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Chapter 17

Four days had passed and Adara had learned to love her new home. She had already added decorations and touches of furniture here and there. The house definitely had a more family feeling to it already. Patroclus, Karis, Melina, Hayon, Damia and Eudorus had come to visit them as promised. They were sitting down at the table eating with the new platters Adara had just gotten. All of them were laughing and the food and drinks flowed freely. This was the merriest Achilles had seen them in a long time.

Adara looked around the table. All of her friends were beaming, telling jokes, and laughing. She had gained new friends while keeping her old ones. It was amazing how they had grown so close over the past year. They were like a family now. Adara looked at her husband adoringly as he joked with the men, his hand was resting on her thigh. She looked up to the heavens saying a silent prayer to the gods for blessing her with wonderful family and friends. She hoped her father and her mother she had never gotten to meet could see how happy she was.

Adara felt a sharp aching in her stomach as she was eating. She had been having pains for the past hour, but this was the first one that was extremely intense. Adara clutched her belly and grimaced in pain. Achilles noticed and he automatically checked to see if she was okay. "The baby. The baby's coming." Adara choked out. All of the sudden everyone sprung into action. Damia was the first to take charge. "Karis and Melina get cloths and a water basin. Achilles bring her upstairs." The other men stood around awkwardly looking for something to do but Damia shooed them off. She appreciated their cooperation but she doubted Adara would want them in there when she gave birth.

Achilles heart beated loudly as he carried his wife up the stairs. Everything was a blur. The women were running around, Adara was wincing in pain and the men were hollering from downstairs. The women placed cloths on the bed and Achilles layed her down. Damia insisted that he waited outside until she was ready to give birth. "Achilles I know you are just making sure she is fine but she will not be able to give birth for a few more hours. Right now she is just having contractions." Achilles sighed but he knew the women knew what they were talking about. He kissed Adara's forehead before leaving the room.

The next few hours drug by. Achilles was sitting downstairs with Patroclus, Hayon, and Eudorus. Patroclus and Hayon were more freaked out then he was. They were tense and worried because they were so young and new to all of this. Achilles had no idea what he should do. He had been pacing, then sitting, and now pacing again. Eudorus had tried to calm him down a bit but Achilles felt butterflies throughout his whole stomach. It was amazing how clueless they all were when it came down to childbirth. The nine months of waiting for their child was almost complete and he was praying that his wife was all right.

He was twisting his thumbs nervously and he heard a loud scream from upstairs. Karis came rushing out and she beckoned Achilles upstairs. The men patted him on the back as he followed Karis to the bedroom.

Adara was laying down her back against the bedpost. Her hair was pulled back and she looked exhausted. After hours of pain and tension the baby was finally ready to come out. Achilles came in and sat on a stool next to her bed, holding her hand. Damia was telling her to practice breathing regularly in and out while Melina changed the wet rag on her forehead. Adara let out a loud grunt as she pushed again. "The baby is coming only a few more pushes to go Dar." Damia said and Adara nodded. Achilles took a peak and he could see the baby's head. He was a little startled. Having a baby was beautiful but he had no idea how women did it. He had fought in hundreds of battles against mighty men but he couldn't fathom the idea of childbirth.

Adara looked at her husband "Gods, I'm tired." she sighed and Achilles wiped her brow. "You're so strong, sweetie. You can do it. The baby is almost here. In a minute it'll be over and our child will be in your arms." Adara smiled thinking of that thought. "We both had a good time making our child but I have to bear it. Being a woman is unfair." She joked pouting. The women and Achilles laughed. "I don't doubt that. But you enjoyed every moment." he teased. Adara giggled and leaned up a look of determination on her face. She pushed again and the women encouraged her. She clung to Achilles hand tightly as she took a deep breath and she pushed one last time letting out a loud, exhausted scream before falling against the pillows.

Her scream was replaced by the wailing scream of a baby. Damia cleaned the baby's face and smiled. "It's a boy." Achilles looked at Adara seeing that her big smile mirrored his own. Damia handed Adara their son and she cradled their baby in her arms. He seemed to relax in his mother's arms. She sighed happily. "So handsome, like his father." she said kissing his little head tenderly. His head was covered with brown hair. He was perfection, her little bundle of joy. The women gave the couple some space before cooing around the baby as Adara rocked him.

Achilles kissed Adara's forehead lovingly as they gazed at the child they created. Adara gently placed their son in Achilles' arms. Achilles held him awkwardly at first because he was so small in his massive arms. They hadn't decided on what to name him yet but Achilles thought of a name that suited him perfectly. "Nicolaos." Adara nodded loving the name. "His name means victory of the people" she told Karis and Melina. Achilles explained, "He represents everything that we've gone through. We've been through hurt, war, and pain. But my son is the biggest victory and gift I've ever had, besides you." he said looking at Adara.

The women smiled and Karis spoke. "For being such a terrifying fighter you do have a way for words." she winked at him and went over to take care of Adara. Damia gave Achilles a nurturing pat on the back and he thanked all the ladies. He walked to Adara and kissed her lips. "I'm going to show him off to the men real quick." he said proudly. Adara smiled and nodded tiredly. She was in a state of pure joy and exhaustion.

Achilles set off downstairs. The men saw him and cheered happily. They gathered around to see him. "Wow, Achilles a boy. He's amazing." Patroclus said happily. "What's his name?" Eudorus asked. "Nicolaos." Achilles answered and Eudorus nodded. "Strong name, mate." Hayon winced as he held out his hand and the little boy crushed his finger. "He has amazing strength for a babe." He sputtered laughing. Eudorus chuckled and spoke. "Like father like son." Achilles laughed. "That's good. He has to help me fight off the little bastards that will pursue our daughters." The men laughed. "Already planning for the future?" Eudorus asked. Achilles smiled and nodded thinking of his lovely wife and new son. He kissed Nic's forehead. "I've got to man. If it continues to be as joyful as this, I can't wait to see what the future holds." He said smiling as they all went upstairs to celebrate the greatest gift that came from the Trojan War.


Adara was cooking dinner at her home. Her oldest daughter and second child, Phedra was helping her. Phedra was a very beautiful girl. She was so much like Adara in both looks and personality. She was almost sixteen now. She was tall and slender with her mom's face and eyes. The only difference between them was that Phedra had long, honey-blonde locks. Her curly locks were in a ponytail as she helped prepare the fruit.

Adara was glad that Phedra was a sensible young woman. Hotheaded boys often pursued her but she paid them little attention. She was sweet-tempered and smart but she also had her mother's fiery personality. She was calm but very capable of taking care of herself. She was mature and like her mother, loved helping others. She was always a big help around the house.

Adara's youngest child Eleni ran in. Eleni was seven years old, bubbly, and spoiled by her older brothers and sister. She, like the rest of her siblings, was bright and very beautiful. She had dark brown wavy hair and hazel eyes. Eleni also looked like Adara but she had a big personality. She had a face of a little angel but at times she was loud and a bit of a tomboy. She loved playing with dolls and dressing up but she wouldn't hesitate to fight her brothers. She was a little spitfire.

Eleni came up to her mom. "Mommy, can I go and play outside now?" she asked tugging on her mother's sleeve. Adara frowned. "Sweetie, we're about to eat dinner. Did you finish all of your chores?" Eleni nodded. "Maybe after dinner then. For now can you help set the table?" Eleni smiled brightly and hugged her mother. "After, can you or Phedra braid my hair? I like it when you two do it?" Phedra giggled. "So demanding." she said pointing at her little sister. Adara laughed and shook her head as Eleni ran off to get the dishes.

Adara heard footsteps approaching at the door and Eleni shrieked. "Daddy's home!" Sure enough Achilles came in laughing with their two sons. Adara noticed he had Nicoloas in a headlock. He let him go and the two laughed and Nic exclaimed. "I'll get you one day old man." Achilles hit him on the back of his head playfully and their youngest son Xander laughed.

Adara took a look at her sons. Her oldest child Nicoloas was now seventeen and a spitting image of Achilles. He inherited his father's god-like looks and he acted just like him. He was strong, funny, tall, and sometimes cocky. The only difference between the two was Nic had shoulder length brown hair instead of his father's trademark blonde hair. He was a fan among women and popular among the guys. He thought he was gods gift to women due to all the girls that swooned over him. Phedra often complained about the girls that bothered her and stopped by the house to see him.

Xander, on the other hand, was more reserved. He was eleven years old with blonde curls and light brown eyes. He looked like a perfect combination of his parents. He wanted to be just like his dad and his brother. He was a handsome little boy and he followed his older brother everywhere. He was now old enough to join his dad and brother on their hunting trips.

Adara went to her boys and kissed them all on the cheek. She kissed her husband last and he kissed her back. She broke apart and stroked his face. Achilles was forty-one now and still as handsome as ever. He looked the same with small laugh lines around his eyes, which made him look even sexier. He was more rugged and matured and she loved it.

She turned to her boys. "You guys smell like outside. Did you get anything?" Nicoloas hugged his mom back. "Yeah mom. Dad and I took down two deers and Xander got a rabbit. It took him awhile." He teased. Xander huffed. "At least I got one. Dad said he was proud." Achilles ruffled his hair. "I am sport. You're young, trust me you have plenty of time to hunt." Nic flashed one of his dazzling smiles. "It smells good in here mom." He said before trying to grab a piece of bread. Phedra slapped his hand with her spoon and he winced, chuckling.

Achilles nodded. "It does. Phedra is becoming a fantastic cook like her mom." he said kissing his oldest daughters forehead, lovingly. Elini came rushing over and he scooped her up tickling her as she fell into a heap, laughing. Adara watched her husband and kids with a smile. She loved to see them interact. Achilles was such a good dad. He was fun and goofy with them, but also stern.

They sat down to eat and Achilles cleared his throat. "Phedra what is it I hear about this boy Theodorus?" Phedra shot a dirty look at Nic. "I wish you wouldn't have told." Nic shrugged digging into his food and Phedra continued. "It's nothing father. He's just a boy who has been bothering me. I don't return his feelings." Nic nodded. "He won't try anything. He knows if he does I'm going to personally break every one of his fingers." Achilles chuckled and Nic looked at Phedra. "Don't get mad. I'm just looking out for you sis." Phedra shook her head at the overprotective men in her family. "So mom's birthday is next weekend." she stated trying to change the subject.

Achilles nodded. "It sure is. Your mom will be thirty-nine and she's still as stunning as the day I met her." Adara laughed. "Are you being truthful or just trying to be nice?" she joked. Xander spoke. "Dad's not lying. Mom is beautiful. I want my wife to be like her." he said innocently eating his grapes. Elini agreed. "Mom's really pretty." Nic nodded. "Come on mom, you look like you're barely in your thirties." "I agree, you're gorgeous." Phedra smiled.

Adara raised her eyebrows. "Why thank you. I wasn't expecting so many compliments." She said smiling at her family. Elini smiled. "Daddy can you tell us how you met mommy again." Achilles laughed. "Alright." The children had heard this story many times but they still liked to hear it occasionally. They were fascinated by the war and how their parents met. Achilles was the greatest warrior to ever live but to them he was just their father.

Achilles smiled and began to speak. Adara heard him tell them about her running into his tent and how she disliked him at first. Adara smiled pleasantly at the memories. It had been eighteen years ago but it didn't seem so long ago. Their marriage hadn't fizzled at all. They got in fights from time to time but they grew more as a couple. They seemed to love and appreciate each other more and more each day. They knew everything about each other and trusted each other completely. Achilles was holding his wife's hand right now, stroking her knuckles tenderly as he spoke. "I still think it's funny that you didn't like dad at first mom." Phedra said drinking her water. Adara nodded. "I thought he was a big brute." she kissed his cheek. "But I'm so glad I met him because I fell completely in love with him. And without him I would never have you guys. The loves of my life."

Her family smiled at her and Achilles continued telling their story. Adara looked around at her wonderful family and her heart warmed. She remembered how she was 18 years prior. She was but a young woman, scared and uncertain of her fate. Now she was surrounded with a fantastic family that loved her and she loved them back. She held to Elini tight kissing her hair as she began to drift to sleep against her mother's chest. Adara smiled and wondered how she was so lucky. Her family completed her and life couldn't get any better.

Here's a list of the names and meanings of Adara and Achilles' children: Nicolaos-victory of the people, Phedra-shining one, Xander, a form of Alexander-protector of mankind, and Eleni-the light of the sun

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