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XD... I tried and failed at trying to create a -man/Harry Potter crossover, and instead thought about this story, so here I am. Also, I'm having a poll on who should be with Rachel, or you guys could just right what you want the pairings to be in the reviews.


Ok, I changed my mind about something, no matter how impossible it is, I'm making everyone of Harry Potter, except the students and some others, 6 years younger, so the last of the Marauders are now 29, because Kakashi and all the other teachers are too old. :(

(Oh, and Rachel's hair is not waist length, it is only to the mid back)

-sensei: teacher/professor

-sama: superior, or someone you respect

-san: Sir/Madam

-chan: close friends, usually with girls

teme: bastard

Normal POV

Hagrid walked the ninjas through Diagon Ally, answering the young ninjas questions, while the adults and some of the less talkative ninjas looked around at the sites.

"Alright now, we have to go to Gringotts first, to get the money for our spendings today, oh, and be sure not to steal anything, you don't want to get the Goblins of Gringotts angry." Hagrid said, standing in front of a huge white building that said, 'Gringotts'. The Jounins' raised an eyebrow at the threat underneath, while some of the younger ones, *cough*Naruto*cough* grimaced and followed hurridly after Hagrid. Everyone else shook their heads and followed after them.

After Gringotts

"I want to go on that ride again!! IT was awesome!!" Naruto screamed, fist pumping in the air. Hagrid, a bit green in the face, quickly shook his head, along with most of the other chunins. The Jounins just chuckled, while Sakura, annoyed with Naruto's jumping and wacked him over the head which caused another chain of events. Naruto's head shot forward and he stumbled back, a goose egg on his head, he grabbed his head in pain and got a kicked puppy look on his face. Everyone laughed or chuckled at him, shaking their heads.

Hagrid then shook his head, and told them that they had to keep going. The ninjas nodded, and they went on.

After having gotten the books, trunks, and supplies, they arrived at 'Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions'. They met with an old witch that got them situated in a line. Naruto was first.

As the women started tailoring him, he saw what he would have to wear and immediately started to yell. "What the?! No way am I wearing a dress, nuh-uh, no way!" Naruto yelled, while holding up his arms in an x-motion. He tried to get off the stage that they had set up there, but Rachel grabbed him quickly, being the one who was closest to him in line, she was next.

"Naruto, you have to, just go along with it, or I swear I will make you wear it everyday, every hour." Rachel said with a threatening look in her eyes, glaring up at Naruto. Naruto gulped and quickly nodded, not wanting to wear the 'dress' more then he had to.

Seeing that the argument was over, the tailors got back to business and started working faster then before, not wanting another argument to happen.

After about 45 minutes everyone was done, and ready to go onto the next shop. Hagrid led them to 'Ollivander's' wand shop, where he left them.

About an hour later everyone got their wands and paid, then left the shop. They met up with Hagrid outside of the shop and he took them to Magical Menagerie, a magical creature shop, that had all different types of animals.

The big group went into the cramped little shop and started to look around. Because they already had a pet or they did not want a pet, Temari, Kankuro, Shino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Chouji, Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma, Gai, Neji, and Sasuke stayed outside the shop.

Inside the shop, Naruto, Hinata, Tenten. Ino, Sakura, Gaara, and Rachel were looking around at all the pets. Naruto, excited was zipping around the store, looking at the pets with wide, excited blue eyes. Gaara sighed and followed after the overly excited teen. Rachel smiled and shook her head at Naruto's antics, she then started to look around with the other girls.

----------------------------------------------Naruto/Gaara's side------------------------------------------------------

"oo, oo.... Gaara look at this!" Naruto shouted looking at a small raccoon. The raccoon was about 10 inches long, and was a little chubby, and it also, strangely enough had a few blue vein-like lines on it's body. Gaara blinked at it, looking at the blue lines that reminded him of Shukaku. "You should get it Gaara! It's cute!" Naruto exclaimed. (A.N.- pic of raccoon ., just imagine faint blue vein-like lines on parts of its body.)

Gaara deadpanned, only Naruto could call something that reminds people of a big, fat and insane raccoon demon, 'cute'. Gaara sighed and looked at the raccoon again. The little raccoon stared up at him, with it's head cocked to the right. Gaara then looked at Naruto ...he was looking at him with puppy dog eyes. Gaara sighed and nodded. Naruto grinned in response, and started to again look around at all the animals, with Gaara following behind him, carrying the medium sized cage that held the small raccoon carefully.

Naruto stopped at another medium sized cage, staring inside in shock. Gaara, wondering what could possibly be wrong, looked in as well. There in the cage was a small red fox kit, but instead of having one tail, it had nine. Gaara and Naruto looked at each other, then looked back down at the little fox. After a few seconds of thinking, Naruto suddenly grinned, making Gaara sigh. 'He's going to get the fox isn't he? Knowing him, he'll train it to help him with pranks, either that or the fox will outsmart him, and end up making Naruto's life a living nut house...' Gaara stopped here, thinking. 'The latter event is more likely, isn't it?'

"Gaara! Can I get it, huh, huh??!!" Naruto asked bouncing slightly on his feet. Gaara sighed and gave up on trying to stop Naruto from getting the Kyuubi clone. Gaara nodded. "YATTA!!" Naruto shouted, as he excitedly grabbed the cage and started to fast walk to the payment counter. Gaara shook his head, and started after him, looking at his small raccoon.

---------------------------------------------------Girls' Side-------------------------------------------------------------

"Awww...look at all the cute animals in here!" Sakura exclaimed looking around the store. Although the girls were in the shop, they were just looking around, they didn't want an animals, they just liked to look at them.

"Wait, Rachel-sensei, why are you in here? Don't you have enough pets already?! You have 3 puppy's, and a grown dog already! And they are so hyper!" Ino exclaimed, looking at Rachel.

Rachel smiled sheepishly, "They're just too cute!", she said. The other girls shook their heads at their obsessive teacher. Rachel then turned to avoid the girls and looked around the store. She stopped suddenly at two cages next to each other. She suddenly got sparkles in her eyes, and bent her knees to look inside the cages at eye height.

Inside were two wolf pups. The one on the left was a black wolf, with a little spot of white on its chest. The one on the right was a very light brown orange color, with a white belly. The black pup was sleeping on it's back, pawing the air as it slept. Seeing this, Rachel smiled, contently and giggled in amusement at the little one. The other pup was as near to Rachel as it could be in the cage, nose pressed slightly against the bars as it sniffed the hand Rachel held out. The wolf pup seemed to be happy with what it had learned about Rachel, that it licked her hand. Rachel smiled at the pup, and stroked it's head with two fingers through the bars. (pics-- , and .)

Rachel nodded determinately, she was going to get these two wolf pups no matter what. Rachel noticed that the girls were now at the counter with Gaara and Naruto who seemed to be purchasing pets, and took the two cages with her to the counter.

"Rachel-sensei, are you kidding me? You're getting two pets?!" Sakura exclaimed exasperatedly. Rachel nodded, grinning. Hinata giggled, and Tenten, Ino, and Sakura just sighed.

Rachel then noticed what animals Naruto and Gaara had. She blinked, shocked, but then smiled and chuckled in her head. 'Those two, picking the animals that remind them of what is inside them, even though they have caused them so much grief. They are very connected to their two demons, aren't they?'

They all paid for the animals and left the shop, Rachel having already discarded the two cages, as she did not like the inhumane feel to them. She was now holding the still sleeping pup in her arms, as the other pup somehow flopped onto her head, limbs hanging off the edges, and head resting against head.


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