Miles and miles of desert stretched out before us. But that didn't make me stop. This was suicide, I know, but nothing mattered. Flanked by my only remaining family, I began my death march.

Not one of my brothers spoke. Complete silence enveloped the landscape, folding into it an eerie quiet, only broken by the sound of three pairs of feet wandering aimlessly across the sand.

"We should head east, towards the Indian Ocean. With our luck, we might make it there before we dehydrate." Jasper croaked through his dry lips after a few hours in the scorching sun.

"I can't believe they just left us to die." Emmett muttered in disbelief. I didn't bother looking at him; I knew he was shaking his head slowly.

"I can." I said quietly. My throat hurt like it was rubbed raw with steel wool. But that would have actually helped me, the blood red liquid running down my throat, and fate didn't agree with me at the moment. Oh no. Not. One. Bit.

"Edward, I know things are looking grim, but—" Jasper attempted to calm me down, but his words sparked the fury inside me.

"The hell they are! Jasper, they left us to die, in the middle of the desert!" I yelled as loudly as I could. I grimaced from the pain it caused in my throat, but went on anyways. "They practically shoved us out of the plane, letting us fall nearly two hundred feet into the sand. And the only good things that came out of it were no bloody tests and no bloody broken bones."

Jasper sighed heavily behind me. "Maybe we should stop for the day. The sun's past midday, and that gives us some shade on the dunes."

Clenching my fists at his fruitless attempts to keep us alive, I changed my course down the dark side of the dune we were on. I had to admit, the cool lack of sun felt marvelous against my skin. As soon as I hit the bottom, I collapsed in a heap, as Jasper and Emmett beside me.

"We should get some sleep the first one to wake up should do the same to the rest of us." Jasper muttered as he rolled on his side, away from me and Emmett. I sighed, feeling the waves of hopelessness emit from him. He just had to be an Empath, didn't he?

I'm never going to see Alice again.

And I just had to be a mind reader. Jasper's depressed thoughts were 180 from his optimistic outlook he showed us. We were going to die out here, but nobody tried to acknowledge that.

Well, nobody except me. At least Jasper and Emmett had important people urging them to survive. I had no one. I was born alone; I was going to die alone, no use denying it.

At least Jasper and Emmett could remember their lives outside of the government-funded asylum for freaks like us. Jasper and his emotional control. Me with my mind reading. Emmett with his super-strength. Alice and her visions. Rosalie and her seductive powers. Freaks.

I fell into sleep against the hard sand.

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