Enter Ross

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Summary: Danny Ross and his thoughts on his squad.

Author's Notes: Set sometime in season 6. Have never written Ross before...so well I'm slightly worried. Still enjoy as always, and please note this hasn't been beta'd.

He knows they sometimes see him as the enemy.

In all honesty, he knew if it had been any other squad, any other detectives, any other captain, then this whole situation would have been easier. But it was Major Case, and despite the fact most of his 'new' detectives had come to grudgingly accepted him within the first month, there had been three that had been harder to win over.

Alex Eames was the first.

A cop from a family of cops.

She hadn't seemed to hard on the surface, but there were instances when he knew he wasn't even close. He knew that she only (barely) accepted him in an attempt to try and make things easier between him and Goren. He liked Eames, she was smart, knew how to play the game with ease. No one underestimated her, and he understood why. Hell, if this had been any other squad Eames would have probably have accepted him without a moments notice. But this wasn't any other squad and for that he was actually grateful.

Mike Logan was the second.

A hot head but a good cop.

The moment he'd secured a transfer for Wheeler, and discovered that Logan's other partner had left, he'd put his girl in with him. He knew the only way she was going to stay in this squad was for her to get some experience, and Mike Logan had a lifetime of knowledge and not to mention a high solve rate. Having Wheeler as his partner also opened another channel to win him over. Though despite his first intentions in making Logan one of his men, he'd grown to care for him, like a son. Not that Logan needed a father since Don Cragen and Anita Van Buren were still checking up on him.

Bobby Goren was the third.

The resident oddball of the NYPD.

He didn't like Goren, he knew he never would. They were too different, but he did respect the tall detective. Goren was a genius and the NYPD were incredibly lucky to have him. When he had first arrived he'd been looking to maybe drop Goren, not wanting any hiccups in his new squad but all those thoughts had vanished once he'd entered the bullpen. Goren might not know it (probably did though) but he would fight for him if the situation called for it. But sometimes he worried that his detective was about to fall off the edge.

Danny Ross knows all this, and he knows he isn't Deakins. He's still earning their trust, but he likes a challenge. And those three are that. A challenge, the kind he's been waiting for his whole career. He isn't going to screw up, because Deakins handed him a golden platter and he's gonna add some jewels.

No matter how long it takes.