Well, some read it through my profile, others through PM... I'm beginning a new story, of which Night of Riddles is the prequel. That one-shot will play a major role, so it is advisable to read that one first. I'll post the first two chapters together, then I'm going to try to post every week - if it's later, I already apologize for that. If you find some mistakes, tell me; I always need to improve my English, after all, since it's not my mother language. After saying all of that, I give you the first two chapters of Two Worlds, One Love!

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"You know... we promised to be here every Midsummer's day... at twelve o'clock..." It was Will who was talking. Some would say he was talking to an imaginary friend, in that garden, thinking of him as being crazy. Others thought he was mad at someone for being too late, and thought he was talking just to prevent himself from losing it.
But they were all wrong.
Will was talking to someone in another world.
Lyra Belacqua, also named Lyra Silvertongue.
But for a while, I was the only one who could say her tongue is indeed made of silver. I don't know if that's still true, though. I don't think I'm the only one now who knows that.
She was beautiful, but it was ten years ago already. They were doomed to be apart, because they were living in other worlds. If you live in a parallel world that is not your own, your health suffers and you will die in ten years. That would mean he would be dead by now.

Nevertheless, they met. There were windows open between other worlds, and that's how they met. But the windows were closed and they were forced to live back in their own worlds again. However, to still be together, they both went, at Midsummer's day, at twelve o'clock, when the sun was at its highest, to the same place, because the Botanic Garden existed in both worlds.

The weather was bright and sunny, as usual in the middle of the summer, but even if it was one big rain, he would have come anyway.

"I've kept that promise now for ten years. I want to continue to keep it, but it's strange, because I don't know if you kept that promise. I know you would... but I'm doing more. I even moved closer to the Botanic Garden and I'm here every week. And, when it's Midsummers Day, I'm not here at twelve o'clock, but at eleven already. I'm always too early because I want to be with you. I'm still in love with you."

He looked at two people who sat on another bench. They looked at him as if he indeed was crazy. He decided to talk a little less loud. He continued his speech.

"I've been in love countless of times, or at least I thought I was. I did so, just to forget about you. But no matter how hard I try, I always end up with you again in my mind. I always compare other girls to you – and I know we promised not to, I know! But I just can't help it! Some are wearing shoes that I don't like, because your shoes were more beautiful to see, the voice of others is not to my liking, because your voice is softer..." Slowly, a tear popped up in a corner of Wills eye. Wiping it away with his hand, he continued again.

"You know, in my world, we have some sayings about love. One of them is that everyone has a soulmate in this world, and only with that soulmate, you truly feel complete. I know it's not true; because my soulmate does not exist in this world. My soulmate lives in a world where everyone has a dæmon and can see the other dæmons." He looked at his own, Kirjava, for a while. She nodded, and he continued.

"Another saying is that, when you spend 24 hours with someone under big pressure, saving people or even the world, you have a stronger relationship than an entire life lived together. I know it's true. I knew you for barely a year, and still I'm in love with you, ten years afterwards." He made a pause, to prevent himself from crying. It was so unfair they could not just... be together...

"When we're dead, we will find each other, and our atoms will be inseparable. I know we promised that, but it's not enough. I can't kiss you as an atom. I can't see your beautiful self, because it will be scattered. I want to see you now, alive." He swallowed, and then, he looked at his dæmon again.
"Do you want to say something to Pantalaimon?" He said, for the first time talking to someone who was not Lyra, since he went to the Botanic Garden. Kirjava nodded again, and then it was her turn to talk.

"Pantalaimon, I know you're in another world. But what we did, together, without our humans, created love between us as well. Just like Will, I want to see you. Their love went further than even the greatest dæmon-taboo, and our love goes as well. You and I both don't have one human, no, we are two dæmons of two humans; I know it sounds really sad, I know. But that's how it feels, after all. It hurts to be apart from the other human, and it hurts to be apart from you as well. I want to see you again... if only I could..." If Kirjava was a human, she would have cried; but cats don't cry when they're sad, only when they have something in their eyes, and Kirjava hadn't.

For a while, it was silent again. Will, who was twenty three years now, said something.
"Maybe, our love is strong enough to cross the worlds. It has been proven before, although it probably was some dream. But maybe you can hear me, maybe..." He stopped talking, because it became tougher every second he said these things.
"Ah, you probably won't hear us..."

Sad as he was, he stood up. It was a quarter past twelve already. But he knew he could not leave the Botanic Garden. He felt like he wasn't done yet. So he sat down again, and he continued.

"I spent ten years of my life building the Republic Of Heaven, together with others, telling them God was not in a cloud or something, but in our own hearts. I know, God is dead, but it seems to be the only way to reach them. I told them as well we should make it comfortable for Him. Those ten years, I gave others a higher priority than myself. But the Republic of Heaven is not complete, or at least not for me. It will always be incomplete without you. That's why."

It was half past twelve and Will decided he had said enough. Finally, he felt like he was done. He repeated something he said before, which was breaking his heart.

"Ah, you probably won't hear us..." Nevertheless, he stayed in the Botanic Garden, hoping she could hear some of the words he was saying; and hoping he could hear her reply, although he didn't really hope that was going to happen.