Cloud choked slightly, pale blue eyes widening to incredible proportions as he heard the General growl those words out.

They finally fell upon Angeal's body beneath him, almost questioningly. Partly begging for permission, mainly scared to death.

"Di-…did you…say…" began the blonde, his hands shaking on either side of Angeal's head - clawing at the leather recliner.

"Yes…Cloud…" whispered the raven-haired man, both of his hands resting comfortably on Cloud's slim waist, rubbing slow, soothing circles in an effort to relax the boy.

"That…" he continued, a hand gliding up the firm young back, gripping the nape of the slender, yet elegant neck, and pulling the blonde down slightly, moving them face to face. "Is…an order." he finished with a gentle smile, lifting his hips ever so slightly under Cloud's.

Cloud yelped slightly at the first taste of delicious friction emanating from Angeal's crotch against his own, a low purr emerging from his lips as the jolt shook his young body, and finally subsided in his own crotch, which he felt grow rather uncomfortable in the tight jeans.

"Angeal…" he mumbled quietly, lifting his hands from either side of Angeal's head, and resting back on his heels. "I…I don't want to…mistake…" he whispered, splaying both of his palms on Angeal's strong stomach, gasping at how solid the abdominals were. "It's…you're my first…" he sighed with a blush, his fingertips kneading the muscle beneath the turtleneck.

Angeal smiled, a gentle hum escaping his lips as he sits up on his elbows - moving his hands back down Cloud's thighs. "Don't worry…" he whispered, repeating the soothing rubbing. "I won't…bite your head off…" chuckling, he moved his hands up, and around to Cloud's buttocks to continue his soothing ministrations. "…however…if I do something…that makes you uncomfortable…I would like you to tell me…Understood?" he smiled up with a quirked eyebrow at the blonde.

Purring again, Cloud leaned back into the large hands on his ass cheeks, flexing them slightly in the firm grip. "Y-yes…sir…" he drawled, the Nibelheim accent painfully obvious in a euphoric gasp from the teen.

"Cloud…" Angeal squeezed, his tone almost stern. "It's…Angeal…not sir…".

Cloud trembled, feeling rather vulnerable as he nodded down, his blue eyes half-lidded as his hands continued to knead the hard stomach. "Yes…Angeal…". Praying his eyes didn't show his fear, he slowly began to lift the turtleneck portion of Angeal's uniform up off of the man's body. He had heard stories from other cadets about Angeal's 'proportions', which was the only cause for concern for him at that moment. Cloud was perhaps one third of Angeal's weight, soaking wet with a brick in both pockets - the man's shadow literally engulfed him when he stood by him. Suddenly he became very unsure of himself, as he lifted the garment, Angeal's body lifted with it in order to aid the removal - Cloud's baby blue eyes fell upon the stomach he had been groping, widening as he unveiled the perfectly chiselled stomach, carved out of marble by an expert sculptor. He was not helped either by the fact that as Angeal lifted himself, all the muscles sprung into a tensed state, drawing a gasp from the youngster.

Cloud continued his orders, lifting the top over Angeal's head, and swivelling his hips slightly to deposit it on the sofa adjacent to the recliner. "…Gaia…Angeal…" he whispered, finally gazing upon Angeal's naked chest in all it's glory. Each incredibly hard pectoral was adorned with a slightly dark nipple, both were stiffened slightly by the exposure to the air. Cloud's mouth almost literally watered, crouching down slightly to drag the very tips of his fingers through the well defined contours of the man's body, until his wrists were gripped by Angeal, his fingers instinctively spreading as Angeal placed the whole of Cloud's hands on his chest.

"Don't be scared, Cloud…" he smiled, that smile immediately put the blonde at ease. It seemed as if Angeal had entered his soul, and was hugging it tenderly, willing it into relaxation. Suddenly Cloud felt the back of his neck gripped again, and his body forced down on top of Angeal's as the man forcibly crushed both of their lips together, Cloud's instantaneously parting to the familiar heat of Angeal's tongue, which reverberated with a hum from Angeal's mouth, carrying across into Cloud's and making him shudder, closing his lips around the intrusion.

Angeal's arms slowly banded around Cloud's slender body, wrapping around him tightly and holding the teen against him - effectively trapping his arms by his sides securely as his tongue plundered the hot, moist cavern of the blonde.

Gasping as he felt his arms restrained, Cloud left himself open to an almost violent stab of Angeal's skilled tongue, drawing a moan from the youth as hands gripped whatever part of Angeal was in range, namely his hips, Cloud's fingertips lazily fingering the waistband of the 1st class SOLDIER's fatigues as his blue eyes fell closed, unable to look upon the insanely handsome features of Angeal without moaning - which left his mouth open to yet another tongue assault.

Angeal, finally and somewhat reluctantly removed his tongue from Cloud's mouth, sucking on the swell of the boy's bottom lip for barely a second, and releasing it with a soft, wet pop. Smirking slightly at the boy's breathlessness, he loosened his tight grip around the blonde, and combed his fingers through the chocobo spikes. "Gaia…Cloud" he purred, beginning to drag off the blonde's sweater, which he deposited on the armrest of the recliner, rather pleased to find there was only one garment underneath, a simple, yet incredibly tight, sky blue t-shirt. Finely accenting the light hints of muscle that the teenager had - although the shirt soon joined the sweater to one side.

Angeal frowned when the whole of Cloud's upper torso was finally displayed, noting a few healing bruises (no doubt from the cadets on the list), which he gently ran his fingers across, evoking a whimpering from the teen. "Hmph…" he snorted, taking Cloud's hand and pulling him to straddle further along his own chest - Cloud's knees resting comfortably either side of under his arms, just touching the reclining backrest. "No harm…" he began, wrapping his large arms around the lithe teen, pulling him down as to press his lips against a particularly angry discolouration on the boy's abdominals - dragging a soft sigh from the blonde "…shall ever come to you again…" he finished, pressing another open mouthed kiss against it, before glancing up.

Seeing as his hands had now taken themselves to grip the back of the recliner as Angeal's mouth met his skin, Cloud's fingertips were clawing into the leather in an attempt to keep himself upright. His blonde spikes arranged to veil his young features slightly as he glanced down through them. Vaguely noting that Angeal's clever fingers had begun to unfasten his belt, and drag it through all the loops of his jeans - which left them slightly baggy against his rather well defined hips.

"Cloud…" whispered Angeal, tracing his fingers across the teen's hips, breath hitching in his throat as he drank in the sight of two beautiful dark nipples decorating Cloud's lightly toned physique, dragging a fingertip over them, intently watching them each quickly stiffen with a slight curve of his lips