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It had to be the fact that he called her by her name.

Not fukutaichou. Not Ise-san. And most definitely not Nanao-chan.


Just Nanao.

It wasn't exactly right and it wasn't as if they were close friends by any means, but she never said anything against it.

That strange voice of his made it worth it. Just hearing her name on his lips was worth the lack of an honorific.

She didn't admit it, but it made her feel special.

Ichimaru Gin didn't treat her like any other woman he knew. He had a certain air about him filled with teasing and fake smiles. She was smart enough to see through that the first time she met him.

They had been but children and she hadn't been blind to the blood crusted under his nails. He knew she knew, but neither had ever said anything. It wasn't like she had to see him very often. Children shinigami were usually kept out of sight and mind.

She liked to spend her time in the library and he enjoyed bloodlust.

She never mentioned it and he never gave her a second look.

It wasn't until Rangiku Matsumoto joined the Gotei 13 that Gin began to hang around more often.

If Nanao were asked, she'd automatically say that Gin was there because Matsumoto was.

If Gin were very well could be the opposite.

Maybe it was because they were more grown up now, but Gin had taken a bit more interest to her. Saying hello and exchanging pleasantries as she walked with her captain. Once he'd even opened the door for her much to the disapproving look of Kyoraku.

Nanao had just held back a blush and gave him a slight bow in thanks.

He was a gentleman, even if he didn't look it.

Other girls were afraid of him, but Nanao could look him straight in the eye and demand him to do something. He usually did it.

She was a little confused though, because today, when she walked into the office, there had been a small twig of sakura blossoms and a note. She almost swept it off her desk and into the trash, but had caught sight of the handwriting on the paper. It wasn't from her captain.

After undoing the silver ribbon and looking at the envelope she knew exactly who it was from.

It said "Nanao" just "Nanao" in the prettiest writing she'd ever seen.

Movement at the door almost made her drop the paper in surprise. Gin stood there, barely smiling. She was pretty sure her heart stopped.

"So, how about dinner, Nanao?"

She couldn't hide the blush this time.

"I'd be delighted."

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