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They married twice, once in both worlds, to make sure they would be recognized in both worlds as husband and wife.
This was the first time, the marriage in Lyra's world.
Six months had passed, in which Mary Mallone and Elaine Parry were informed. They were very, very pleased to know Lyra was back and to know she would never leave again. They were at the first wedding, and would be at the second as well.
Lyra's friends of the Jordan college and the college of Dame Hannah, were at the wedding as well. However, none of them knew the truth about Will. She'd like to keep it a secret; it was very unnatural to travel between worlds and her house wouldn't be some kind of portal.
Of course, there was an exception.
When it became really hard, Lyra told a friend of hers the truth, Roanne. She believed her – to her confusion – and had been a great support. She would be at the second marriage too.
She was sitting in the first row, smiling.
She went steady with someone who adored her, who tried having a relationship with Lyra first, but gave up on it when he realised Lyra's heart belonged to somebody else.
Billy Costa.

Unfortunately, he couldn't come; he said he was quite busy working on things with the Gyptians.
Of course, Billy seduced Roanne the same way as he tried with Lyra. He offered her a pomegranate.
Greek myth said that if someone offers another person a pomegranate and the other person eats it, the eater will love the offerer forever. Of course it wasn't true, but it was Billy's way to show someone he loved that person.
Unlike Lyra, with whom he tried first, but she refused, Roanne happily accepted the pomegranate. They were still together, so maybe there was something true about the myth.
Lyra was slowly working less hard; she had nothing to run away from. But, since she worked hard for a long time, it was hard for her to stop doing that. She was stopping slowly. She looked at Will and after that, at the man who was going to marry them.

"Do the dæmons, respectively Kirjava and Pantalaimon, accept this marriage?" It was part of the tradition. A "no" was rare, and not an option here.
"I do." Pantalaimon and Kirjava replied simultaneosly.
"William Parry, do you take Lyra Belacqua, also named Lyra Silvertongue, as your wife, forever? Do you accept the love of the pine marten-dæmon Pantalaimon?" Will looked at Lyra. For him, it was impossible to reply no, especially not when he looked at Lyra.
"Yes, I do."
"Lyra Belacqua, also named Lyra Silvertongue by Iorek Byrnison, do you take William Parry as your beloved husband, forever? Do you accept the love of the cat-dæmon Kirjava?" Lyra smiled and replied exactly the same.

"Then, you may kiss each other now." The second marriage, in Wills world, one day later.
They kissed for a couple of seconds, soon to let go. Will looked in the room and saw his mother sitting there, smiling. Next to her was Mary Mallone, who had a smile even brighter – which made sense, she knew what Lyra and Will went through. She held hands with her fiancée, someone who she met a year ago, and winked. Will smiled. He knew he had friends, and he had someone who loved him more than anything. And he felt the same thing back. What else could he want?
They walked out of the church after the marriage, after all the congratulations they got. They were tired of the ceremony, so they walked out of the church; Lyra in her wedding dress, Will in his wedding suit. They held hands, walking out of the church, unable to do anything but smiling. Their dæmons – invisible to most of the guests – followed them.
Lyra started to talk.
"You know... Aeshaettr came back to haunt us. We have made a couple of enemies during this adventure, and during our previous one. Do you think we'll meet more of them during our lives?"
"I don't know." He looked at her and wondered if all those enemies were worth her.
Metatron, Aeshaettr, possibly a parallel Metatron, or a parallel Authority. Perhaps a parallel Aeshaettr was possible too, still leaving out the problems he had had in his own world just before he met Lyra. Being together with her wouldn't be without risks, it would mean enemies.
Was Lyra worth all those enemies?
He looked at her, at her face, at every loving part of her he could see. His mind came up with the answer.

All the girlfriends he had had were nothing compared to her, in his eyes. He loved her, he loved everything she was in the past, in the present and would be in the future.
Of course, their passion would die like any other love. There is no passion in the world, nor in any other world, that survives years of relationship.
Of course, they would have rows, like any other love. It was necessary; there is no love anywhere that lasts without rows.
But they knew. Will knew, Lyra knew. But they knew that despite their passion would die, despite the fact they would have rows, they would have a love so strong it could bring down civilizations. So strong, it would influence the size of the Republic of Heaven. So strong, it would influence the actions of angels themselves. And that was more than they ever could've wished for.
Some would say, when they were walking out of the church, they would go to their houses to talk.
Others would say they'd go to a restaurant to eat together and have a great time.
And if they knew what Lyra and Will had been through, maybe they'd say Will and Lyra were going to the world of the mulefa, because it was nice and calm there – or to the Republic of Heaven.
But they were all wrong.
Lyra and Will were going to China.

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