This is a really short one-shot, I know. I don't intend to make it a story. It's based off the book "Teen Idol" which is copyrighted to Meg Cabot and this is a fan fiction.

Warning: Jenny & Luke. Kind of sappy.

Miss Greenley By Holly Jane

"Miss Greenley?" Mr. Hall demanded, causing the whole Troubadours Choir to stop what they were singing and look at me—causing my cheeks to turn a subtle shade of a pink. I could feel the eyes of the students, looking me full on in expectancy, but, what did they expect of me? "Does anybody want to tell Miss Greenley what she's doing wrong?" Mr. Hall went on in a deep, frustrated voice, perspiration running down his red, wrinkled forehead. His jaw muscles were clenched tight and the thinning black hair atop his head was out of whack and a blood vessel highlighted his face in his forehead, making me want to laugh.

Nobody responded. Trina's hand twitched, as if she wanted to answer Mr. Hall but didn't want to single me out and embarrass me. Trina's conflicts with herself were always so easily dealt with. At times I wished I were Trina, she had it so…so easily. Her conflicts and problems and situations were small and easily dealt with by just a letter to her favorite part of the school paper "Ask Annie", and, not only did I have my own problems, but, I had to deal with everyone else's, you know, what with me being Ask Annie and all. It was just so frustrating. My last concern was my arm movements at the precise moment.

And, as superficial as it may seem, I was focused on one pair of electric blue eyes that starred back at mine through the mirrors.

Luke's eyes. Was it so superficial that my heart skipped a beat? Was it so superficial that I was more focused on a crush, than on my arm movements, which perhaps were a bit more important?

Mr. Hall grumbled to himself and wiped the perspiration off on his sleeve. "Miss Greenley, your arms, hold them higher, and don't flail them carelessly!" he bellowed. I kept my eyes safely away from my fellow students and on my own in the mirrors across from the risers, still trying to avoid those piercing blue ones. I don't really know what it was, but, when I looked into those eyes…it felt as if he were seeing right to my soul. Totally lame, but, you have to understand…that…it's the absolute truth, lame sounding or not.

I swear my heart skipped a beat when Luke winked at me. He winked. Honestly. No lie. My stomach tightened and I felt like I wanted to throw up. Why was I acting this way? I needed my emotions in check, but honestly, I couldn't really understand this weird feeling. My hands get clammy, my stomach tightens, and all the while, my heart stutters and skips beats while it races at a foreign speed. I knew that "Ask Annie's" advice would be where all the other students would go to identify these odd feelings, and I knew what my answer would be. Or rather, Annie's answer.

I was in love with Luke Striker.

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