I just thought id do this caused I've been bored lately

I just thought id do this caused I've been bored lately. Also sorry for not continuing my other stories but mercs 2 has nearly consumed me XD So yeah this is my first ever war-like fanfic so sorry if any combat I add in seems really short and stupid or other things. Even though I might not have any combat in this fanfic. I'd really appreciate any constructive criticism.

This is my perception of the soldiers in mercs 2. I'll make chapters for every kind of soldier, yeah that includes the VZ. This one will be the AN first. I might do the P.L.A.V. second. This will all be inside their minds and what they think and such, however parenthesis will be their actions like (scoffs at the idea).

Disclaimer: I do not own Mercenaries 2 or the first game. Although I do own this story D

Soldierly Thoughts

It's always the same with my job. Go in, fight someone, go home, and then have dinner or breakfast depending on the time of day. We've always fought for something though ideals, money, land, and now oil. I can only hope that Solano gets his in the end but I guess that's up to the merc to handle. Speaking of the merc, she's quite the looker. I hear she used to be a part of M16 and ExOps during the Song contract back in North Korea before they went under the radar. If that's true then Solano should running for the hills or the nearest hardened bunker or something. I hope Agent Joyce knows what he's doing, trusting her and all because she could easily go behind our backs and be plotting our downfall with that General Peng. Even though our only allies are Universal Petroleum, I really wish we could be allies with the pirates and get better ground vehicles. (sighs) Ugh great now I gotta focus on my patrol route they just assigned me to southern part of Caracas, I'm probably gonna get myself killed there.