Yep. So this story is about Achilles and Adara. Adara is loosely based on Briseis but she is different in some ways. She's not a priestess or related to Hector or Paris. This is not based on the book. So if you are not a fan of the movies adaptation please don't read. I used the beginning of this story from the sequence of the movie. This story is both from Achilles and Adara's point of views views. It will switch back and forth until they meet. It's my first ever fan fic so please be nice. . Review and tell me how you like it. Thanks!

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Chapter 1

The boy woke him up right when he was having the best dream. Achilles woke up pissed off and looked up groggily. He pulled the boy towards him to see who he was. He let go of the boy and spoke" I was having a dream." He looked around to see two girls stark naked sprawled out around him. "A very good dream." The boy looked frightened and startled. "Sir…Agamemnon wants you." He said trembling.

Achilles scoffed tiredly. "I'll speak to your king in the morning." The boy no older than twelve choked out. "But my lord. It is the morning. They're waiting for you." Achilles grunted annoyed and got up, throwing the whore's arm off of him.

Achilles took the shield from the boy and trotted off. He was in no hurry for he was the great Achilles. He was the greatest warrior in Greece; some said even the whole world. At 23 he had accomplished more than most warriors had accomplished in a lifetime. He had been training most of his whole life, leading his first battle at age 15. People all over the land loved and feared him.

Not to mention his looks. He had the looks of a god. Which was partly true since his mother was a sea-nymph. He had shoulder-length blond hair, deep blue eyes, nice lips, and a nicely shaped square jaw. And his body was absolutely perfect.

Women everywhere practically threw themselves at him. He was as good in bed as he was on the battlefield and no one could resist him. So naturally as he rode off to the morning battle he didn't care how late he was. He despised his king and he didn't feel like fighting a pointless fight between the Thessalonians.

He rode up to see the men crowded around. They were fiercely divided staring at each other angrily. He chuckled. This was all too easy. The king Agamemnon rushed to him, a sour look on his stout middle-aged face. "Perhaps we should have this war when you're better rested." Achilles narrowed his eyes at the foolish bastard. "Perhaps you should fight him.' He said walking away to his horse. He was content in going back to his tent.

One of their oldest and respected elders, Nestor ran towards Achilles and pleaded with him. Because Achilles had no problem with the older man he agreed to fight.

One of the biggest Thessalonians he had ever seen stepped out. He was Boagrius and he was a good 6 inches taller than Achilles 6'3 form. He screamed out loud, pumping up his warriors. Achilles couldn't care less and he placed his helmet on grabbing his hand sword. Boagrius had a sly smirk on his face as he threw the spear. Achilles blocked it with his spear effortlessly. Boagrius huffed angrily and Achilles began to jog towards him. Boagrius threw his second spear and Achilles ran faster dodging it. Boagrius had hardly ant time to react as Achilles jumped as high as the mans shoulder, piercing him in his collarbone. The shocked Boagrius grunted, blood spilling all over as he fell down, dead.

Achilles fellow Mycenaean's cheered in rapture and Achilles turned towards the now bewildered Thessalonians. They were like frightened little rabbits and they cowered slightly as he walked towards them. "Is there no one else?" he asked. When he doesn't get an answer he screamed it out again. "Is there no one else?" No one stepped up and Achilles turned around heading to his horse. The Thessalonian king tries to hand him his scepter to give to his king. But Achilles wanted none of it. "He is not my king." He hissed turning around leaving the crowd in stunned silence.

2 weeks later…

Adara was in her tent bottling up some of her herbs and lotions when Laodamia approached her. Laodamia was in her late 50s and one of the head medicine advisors or "nurses' in Mycenae. She was Adara's teacher but everyone called her Damia for short.

Adara was a caretaker for the sick or injured in Mycenae. She was actually more like a caretaker in training. She had been following Damia's advice and learning from her for almost four years now. She was almost twenty-one and Damia had taken her in when her father had died 5 years prior. Her mother had died in childbirth. And her father had died from a terrible sickness that had spread while he was working in the fields. Adara was of course miserable. She was the only child and now an orphan.

She was a beauty of a girl. She didn't think it but others did. She was slender with long, curly, dark hair. Her eyes were like big chocolate orbs with long lashes. She had full lips and a small nose. However, unlike most people, t she didn't dwell on her looks. She wanted to learn how to save people's lives by healing them. Especially, because she had lost both of her parents to some type of health complication. She had sought out help and Damia had found her. She took her under a wing and had become almost a mother figure to her over the past few years. The ladies had a strong bond and they enjoyed working together.

"Adara. I have news for you." The older lady said taking her arm. Adara pushed her dark chestnut, thick curls out of her eyes. "What's wrong Damia?" Damia answered. "Nothing wrong dear. It's just I received news from one of the kings men. You know of the woman Helen?" Adara nodded. "Of course. I've heard she's the most beautiful woman in Greece. What about her?" Damia spoke, "She ran off from Sparta with the Trojan prince Paris. Obviously her husband, Menalaus is upset. He told his brother, King Agamemnon. And you can only guess what happened after that." Adara pursed her lips as Damia went on. "The brothers want to wage war. They're collecting all of their Greek armies to come together. They will go to Troy and wage war."

Adara gasped and Damia nodded. "They will need medical help. So they want myself and a couple of our ladies to come to tend to them. We'll be scrambling around to help whatever Greeks need help." Adara took a deep breath and tried to sort this all out. "What did you tell the man? Are you going?" Damia's light eyes crinkled as she answered. "That is why I came to ask you. I am too old. But they have asked me and I will help in the best way I can. But if I must go I need my best pupil to go with me. You Adara."

Adara thought it over. It all came so suddenly. She hated the thought of war. But it was her duty to help. She couldn't pass on it. Adara nodded. "I will come Damia." Damia hugged her and smoothed her grey-streaked hair. "Thank you Adara. You have no idea how thankful I am that you're coming. Some of the girls are so naive. I'll enjoy being with you." Adara smiled and agreed. "I need to get some sleep. You should too. We'll have plenty of time to talk about it. Let's go and get some rest." Damia said about to head to her quarters in the little home they lived in. Adara nodded." I will in a minute. Thanks Damia." Damia nodded and went to the back room.

Adara sat in silence trying to think. She was to go to Troy. She had never left Mycenae before. She didn't know what to think about it. She rubbed her eyes. She was tired she could use some sleep. But so much was on her mind. What would become of her in Troy?

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