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Author's Note: I'm not sure who all dies so this is the list of who is alive of the warriors: Ibn, Edgtho, Herger, and Weath.

"I won't call to him Herger," Eydis hissed angrily. "He left for his own life. Rowan and Saldís are my daughters now. Olga would want it this way. 'Tis why she never called for him."

"Stop being a fool Eydis," Edgtho snapped in one of his rare outbursts.

"You cannot raise two girls on your own Edyis. You are alone woman. You must either call their father or marry. 'Tis your only choice." Weath insisted.

"Aye, only a fool man would say that," Eydis snapped as she pushed Herger out of her way and stirred the stew she had put on to brew.

"Maybe so Eydis, but it is men who rule this world and not you women." Weath snapped as Eydis moved over to the bread dough and began to knead it. "You must follow our rules and our laws. For the sake of those babes make a wise choice in this matter Edyis and stop allowing your pride to condemn the three of you."

Eydis stood still with only her shoulders shaking. Not a sound came from her, but they all knew that she was crying. Two five year old girls ran into the room and came to a halt when they saw the six warriors and the distress being caused to their aunt-mother. "Mama Eydis?" Saldís whimpered running over to the woman, clinging to her skirts.

"Out you old women!" Rowan yelled angrily smacking Edgtho's muscled leg. "You're hurtin' Mama Eydis. Leave! Don't come back 'til you're nice."

Edgtho stared down at the little girl who was hitting his leg and glaring at him with a mixture of admiration and annoyance. "Calm yourself child," Weath said picking up the red haired twin and holding her tight. "You'll upset your Mama more if you get Edgtho upset."

"Put her down Weath," Eydis said in a soft voice. Weath obeyed instantly afraid for the young woman's state of mind. "Come here Rowan, I need to speak with you and your sister. Alone," she glared at the warriors pointedly.

The men bowed their heads in acknowledgment to the young woman before turning and leaving. "She should take a husband." Weath said shaking his head. "She is already sixteen. I'm surprised Olga didn't find a way to marry her off before now."

"She and Eydis are too free spirited for that," Edgtho said shaking his head. "Their father's fault for not properly taming their mother all those years ago."

Herger shrugged. "It's nice to have a woman like that around though. She keeps a man alive."

Even Edgtho caught notice of that comment. "Oh?" He asked softly. "Why is that?"

"Her bickering keeps him on guard even when on the field," Herger said with a laugh. He was joined quickly by his friends.

That night after Eydis put Rowan and Saldís to bed, she summoned Weath and Herger to her home. "Call him," Eydis spat bitterly refusing to look at the warriors. "But do not be surprised when he doesn't not come. He has no loyalty to us after all. He is only an Arab."

Weath and Herger didn't bother their smiles. "Don't be surprised when we bring him back with us Eydis," Weath said happily. "He's our little brother after all. He's not like his kin. He can actually survive."


Five months later…

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan finished his prayers and stood up. Ever since he had returned home from the North some five years before, he had felt himself changed. He wasn't content in this land of his home. It was beautiful. He still loved it, but he missed the men who had claimed him as brother. He missed their rough language and their superstition. He missed their reckless lifestyle and their beautiful women. He missed their passion and their perception. His warrior brothers had been open in most cases, and only secretive when necessary. It was not so with his countrymen. They were always devious in their dealings. It had once been something he could overlook. Now it was something that made him sick.

"Master," the dark skinned slave bowed at the door and waited for Ibn's approval which he quickly gave. "There are men here who say they know you. I would send them away but they are great warriors and they frighten us. They are pale skinned savages. Please make them leave or allow us to call the guard master."

Ibn furrowed his brow. "Show them in," he ordered ignoring the slaves terror. The slave hesitated only a moment before running to do Ibn's bidding. There were few pale skinned men who knew Ibn well enough to come and find him. If it was true, why had they come. It made little sense to Ibn.

"Hello little brother," Herger greeted him in the Northmen's tongue with a bright smile.

"Herger. Weath. It has been a long time brothers. What brings you to my city. I never expected to see you come this far south."

Weath laughed. "In truth, neither did we, but this is a very important trip. There is something you left behind when you came back to this woman's city of yours."

Ibn looked at the two warriors in confusion. "I left nothing behind besides perhaps different life."

"Olga," Herger said staring at Ibn pointedly.

"Olga knew I was leaving," Ibn said shaking his head. "I was either going to die there or leave for my home. She knew that. She accepted it."

"That is not what we mean Ibn," Weath informed him. "Olga's been dead nigh on six and a half months now. Now, we're talking about the babes that she bore you after you left."

Ibn's eyebrows shot up in shock. "What?!" He shot up and was on his feet pacing. "Why has no one told me all these years. What of my children? Are they well? What are their names? How many are there? Who watches them?"

Herger laughed. "Calm and sit down. We'll tell all," he assured the Arab. Ibn considered a moment before resuming his seat. "They are twin girls: Rowan and Saldís. They'll be six in another pair of fortnights. Rowan has fiery red hair like her aunt and grandmother and your dark eyes. Saldís has her mother's fair hair and your eyes as well. They could only be yours. Olga was with no other man besides you and she would have no other man after you. Her little sister Eydis cares for them now. Eydis cannot care for herself and the two little ones alone. She is almost seventeen. She needs to find a husband. She refuses. She didn't want to call on you either. She is certain you will not come."

Ibn was offended and let his annoyance show. "Of course I will come. They are my daughters. I would be lower than a useless bastard slave if I did not." Weath and Herger burst out laughing at that declaration, but Ibn did not stop there. "I will even care for Olga's sister. It is only right. If I would have known she would have been mine to care for. I will go back with you."

"Told her," Weath said with a chuckle. "You'll have your hands full with Eydis. She's as fiery as her hair."

"Like you and Skeld were?" Ibn asked.

Herger and Weath shook their heads still laughing. "Nay, worse."