Chapter Thirty : Complete

NCIS Episodes : After "Cloak" and "Dagger"

Harry exited off the elevator with no intention of getting into trouble. Hermione was going in for an induction that week and he needed them to not get into a case that could drag out the week and make him miss the birth. Though both Vance and Gibbs assured him that he wouldn't miss it. When he sat down with a healthy sigh, Ziva looked over from her desk and smiled. "Rough night?" she asked.

"If you call Hermione getting up every five minutes to pee a rough night, then yes. It was a rough night," he said and she chuckled. "I don't know which of those kids of ours likes her bladder so much, but it's driving us both nuts. They are using it as their personal couch."

"Don't worry, Harry," Ziva said. "At the end of the week, you'll be getting up in the middle of the night to crying instead of her getting up to go to the bathroom." Harry laughed. A lot had happened in the two months. Even Hermione's due date, which went by a week ago. The doctors were planning on inducing at the end of the week.

England had gotten better too. The Weasleys had more grandchildren and Draco found a mate.

They had received a wedding invitation for Draco Malfoy's union to Astoria Greengrass, the younger sister of Daphne Greengrass. She was five years younger than him, but he didn't care. He was in love and so was she.

Remus and Tonks had another baby, Lucy Andromeda. Cute as a button and looked just like Remus, with a bit of her mother. Lavender had a third baby, whom Ron insisted on naming Harry.

He and Hermione already had names picked out for their twins. It was a boy and a girl so they decided to split the names. Sirius Ryan for the boy and Sarah Margaret for the girl. Hermione wanted to honor Sarah's memory and insisted on naming the girl after her. Harry was touched as were Sarah's parents.

Things had gotten hectic with Agent Lee's betrayal, but now everything was settled down and the arrival of the twins was much anticipated by everyone at NCIS.

Harry sat down at his desk and turned on his computer. Paperwork needed to be filed about the Lee case. He and Ziva had rescued Amanda, Lee's daughter. They needed to type up their report for it.

Meanwhile, at the Potter house, Hermione was preparing lunch for herself when she felt pain in her lower back. It was normal with labor, but then again, she had been having false labor the last two weeks. She ignored it and continued on with making lunch. She was walking over to the table when another jolt of pain hit her. She dropped her plate of food causing Brownie, their Corgi, to leap to his feet. "Oh, wow, this doesn't feel like false labor," she said. She reached for her phone and hit speed dial for Harry.

Harry was finishing one report and ready to pick up another one when his phone went off. He saw it was Hermione and smiled. "Hey, pumpkin."

"Harry, it's time," she said.

"What?" he asked getting up from his seat.

"The twins are coming now," she said before gasping out in pain.

"Are you sure?" he asked pulling on his gun from his desk.

"Pretty sure," she cried out. "It's more intense."

"Okay, stay calm. I'm going to go to the Apparate point outside the Navy Yard and then we'll drive to the hospital in your car."

"Okay. Please hurry, Harry."

Harry hung up and looked around. The one time he needed someone to help him out and there was no one around. Ziva and McGee had gone to lunch and Gibbs was in a meeting with Vance. "Harry?" He turned to see Tony walking into the squad room and let out a sigh of relief. "You okay?"

"I've never been more happy to see you, Tony."

"Okay," Tony said cryptically.

"I need to take Hermione to the hospital. She's in full labor and Brian's school let's out in thirty minutes."

"You want me to pick him up?" Tony asked.

"You would be an absolute life saver if you could."

"No problem," Tony said as they reached the elevator. "Do you want me to take him home or take him to the hospital?"

"Um, I guess just bring him to the Bethesda Hospital. Uh, make sure he eats something too, because we may be a while."

"Sure. No problem," Tony said as Harry entered the elevator. "I'll call everyone too and settle things with the Director and Gibbs."

"Thanks," Harry said as the doors closed.

Harry burst through the door and found Hermione sitting in the living room. "Hermione," he said and she looked over and relief poured over her face.

"Harry, their coming this time. I know it," she said and he helped her up off the sofa. "My bag is right there." Harry grabbed it and flung it over his shoulder before helping her out of the house.

A twenty minute drive was all it took to get to the naval hospital for Harry and Hermione. He made it priority to hook up lights and sirens to both of their cars. The perks of being a federal agent. He helped Hermione into the ER and signed her in. The nurse at the desk immediately took Hermione to a room where she was taken up to Delivery and Labor. Her contractions were far apart, but they were painful. Hermione had wanted to go drug free, but it hurt too much for her to go without meds. "Are you sure?" Harry asked her after they settled her into the room.

"Harry, they may be far apart, but these contractions are really a bitch when they come on," she said. Harry's eyes went wide at Hermione's cursing. Not that she didn't do it, but she rarely used the big words. Plus, she refrained from swear words when she was pregnant. As soon as Dr Chase came into the room, Hermione had a contraction. "I want an epidural, please," she said.

"It's not part of our birth plan, but .. "Harry started to tell Chase.

"Screw my birth plan, Harry!" Hermione shouted and Harry gestured to his wife.

"She'll have the epidural," he said to Chase who chuckled and ordered the nurse to prep Hermione for the epidural.

Brian came out of his school and was looking around for his dad when he saw his Uncle Tony. "Uncle Tony!" he said running over to him. "Where's my dad?" he asked.

"Your dad had to take your mom to the hospital, Buddy. I think your little brother and sister are finally going to arrive."

"Really?" he asked with delight. "All right!" Tony chuckled as he opened his car door and Brian climbed in.

"Put your seat belt on and we're going to stop and get something to eat before we go to the hospital."

"Okay," Brian said snapping his seat belt on. Tony closed the door and walked around to the driver's side. He climbed in and started the drive to Bethesda. "Does Uncle Gibbs know?" Brian asked.

"Yes. So does, Ziva, Tim, Abby, Ducky and the Director. I called them as well as your grandparents. They're going to drop everything and get to the hospital. Where do you want to stop to get food?"

"Can we go to McDonald's?" Brian asked.

"Sure thing, buddy," Tony said before pulling onto the highway.

After a fifteen minute drive, with a stop over at a McDonald's for a chicken nugget Happy Meal, Tony arrived at the hospital with Brian. When he arrived at the front desk, he showed his ID and asked of Hermione Potter. "She's in Labor and Delivery. It's the fifth level," the nurse said.

"Thank you," Tony said. "Come on, buddy." Tony took a hold of Brian's hand and led him through the halls of the hospital.

Hermione sighed in relief as the epidural took effect. "Oh, finally," she said as she laid back on the bed. "I'm so glad we strayed from the birth plan. Harry chuckled as he pulled off his gun and put it in his backpack. "Did you really have to bring that with you?"

"Hermione, you called me at work. I didn't have time to put it away in the safe at the house." He zipped it up and placed the bag under his jacket. It was mid November and it was only slightly cold outside. "Okay, do you need anything? Ice chips? Popsicle?"

"I'm fine, sweetie," Hermione said causing Harry to quirk an eyebrow at her sweet tone. A minute ago, she was ripping him a new one. "It's the drugs," she said. "I'll be chewing your head off later."

"Gotcha," he said.

"Who did you get to pick up Brian?" she asked.



"Hey, he's matured a lot since he and Ziva started dating."

"I know. Is he feeding him supper?"

"As far as I know he'll take him some where before bringing him here." No sooner did he say that, Tony came in with Brian.

"Hi, Mom," Brian said putting his Happy Meal down and stood next to the bed. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"I'm fine. No pain," she said and Tony looked over at Harry.

"What happened to the birth plan with no drugs?" he asked in a hush whisper.

"Out the window," Harry replied in the same whisper. "Contractions were a bitch." Tony smirked as Hermione let Brian put his hand on her belly.

"Do you know when they are coming?" Brian asked.

"Well, mom's not ready for them to come," Hermione explained. "When my body is able to, I'll be able to give birth then."

"You know, Dad, I've been asking you how Mom got pregnant since you two told me," Brian said.

"Keep asking until you're twelve," Harry said causing Tony to chuckle. "Why don't you take your Happy Meal and go to the waiting room? See if Uncle Gibbs and them are here yet," he suggested. Brian nodded before grabbing his Happy Meal.

"Good luck, Mom," Brian said.

"Thank you, sweetie." Tony led Brian out and down the hall to the waiting room. When they got there, Ducky, Abby, McGee, Ziva and Gibbs were there. Along with Ryan and Margaret.

"Oh, we were wondering who Harry got to pick up Brian," Abby said.

"I was the only one around at the time," Tony said. "Hermione's in room 518 down the hall." Abby immediately took off as Brian sat down to eat. Tony sat next to Ziva and put his arm around her.

"How is Hermione?" Ziva asked.

"The birth plan is out the window," Tony said. "The contractions were a bit intense for her. She needed relief."

"Tony, I have something to tell you," Ziva said to him softly. "Can we go some where private?" she asked.

"Sure," Tony said before standing up and they headed outside. "So, what's up?" he asked.

"I'm pregnant," she stated and he was stunned still. "I know that this makes things not part of the plan."

"Screw the plan," Tony said. "I'm going to be a dad. I'm stoked."


"It means I'm thrilled, Ziva," he said and she laughed.

"My father might not be," she said.

"Screw your dad. I'm not leaving you and I never will. I love you, Ziva."

"I know we just officially started dating a couple of months ago, but we knew each other before than," she said.

"If I recall, we hated each other than," he said.

"I am worried about what my father might think," she said. "I'm Jewish Hebrew and you're an American raised a Catholic."

"What? If you want me to convert I will."

"I don't want you to do anything, except be there for me and the baby."

"I will be," he said, "and I'm moving in." At her look, he changed his statement. "Or we could get a place together."

"A place together?"

"Face it, Ziva. Neither of our places are big enough for a two adults and a baby."

"No, they aren't."

"So, now that that's out of the way, let's get back inside and support our friends." They walked back in and sat down in the waiting room.

Eight hours later, Abby came barreling down the hall in her boots. "The babies are coming!" she announced.

"Splendid," Ducky said.

"Um, Hermione would like it if Margaret could be in the room. Her parents haven't arrived from England."

"Oh, I'd be honored," Margaret said taking the video camera with her from Ryan. "I'll be back with pictures," she said before heading down the hall.

Margaret arrived just as Dr. Chase announced it was time for Hermione to push. "Looks like I arrived just in time," she said. She took her place next to Hermione's other side and grasped her hand. She held the camera with her other hand, pushing the buttons with her fingers.

"Are you sure you don't need both to hold the camera?" Hermione asked.

"I can multitask, dear."

"Okay, Hermione, when I say, I want you to push really hard." Hermione breathed deeply before the machine to her left beeped. "Okay, push." Hermione pushed hard, barely straining as Harry counted to ten.

"Seven, eight, nine, ten. Okay, good job, Mione," he said. She let out the breath she was holding before another contraction came upon her. She pushed, Harry counted and Margaret recorded. For grueling ten minutes, Hermione did this before the first baby arrived, their son, Sirius.

"It's a boy," Chase announced as she cradled the baby, pulling him out of his mother. The boy was already crying out as the doctor handed the baby to a nurse and prepared the umbilical cord. "Would you like to do the honors, dad?" she asked Harry handing him scissors.

"Sure thing," he said taking them from her and cut the cord of his new son. "Welcome to the world, Sirius Ryan Potter." Chase handed the baby to the nurse who cleaned him up a bit. Harry went over to take pictures as Hermione prepared herself for the next baby who could arrive any second or several minutes from now.

Soon enough, five minutes later Sarah Margaret arrived in the world. Harry again cut the cord before letting the nurses clean up his daughter. Both twins were a perfect mix of him and Hermione. Already he could tell they both had his piercing green eyes, but it won't quite be confirmed until they were older. Once the twins were cleaned up, Harry and Hermione held them as Margaret headed to the waiting room.

"They're here!" she announced waving her camera around. "They're both very beautiful!"

"I'm a big brother now," Brian said.

"That you are, young man," Ducky said. "Why don't we go down to the gift shop and get something for the twins, shall we?"

"Okay," he said. Brian and Ducky headed to the elevator.

Fifteen minutes later, Brian held a pink and blue teddy bear for his brother and sister. Entering the room, his dad was sitting next to his mom in a chair, his feet propped up on the bed. His mom was fast asleep after enduring nearly eight hours of labor. It was a fast birth in Dr. Chase's opinion. "Hi, Dad," Brian said and Harry glanced over.

"Hey, bud," Harry said as he got up from the chair slowly. He didn't want to wake up Hermione and he led his son over to the bassinets that held the twins. He got Brian up on a chair so he could see them. "All right, this is Sirius and Sarah."

"Which one is older?" Brian asked.

"Sirius is, by five minutes." Brian put the blue bear at Sirius' feet then put the pink bear at Sarah's feet. "So, what do you think?"

"They're cute," Brian said. "When do we get to take them home?"

"Couple of days," Harry said as he went to sit down, letting Brian gaze at his new baby siblings. Harry let out a sigh of relief as he felt that his life was finally complete. The new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shaklebolt, had given up trying to get Harry to come back to England. That is to say that Dumbledore won't try anything. He was sure in about four years or so that a letter to Hogwarts would arrive for Brian. Unfortunately for Dumbledore, Harry was sending Brian to the Salem Academy of Magic in the Massachusetts area. Not too far from home, but it'll be the furthest Brian would be away from home.

As he watched his son talk to his little brother and sister, Harry let out a huge smile. Hermione opened her eyes to see Harry smiling. It was the first time she had seen her husband totally at ease and at peace. "Harry?" He looked over at the sound of her voice. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just happy."

"That's good," she said before sitting up.

"Mom, I think Sarah smiled at me," Brian said causing the two parents to chuckle. The family was complete.