Ronon stretched out on Teyla's soft bed, closing his eyes and relaxing into the warmth. She was sitting facing him, smiling at him. In the precious few weeks they had been together he knew she liked to just look at him. With anyone else, it may have been unsettling but the more her lovely brown eyes were turned towards him the happier he was. It had always been that way. He opened his eyes suddenly and looked at her. She tilted her head as if to ask what was wrong. His own eyes lit up and her faltering smile grew gentle again. "I nearly forgot!" he explained, and rolled off the bed to crouch and rummage in his pack.

He stood over her now, next to the bed, hands behind his back looking at her smiling up at him, curious. His eyes were crinkled with a grin as he brought his hands around his body to meet and present to her a sparkling bracelet, dark green. She gasped softly, touching her hand to her chest, enthralled. Hesitantly she reached out to touch it, marveling at its beauty, the small delicate carvings. He held it cupped out in front of her until she lifted it up and looked into his eyes, the same green colour. She wondered if he had noticed that.

He spoke. "It's a custom of your people, right? To present a token of admiration for their partner"

She nodded, studying it closely. "I have never seen stone so beautiful. Are these symbols Satedan? What do they mean?"

"One day, I might tell you." She blinked lazily at him, as if she had all the time in the world to learn his secrets. He didn't know she had a surprise for him too. But later. She was smiling up at him so he sat beside her and encircled his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. She slid it over her left wrist where it sat winking at them as she continued to admire it

It was worth it, for Ronon, the awkwardness of asking Halling what to give her, what would mean the most. It was fun, too, escaping to carve this over many nights when she would wonder where he was, because when she found him again it was worth being parted for a time. It was a challenge to hide the unfinished gift in time.


Halling knew Teyla since they were children; and that her people meant the world to her- and if this man recognized that, he was more than happy to help, explaining the meaning of the gift. She deserved such happiness.