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"You think it's gonna feel like it always did?" Mary Alice lowered her eyes. She wished they were sitting down. She wished that she could find a way to touch him. To break him. She knew if she could break him she could have use the pieces to put them back together again. Instead she plastered on a fake smile and made chit chat.

"No." Jack grinned at her in a way that said I'm over you. She twisted her fingers together and wished that she could take her words back. Take her betrayal back. Take the last two years back. His eyes crinkled and she thought for a second she could read them. She thought for a second he caught her desperation. "What else am I going to say, humm?" He took a breath, nodding his head. She could hear him in her head. 'I'm over you. I'll never forgive you and nothing will ever be right again.' He nodded again, the smile returning as he picks up his patrol book and points it at her. "I'll see you out there."

"Goodbye." Mary Alice whispered, staring down the hall long after he'd disappeared down the stairs.

I stared at the last page for a long time before closing the book and turning my stare to the wall.

When I do turn around, she's looking at me with sympathetic eyes, her teeth stuck firmly between her teeth. Just the way I pictured Mary Alice as she watched Jack walk away.

Walk away.

"You can't leave them like this." I shake my head at her.

"I have to."

"You don't have to.' I shake my head frantically. "You have to fix it."

"I can't fix it, Boz." She presses her lips together. "They've been through too much. I can't fix it."

"They've been through too much for him to just walk away!" I drop to the edge of the bed and she crawls over to me.

"Honey.." She grins. "You said they."

"Faith.." I groan, swiping her away as she tries to wrap her arms around me. "You have to rewrite this."

"Boz." She sighs, running her fingers across my face. "It's done. I sent it today. It's over."

I must look crushed because she looks at me with motherly concern.

"It's not us." She reminds me and I nod slowly.

"It's still not fair."I lean my head against her face and she kisses my eyebrow.

"I could write a new ending.." She whispers. "Just for us."


"A happy ending.." She grins. "Where she chases him down the hall, pins him against the wall and kisses the hell out of him.."

"And he pushes back.. " I whisper. "Not right away.. but you know.. after a few minutes.."

"Of course." She tells me seriously. "Then?"

"Then he's like 'what the hell was that?'"

"'Something else to say.' She says."

"He grins at her."I whisper.

"And kisses her again?" She smiles back and me and I can't help but actually kiss her.

"Let's get married." I whisper before I completely loose the moment.

"She says yes." She nods, giggling a little, still lost in the story.

"No.. Faith.." I shake my head, turning on the bed and meeting her sparkling eyes. "Marry me. I wanna get married."


"Marry me?"

Her lips part softly and I watch the tears glaze and fill her eyes before she nods, almost imperceptibly. Almost.

Six months later

(Staten Island side of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge)

"You okay?" I jump on my wife when she comes out of the restaurant bathroom, trying to stop smirking.

"Yeah." Faith whispers softly, tugging at the top button of her uniform blouse. "It was just that smell.."

"Are you sure? Because we have Em's thing tonight and she's going to be so pissed if you skip."

"I'm not gonna skip." She huffs, reaching out and taking her soda back from me. "It's just been a long time since I've been puked on by a drunken homeless man."

"Welcome home, Baby." I tell her huskily. She tries to roll her eyes but she can't help but smile at me.

"I'm worth over 4 million dollars Bosco and I have bum barf on my shoes." She sighs.

"And you love it." I wink at her.

"122-Adam respond to an MVA with injuries at Vilia and Court."

"10-4 Central Vilia and Court 55- Da" She presses her lips together and shoots me an annoyed look. "122-Adam responding." She yanks her hand back from the radio and stares at me angrily. "Damn it!"

"You'll get used to it." I tell her as she yanks the passenger side door open, gagging at the smell.

"Will I get used to that?" She whimpers, pressing her hand against her stomach.

"When'd you become such a wimp?"

"You gonna drive or no?" She growled.

I don't think I've stopped smiling since she came back to work last month and I'm pretty sure I won't be stopping any time soon.

"Wait wait.. no it's the one right under your thumb."Charlie mumbled, pushing Angela's finger off of the telephoto button and back to record.

"Stop." She hissed. "I'll never learn if you keep doing it."

"If I don't keep doing it, it won't record!"

"Kids." My Ma whispers her eyes narrowing at them. "Your sister's up next."

"Angie's gonna miss the whole dumb thing cause she doesn't listen." Charlie huffs.

"Maybe if you would talk a little nicer.." Angela's voice rose at the end.

"Oh my god." Faith whispers.

"Maybe if you weren't so sensitive.." Charlie shot back.

"Guys come on!" I plead.

"I'm trying to help her!"

"He just wants to do it himself!"

"Oh my god." She repeats.

I look at Faith, she's been staring at the calendar on back of her check book since she wrote down the money I got out of the ATM.

"Will you two shut up I'm about to freaking dance here!" Came a loud whisper from off stage.

"Do you want it on tape or not!" Charlie shot back.

"Are you gonna say anything?" I huff turning back to look at her.

"I''m pregnant." She whispers airily.


I blink at her.


She turns her checkbook to me, pointing her pen at the circled weeks.


"You're what?" Ma whispers loudly.

"Quick! Chuck, am I pressing the right button now?" Angela whispers to Charlie.

"Yeah.. zoom in on Dad's face." He whispers back.

"How are you pregnant?" I gawk.

"Sex, Dad. She's pregnant from all the sex!" Emily's awkward stage whisper hits my ears and I can't help but grin. "Can I freaking dance now?!"

The music starts unnecessarily loud and a slow smile breaks out across my face.

"Are you okay with this?" Faith squeaks as I start laughing.

"Are you?!" I laugh quietly, stealing a glance at Emily as she tiptoes across the stage.

"I'm.." Her eyes widen as she turns to watch Em before looking back at me. "Pregnant."

A wide smile breaks out across my face and I reach over and kiss her.

"Just so you know Maurice that's the kinda stuff the gets you pregnant." My mother whispers to me when I settle back into my seat.

"We're gonna run with this." I grin.

"Yeah?" She grins back.