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Hermione sighed as she traversed a dirty, bleak corridor of number 12 Grimmauld Place. She had been at Headquarters for a couple of weeks now and was thoroughly depressed by the Black's Estate. It didn't help at all that Harry had arrived last night. It wasn't that she wasn't happy to see him, for she was. It was his reaction to everything. She had never seen him so angry before. It was upsetting to see him in such a state. Though, she supposed, he had every right to be angry. From what happened to him in June to the Daily Prophet articles to being attacked by Dementors all in a couple months it was no wonder why he was in such a fowl frame of mind. Not to mention the fact that Dumbledore was keeping him in the dark on so many matters...

Shoulders slumped and grumbling to herself, Hermione pushed the door to the kitchen open and was momentarily blinded by the light. Blinking furiously she slowly regained her sight only to see the most uplifting thing she'd seen since she arrived.

"Cedric!" She cried happily as she ran to embrace him.

"Hey, Granger." He said warmly as he enveloped her in a hug.

"I've missed you." She told him as they pulled apart.

"Missed you too, Princess." Cedric said with a cheeky grin.

Hermione hit his arm. "I told you not to call me that."

"Well after I managed to get that hair of yours to look the Princess Leia's the resemblance was so uncanny that it seems I have no choice but to call you Princess."

Hermione couldn't help but laugh at the memory. "My new hair style certainly made breakfast interesting. I didn't think my mum and dad would ever stop laughing."

"I can put it up again if you want, Granger." He said mischievously while casually twirling his wand.

"Don't even think about Cedric." Hermione warned as Sirius, Lupin and Tonks entered the kitchen.

"Threatening someone all ready, Hermione?" Tonks asked jokingly. "It's not even noon yet."

Hermione rolled her eyes at the Auror but chose to ignore the comment.

"Cedric," Lupin said shaking his hand. "Wonderful to see you again."

"You too, Professor. We've missed you at Hogwarts." Cedric replied.

"Please, no need to call me Professor anymore." Lupin said, amused. "It's hard enough getting Hermione here to stop."

Hermione blushed slightly and introduced Cedric to Sirius and Tonks. "Erm, Cedric this is Nymphadora Tonks, who will gladly castrate you if you call her by her first name." Hermione added hastily after Tonks sent her a glare.

"Got that right." She said shaking Cedric's hand. "It's Tonks...all though..." She said appraising Cedric with a practiced eye. "I just might let you call me whatever you want."

Cedric turned an interesting shade of purple and didn't seem to be able to respond.

"Ah...haha.."Hermione laughed weakly. "That's...um...funny Tonks. She's such a kidder." She told Cedric. "Umm, this is Sirius Black., Harry's Godfather, owner of this charming house and not the deranged mass murdered you previously thought him to be." Hermione said in a cheerful voice.

Sirius rolled his eyes as he shook Cedric's hand. "You don't have to say that to everyone you introduce me to, Hermione." He told her. "I'm pretty sure, Dumbledore told him everything before he came here."

Hermione shrugged. "It doesn't hurt to be cautious, Sirius."

"Right." He said. "Anyway, pleased to meet you, Cedric. Hermione here hasn't shut up about you since she arrived two weeks ago."

Hermione gasped. "Sirius! Don't give him any ideas! I did not talk about him non-stop."

Sirius grinned at her. "Well, maybe not to me, but I'm sure Ginny and Tonks have heard enough about him to write a book."

Hermione flushed at deep red as her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water.

"I can see why you talk about him so much, 'Mione." Tonks said. "He's a lot better looking in per-"

"And he's still in the room, Tonks!" Hermione said through gritted teeth. "So, if you blabber mouths don't mind, I'm going to show Cedric where he is sleeping before I die of embarrassment."

So with the adults laughing she grabbed Cedric's hand and towed him out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

"Sorry about them." She muttered, still embarrassed. "They like to tease."

Cedric just laughed. "Don't worry about it, Hermione. It was actually pretty interesting to watch. So...you talk about me a lot do you?" He asked, eyes twinkling with mischief.

"No I do not." She said firmly. "I might have mentioned you once. I said something to Tonks about bringing you here for your safety. I figured since that's why the rest of us were here then you should be extended the same invitation."

"You're worried about me, Granger?" He asked smiling.

"Of course I am, Cedric." She said stopping in front of a door that had Cedric's bags sitting in front of it. "The bloody Dark Lord is running about. And you stopped him from killing Harry. Honestly, Dumbledore should have had the sense to bring you here earlier. I can't imagine what he was waiting for-"

"Calm down there, Granger." Cedric said covering her mouth with his hand. "You'll do yourself an injury going on like that."

Hermione sighed and pushed his hand away. "I know. I'm just...worried is all."

"Well don't worry too much or you'll get those worry lines that my mom is always complaining about." He teased.

She glared at him. "You're infuriating, Cedric. Anyone ever tell you that?"

"Only you, Princess." He said looking at her in a way that made Hermione's heart flip over.

"You can unpack now if you want. Meet me in Harry and Ron's room when you're done. It's two doors down." She told him, breaking eye contact.

"I'll do whatever the Princess commands of me." He said with a mock bow.

"Honestly. You are so-"

"Infuriating. I know." He said smirking at her.

She rolled her eyes at him. "See you in a bit."

Hermione opened the door to Harry and Ron's room only to find them, Ginny, Fred and George all there whispering to each other.

"What's up?" She asked sitting down next to Harry on his bed.

"We're talking about the weapon Sirius mentioned last night." Fred said in a hushed voice.

Honestly, are you wizards or not?" She asked. "Use Silencio on the room so you don't have to whisper."

"It's funner this way, Hermione." George told her.

"More fun, not funner. Honestly, where did you learn to speak like that?"

George merely stuck his tongue out at her and turned to the rest of their group.

"What about you, Harry? Any theories?" Ron asked.

"I dunno, mate. He's all ready got the Unforgivables. What else does he need?"

"Who knows. Maybe it's a new spell that that's just been invented." Ron said eagerly.

"Wars aren't just fought with spells and duels you know." Hermione interjected.

"Well what else are they fought with Oh Great Knowledgeable One." Fred asked.

"I think one of the most important things to You-Know-Who right now is gathering information. He's been out of Britain for a while now so he's not really up to date on everything. If he's after something you can bet it's no spell or dark artifact. I think he's after vital information. Something he didn't know last time."

"You should listen to her, you know." Came a voice from the door. "I've heard rumours that she's the smartest witch in school."

"Cedric?!" Harry said happily. "When did you get here?"

"About half an hour ago." He told him with a grin. "Good to see you again, Harry."

"You too." Harry said as Cedric tried to sit next to Hermione.

"Budge up there, Granger. You're an awful space hog." He joked.

"Maybe if you ask politely, Cedric, I would move."She informed him frostily..

Cedric grinned at her. "Be nice to me, Hermione." He said as he sat down. "I can still mess with your hair if I want."

"You wouldn't dare!"

He smirked at her. "You wanna take a chance with that, Princess."

"For the last time, Cedric Diggory, if you don't stop calling me that-"

Suddenly Ron coughed and Hermione stopped, mid threat.

"What?" She snapped.

"Er...since when do you two know each other?" Ron asked.

"Oh, since we spent that obscenely scandalous rendezvous on the train ride home." Cedric answered airily.

Hermione gasped and spluttered as she whirled her head around to face Cedric. "I beg your pardon?" She demanded.

"I thought you wanted to tell them, Granger?"

"Tell us what?" Ginny asked.

"Nothing!. There's nothing to tell!" Hermione said shrilly.

"Oh that's right. You didn't want them to know how positively violent you are." Cedric said calmly.

"Stop giving them the wrong impression!" She hissed as the twins snickered, Ginny giggled, Harry looked amused and Ron seemed totally clueless.

"We talked! I was not violent at all!"

"So what do you call hurtling that S.P.E.W badge at my innocent face. Granger?"

"You were being a prat. You deserved it."

"And what about your kamikaze pillow? I ended up falling of your couch thanks to that."

"That, as you well know, was an accident."

"Of course it was." He said in a voice that implied he didn't believe her.

"As amusing as this is." Fred said putting a stop to their banter. "Dinner's gonna be ready soon and the Order meeting is just about to let out. We should go see if we can hear anything."

Everyone nodded in agreement and they all made to leave.

"Tell me something, Hermione?" Harry asked more amused than the situation called for.

"What?" She asked impatiently.

"What exactly was Cedric Diggory doing on your couch?"

Hermione glared at him, muttered something about boys being all the same and stormed out of the room.

Harry turned to Cedric, grinning. "Good luck with her, mate. You're gonna need it."

Cedric laughed. "Tell me about it. Fighting Voldemort is nothing compared to trying to get Hermione Granger to see that I like her."

Harry laughed again and made his way out to the corridor.

Alone in the room, Cedric said to himself:

"This is going to be one hell of a year."