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This is my first attempt at writing for this site, but the story would not leave me alone- total coincidence if there is another story like it (I have not yet made it through all of the amazing stories here).

"Well, Denise, you're right. We haven't been able to see each other in a few days. Yes, I know… it's to long, but the case… tonight? Umm… ordinarily, it'd be great, but I have my… Why bring her into this? She is just my partner. No, I have my son tonight. He is seven… we usually just hang out. I … uh… you know what, that'd be great. We can order pizza or something. See you later then, can't wait."

Booth was shaking his head. Had he really just agreed to let his new girlfriend come over to meet Parker? Not that Denise didn't like kids; he was pretty sure she did. But this was going to be the first female friend that he let Parker meet ( while they were dating). Cam did not count, she met Parker after they broke everything off. Tessa almost got to meet him… but something always held Seeley back from introducing them.


"Parker, that is enough. Your father does not need you banging on the door. Good evening Seeley. Here he is- enjoy. The after school club went to the Jeffersonian today. He's been wired ever since then. Drop him off after church, ok?"

"All right, thanks Rebecca. Bub, come on in."

Parker raced into the house, checking all the rooms; as he always did. Just in case something had changed in the past two weeks.

"What are we doing tonight Daddy? Can we call…"

"Actually Bub, a friend of Daddy's is coming for dinner, ok? How's pizza sound?"

"Who's coming Dad? Is it a guy from work? Are we gonna get to watch sports?" Parker's eyes lit up like a typically enthused sports fan.

"No, not from work. It's … ah… Parker, see Daddy has… Daddy's girlfriend is coming over to have dinner with us."

"Yay!! Oh I can't wait! When is she getting here? I'm gonna get ready for…" and he was gone like a flash to his bedroom.

Booth shook his head, confused. Picked up the phone and ordered delivery from their favorite pizza place. Started laughing to himself when he heard the shower turn on.


He opened the door. The leggy blond that was Denise slunk in the door. Dropped her fashionably large purse on the floor, glancing quickly around the first floor, her obviously tinted violet contacts finding nothing of interest; until they came back to Booth.

"Hey there sexy. I missed you. Where is the little boy you were telling me about? Or did you send him home so we could be alone?" She wrapped her arm around up and around his neck, trying to bring his lips to hers, but had to settle for nuzzling his neck. "What is it Seeley? No hello kiss?"

He had tensed up. This was a mistake. He looked down at her. "Parker is in the shower. He seemed excited you were coming. And for the record, this is his home, remember that."

"Oh Seeley you know I didn't mean it like that. It's just that it's been, like, days since we've had time alone. I miss you."

The shower had turned off, followed by the sounds of a little boy slamming his way through various rooms.

"Denise, can you go get some drinks ready please? There's the delivery guy." Booth went back to the door to greet dinner.

As soon as the box changed hands, he could hear his son running down the stairs.

"Is she here yet? I'm all clean Daddy! Yum! I smell pizza, my FAVORITE!" Parker ran into the kitchen. "Hey, who are you? How'd you get in…"

"You must be Parker. I'm your daddy's girlfriend Denise. I'm going to have dinner with you tonight."

Booth made it into the room in time to see tears, and outrage break out on Parker's face.

"What's wrong Bub? This is the friend I told you about. This is Denise."

"Where is she? You said she would be here."

"Who Parker? I told you that my girlfriend was coming to meet you. This is her, Denise. Say hello Parker."


"What? Don't be rude Parker. She is a guest, and you need to be polite, say hello."

"No. You lied Daddy. You said Dr. Bones was coming… she's your girlfriend. And this," the little boy was glaring at the adults, "This is not Dr. Bones."