How bout you?"

"Fine, Diesel had a bit of a shock but other than that he's fine" to prove it to her he set Diesel down. Alana bent down and the small dog ran into her arms and began to give her doggy kisses.

After a moment Alana looked up "did you spot something on the monitor?"

"Yes" Optimus said "I spotted something that looked abnormal, so I'm tracking it"

"Alright, good luck" Alana said "I'm gonna go check on Sam and Bumblebee"

"Take Diesel with you" Optimus said and then he went back to typing on the computer.

And so Alana left Optimus and went to Sam's room. She was about to open the door when her ears picked up the sound of running water and Sam's terrible voice singing to some Celine Dion song. Alana rolled her eyes and walked away- he was fine. She then went over to Bee's room but found it empty so she went to the next obvious place- the T.V room. There she found Bumblebee sitting watching Star Trek apparently unaware that any sort of explosion had happened. Happy that everyone was safe Alana walked back to the Med Lab to get her bump checked and to see how Ironhide and Wheeljack were doing. Diesel was close on her heels following her happily apparently over the explosion.

Once she was at the Med Lab she found Ratchet running back and forth between Ironhide and Wheeljack. He had already turned off the power in Wheeljack's arms so they hung limply at his sides. Ironhide was laying on the table groaning dramatically.

"Shut up!" Ratchet snapped, his patience for the two was at the limit. When Ironhide did not cease his groaning Ratchet chucked a hammer at him. The hammer hit his chest plate and bounced off, it hit the floor with a clang. Ironhide weakly lifted his head.

"That wasn't very nice" He murmured.

"Baby" Ratchet growled. He was bending down mending the frayed wires of Wheeljack's arms. Alana walked on over to Ironhide's table and walked up the stairs, when she had reached his head she began to rub his cheek.

"You're a big baby" she told him mimicking Ratchet.

"No I'm not" Ironhide whined "I'm just old that's all"

"Baby" Alana grinned.

"Jerk" Ironhide said also grinning, he turned his head to look at her, but when he did his smile faded slightly. "What happened to your head?" he asked.

"Bumped it" Alana said rubbing the spot where it was sore.

"More like smashed it, that's one heck of a bruise you got there missy" Ironhide shook his head at her "You get hurt way to often" he muttered to himself.

"I'm tough" Alana told him.

"That you are" Ironhide turned to yell at Ratchet "Hey Doc! Leave that idiot and come look at Alana's head for a moment"

"I'm getting to it" Ratchet grumbled. After a moment he walked over and crouched down. Alana then felt the familiar sensation of herself being scanned and then Ratchet stood up. He walked over to a draw pulled out something small and handed it to her. He was smiling "Nothing a little ice can't cure" he said. Alana took the pack and pressed it against her head, hissing slightly at the coldness.

"Hey Alana" Wheeljack said suddenly "Shouldn't you be at school?" His head was tilted to the side in a state of confusion. There was a moment of silence as everyone in the room took this tidbit of information and recognized this to be true. Alana then quickly put a finger in front of her lips and shushed Wheeljack.

"Alana, Wheeljack's right go ask Optimus to give you a ride to school" Ratchet walked over to Alana, picked her up and walked to her the exit of the Lab, he set her down in the hallway.

"Good luck at school!" Wheeljack shouted.

"We'll miss you!" Ironhide said loudly.

"Bye!' Alana called back.

"We love you Alana" Ratchet smiled at her.

"Love you too!" she smiled and with the ice pack pressed against her head she rushed off to find Optimus, with Diesel running after her yipping happily.

Alana found Optimus right where she had left him. He was leaning back in his chair staring happily at the screen. When he saw that Alana had entered he turned his chair and smiled at her.

"False alarm Alana!" he said "It was just a falling satellite"

"Cool" Alana walked forward intrigued "Can I see?"

"Sure" Optimus bent down and put his hand on the floor so that she could climb on, when she was on he lifted his hand and placed her on his shoulder. He then pressed a few buttons and Alana saw the screen go green. It showed an image of the world and then a small blip of flashing green lay beside the coast of Australia. She stared at it for a few moments and then looked down at the keyboard below her. It was unlike the ones she used at school this one was far larger in both size and the quantity of the keys. Rather than A, B, C's she saw a cybertronian language. She recognized some of the symbols and mode some of the noises that went with the symbols. Optimus listened to her, smiling and then suddenly he frowned. "Shouldn't you be at school?"

There was a pause "…no…"

Optimus checked the time and realized that she was at least an hour and a half late. "Alana go get your things, I'll drive you"

"Kay" Alana was placed on the ground and went to go get her two bags, Optimus followed after her.

When they were outside Optimus transformed and Alana got in, she placed her bags on the floor and sat back. The seat belt snaked around her and Optimus began to drive.

"I'll take you into school and explain why your late, hopefully you wont get into too much trouble" they lapsed into silence as she did so her stomach grumbled and she groaned. "Something wrong Alana?" Optimus asked.

"Hungry" Alana moaned "Fireflight at all the food.

Optimus sighed "Well I suppose another half hour of school missed wont matter" he then turned down the roan and began to head towards a Smitty's.

After a hearty breakfast of pancakes drilled with chocolate, maple syrup and whipping cream. And two glasses of milk Alana felt much better. She was then driven to school. Optimus took her into the office and smiled apologetically towards the secretary.

"Sorry about this" he said "but we had a pretty hectic morning, I wasn't able to get her to school until now"

"Last name?" the secretary asked looking over her glasses.

"Autobot" Optimus answered. The secretary typed on the keyboard for a few moments.

"Ah yes" she said looking back at Optimus her glasses flashing from the sudden motion "Second grade, Mr. MacPherson"

"My teacher is a dude!" Alana smiled at this- she had never had a man for a teacher before, maybe she could get along with him better than the other ones.

"I'm sure you'll find Mr. MacPherson an excellent teacher, he's in classroom 40B"

"Kay!" said Alana happily. She turned to Optimus and he turned to her.

"Good luck!" He said. He then bent down and gave her a small kiss on the forehead. He then handed her, her extra bag and gently pushed her away. "Have fun"

"I will" Alana waved to him and with that she walked away.

Hey guys! Sorry about all the delays in the stories. I've moved twice in the past few months and am now living in a trailer- I also happen to be building my own house so as you can see I've been quite busy. But now I'm starting to find more time in my hectic life and can finally get back to my stories. YAY!

I decided to end the chapter here because I have a sort of different idea for the next chapter and it requires a whole chapter to its self. So I'll be busy writing, but for now enjoy!