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Chapter 1

Pale limbs hung off a large queen sized bed lazily, dark eyes starring off at nothing in particular.

"Itachi..." The young boy whimpered out, feeling his eyes begin to water, before tears began to leak out of his eyes, cascading down his rosy porcelain cheeks, giving him a fallen angel type of look.

( FlashBack )

As Sasuke sobbed on the ground in front of the demolishing building, Pein starred down at him blankly, it had been around an hour after he'd blown up the Akatsuki hideout building, and Sasuke still wouldn't stop crying, the young boy was a complete wreck and it annoyed the orange-haired man to see the impact Itachi had on his younger brother.

Sighing irritated, he walked over towards the now sniffling raven, though he'd stopped producing tears he was still trembling terribly, Pein knelt down in front of the boy, wincing at Sasuke's broken gaze.

Clearing his throat he asked in a husky voice, "You done?"

The young Uchiha didn't respond, not even reacting when the leader of the Akatsuki picked him up swiftly walking away from the burning building until he could no longer see the fallen hideout.

( FlashBack )

It'd been almost a year since then, and not one day went by that the young Uchiha didn't blame himself for what had happened to his elder brother.

"I see you're finally awake."

The raven tensed at the seductive tone of the familiar voice, repressing a shiver when he felt lips at his neck, a warm, wet tongue running along his most sensitive area slowly licking up and down.

"Tell me Sasuke, who do you belong to?"

Said raven said nothing as strong yet lean muscled arms wrapped themselves around his waist, sitting him up before bringing him to a well-built naturally toned chest.

"Come on Sasuke, tell me, or would you rather I force it out of you, Hm?" The sultry voice whispered, before sucking at the white porcelain like skin roughly, leaving a dark hickey.

Black orbs starred down at the comforter of the bed painfully, his eyes were full of remorse and sadness, Pein had been having his way with him for the last 6 months, and he found that whenever he resisted, he'd be punished in whatever way Pein deemed appropriate.

Before the raven could respond quietly as he always did, Pein shoved him forward and off his lap, causing him to fall face first into the bed, before strong tanned fingers wrapped around his limp length, bringing it to life.


As the red-head stroked the beautiful ebony-haired boy, he placed his long fingers into the writhing boys mouth, ordering him to suck, and to get the plenty wet, or it would be as painful as last time, once he was satisfied with the wetness of his fingers, he pulled them out tauntingly, before forcing the raven to turn towards him, while freeing his cock from its confinements.

"I want you to suck my dick and get it nice and slick." He ordered huskily, smirking down evilly at the young Uchiha, before bending over the boys form while he sucked his rather large member, and inserting a finger into the tight entrance.

It always baffled him how he could fuck the boy so many times and still his entrance always managed to stay as tight as a fucking virgins ass, he grunted as the raven beneath him deep throated him, letting out a groan as Sasuke's moan vibrated all around his cock, he inserted another finger and another until he had all three in the boys anus, stretching him expertly, though pulling away when he felt himself close to his orgasm, he pulled his fingers out and commanded the raven get on all fours.

The young teen braced himself tensely as he felt the tip of Pein's rather large dick at his tight entrance, shutting his eyes tightly, he let out a pained cry when the Akatsuki leader forced himself into Itachi's delicious baby brother's hole, giving the raven a moment to adjust before brutally ramming himself into the paler body, moaning in ecstasy, grunting as Sasuke's walls clenched around him, giving him immense pleasure.

"Does that feel good?" He asked lustfully, moving his lips to suckle on a pale earlobe.

"Unh!" Smirking, Pein reached below and grabbed hold of Sasuke's stiff cock, pumping him in time with his thrusts, biting down onto a pale creamy shoulder savagely, almost desperately shoving himself deeper into the younger boys hot and tight entrance, hitting

His prostate dead on, giving Sasuke unwanted pleasure.

The younger of the two bit his lip angrily, his eyes clenched shut tightly, feeling something tear inside him before hot liquid began to leak out his anus, this always happened occasionally, it was never that Pein didn't stretch or lubricate himself well enough, it was just that somehow his ass always managed to stay so firkin tight.

But that still didn't stop the raven from hating the Akatsuki leader, this man had taken away his brother, and now he was raping him almost every day, and for that he hated him with a burning passion, and he swore that one day he'd get revenge for his brother and himself.


It was a few hours later, and Sasuke was lying on his stomach, starring out one of the three-story high windows longing, there was a large oak tree that stretched up as high as the Akatsuki base, and many others, that came in handy for hiding the hideout.

Sighing Sasuke attempted to sit up, but let out a pained cry when he felt jolts of pain shoot up his spine causing him to flop back down in pain, tears stinging at the corners of his eyes.

"Need help getting cleaned up?" A familiar voice asked.

Sasuke let out another sigh, turning towards the familiar red-head, before nodding his head pathetically answering with a pathetic "Yes."

The tall slender red-head smirked, walking over towards the whimpering raven, petting his head soothingly, looking at the damage the leader had caused, there was cum and blood drizzling out of Sasuke's entrance and he had numerous scratches all over his body.

"Alright, I'm going to go get a bath ready for you, I'll be right back."

"Not like I'm going anywhere." The pale ebony-haired mumbled ruefully, causing the red-head to chuckle.

When steam began to flow out of the bathroom the ruby-haired boy came back out, going over towards the raven, helping him sit up gently, careful not to let him sit on his bum to long, before picking him up bridal style, taking him to the steaming bath tub, kneeling down and placing him down into the water gently, smiling as Sasuke visibly relaxed.

"Alright then, let's get you cleaned up." Sasori stated, pushing his sleeves up to his elbows before grabbing the scented watermelon body wash and a soft sponge, squirting it out and rubbing it into the sponge, causing suds to form.

As Sasuke sat in the bath he quietly hummed while Sasori cleaned him, leaning into his gentle touches dazedly.

"Hey...Sasori?" He asked biting his lip nervously.


"Well...why'd you decide to join the Akatsuki?" He asked curiously, looking up into dark olive green eyes, his face portraying the image of a child who was wondering if they'd just done something wrong.

There was a moment of silence while Sasori continued to wash the ravens beautiful blue/black hair, pouring water over him to rinse the suds out, telling the younger to close his eyes.

"When I was younger, probably around your age, my father had found out I was gay, I'd been in my room making out with my boyfriend, Aoi, who my parents thought was just a friend, and when my father caught us, he refused to accept it, and decided to get me homeschooled and told me never to see him again, but I refused to listen to him and always managed to sneak out to meet up with him, it lasted a few months until my dad caught me sneaking out my window, after that he had me on lock down, I was rarely ever allowed out of his sight," He paused for a moment, looking down at me, smiling slightly.

"Well, after that, I started causing him problems, refusing to eat, stealing stuff he'd really need, and then one day...I'd made him late for work so...that's when the beatings started, if I ever even attempted to cause any trouble, he'd beat me until I was unconscious, my mother never did anything though, no matter how much I begged..."

Sasuke looked up at the red-head when his hands clenched, laying his palm over one of his clenched hands, causing the other to sigh and relax slightly.

"One day the beatings went as far as to him using weapons..."

"What...what type of weapons?"

"Whips, knives, chains, the works...but one day...I was in my room, still recovering from one of his recent beatings and I heard a knock at my window...it was Aoi...I guess my father must've seen him climbing up my window because the next thing I knew he was charging into my room with a knife, trying to stab Aoi, he ended up dropping the knife and him and Aoi started beating the shit out of each other..."

Sasuke frowned, "Then what?"

"My father was on top of Aoi, choking him...and I grabbed the knife and stabbed him...I'm not sure how many times I did, but all I remember is Aoi pulling me away and grabbing the knife..."

"After that we ran away, we traveled all over the country for quite some time."

Sasuke starred at Sasori as he smiled slightly reminiscing in his memories, a look of adoration and content gracing his features.

"After a couple of years, we'd settled down in a small apartment around Konoha, and for a while we were happy, he had a construction job and I worked part-time at a convenience store..."

He paused and let out a long sigh, looking tired and somewhat regretful, he cast his eyes to the ground playing with the hem of his Akatsuki coat, letting out another sigh before looking up at the raven and continuing.

"That's when I met Deidara; he came in to buy some cigarettes..."

"Wait a minute, is Deidara the reason you joined the Akatsuki!?"

"Yes, he's also the reason allot of the other members joined also, including Itachi."



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