When I was human I always thought that people who committed suicide were weak, becuase they used death to escape the living. I guess I really am a hypocrite.

I have become something that I have always pitied. It had been two months, three days, six hours, and fourty-four minutes since I had seen my Bella. And even when

carlisle bit me (physical pain really doesn't bother me much) I had never known this kind of agony. I could take almost any physical pain, but being away from Bella was so

much worse. It was like when Jane would torture me but through my mind. I would give anything just to see her beuatiful face one more time, for her to glare at me in

sucpicion, to try to hold herself to me when I had to pull away, to press her perfect, full, lips against mine. I would sell my soul, if I had one.

"Hello Edward" I lightly accented voice said behind me.

I jumped and turned around to see a young hispanic vampire looking up at me. She had a kind face, and topaz eyes. She looked about Janes age.

"How do you know my name?" I asked dully. The only emotion I expressed these days was sadness.

"Oh I am sorry I am being horribly rude, aren't I?" She laughed pleasantly.

"My name is Gabriella, your father is a good friend of mine. He sent me to help you." She said kindly.

"With what?" I asked irritably.

"You are very confused," She said knowingly.

"I am here to shed light on the truth, it is what I do."

I laughed with no humor. There was no truth in my world. She frowned, and sighed.

"Your wrong you know" She said absentmindedly.

I frowned.

"About what?" I asked scathingly.

"Oh lot's of things" She said calmly.

"Please, share with me."

"Well for one thing she is not getting on with her life, she get's worse everyday. She would propably kill herself, but she doesn't want to hurt Charlie and Renee" She said

with no emotion in her voice, she knew how much weight those words held for me.

I let a low hiss come out of my throught.

"Your wrong" I spat angrilly.

I tried to imagine Bella lying on the ground cound, cold and broken. Her long brown hair blowing limply in the breeze even though Bella would never brush it awa-- I couldn't

go on.

"No acually I'm not. Also if you weren't ever in her life she would be dead. And even as we speak she sleeps in her bedroom, sobbing and screaming your name. Begging

you to come back to her. If this cuases you both so much pain, then how can it be the right thing? Why not give her what you both want?"

I fell to my knees, I knew what she said was true. But how could I have cuased my Bella so much pain? And even now I refused becuase of the most important reason.

"I will not take her soul" I said slowly my voice determined.

"Edward when you left you took her soul with you. You are her soul, without you she is empty. You still have a soul as well"

I didn't want to believe her words but I knew they were true. She crossed the room and kissed my cheek tenderly like a mother kissing a newborn child.

"You will do the right thing, I know you will." She said happily.

And with that she turned and ran out of the room. I sighed and jumped out the window landing noislessly on the ground. I knew now that resisting was useless. I needed

my Bella and she needed me. And now that I knew this I ran. Faster than I ever have, as I got closer and closer to the love of my life. I ran to the place where my life


I ran to Forks.

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