"This summer is going to be no fun at all. I hate you guys!" Tenten said to her three best friends as they sat around Hinata's room. Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten had been best friends since they were in diapers and were about to spend their first summer apart. And Tenten was taking this as well as the other three were.

Sakura sighed, "Come on Tenten it won't be so bad, we are all sad but it's going to go so fast and then we will be back together again."

"Your right Sakura it won't be bad it will be horrible, you all are leaving me here to die."

"You're being over dramatic you're not going to die."

Tenten threw herself on Hinata's bed "Yes I will I'm going to die of boredom."

Hinata patted Tenten's back, "It's only one summer."

Tenten had her face in one of Hinata's pillows her muffled voice said, "It's going to be the worst summer of my life." Tenten sat up, "You all suck Sakura gets to go work at a camp, Ino is visiting her dad, and Hinata's going away with Hanabi, and I will be doing nothing!"

"Well it's not like I'm going away for fun I'm going to watch Hanabi while she goes to some art school."

Sakura walked over and sat on Hinata's bed, "I still don't understand why Hanabi is going to that school and you're not. You're a way better artist then anyone I know."

"She's going for the drama program and besides I'm not that great of an artist. It's just something I do for fun."

Ino joined her friends on the bed and nudged Hinata, "Yes you are stop being so modest."

Tenten groaned, "Ok Hinata listen to yourself your making this seem like you're going to have a bad time. Hanabi is fourteen she is old enough to take care of herself so basically you're going to be alone in that hotel suite poor you!"

"Tenten I've invited you to come along over a hundred times."

"I want too but my stupid parents are renewing their stupid vows so I'm stuck here."

Ino hugged Tenten, "You'll see everything will work out for the best. Now come on don't be so sad it's our last night together let's enjoy it."

Sakura agreed, "Yes let's have girl talk. I think this summer everyone should get a boyfriend especially Hinata. You're sixteen and you've never had one."

Hinata had heard this over and over again, "Sakura I don't want one because I've never had one that's not a good reason to get a boyfriend."

"But come on Hinata I mean Tenten dated Lee and Ino dated Shikamaru and I've dated…"

"Everyone." Ino finished Sakura's sentence.

"Excuse me I haven't dated a lot of guys."

"Oh please Sakura you've dated like half the guys in our school. You've had five boyfriends in the past two months."

"Well they weren't the one when I find the one I won't let him go. But until then I don't see the harm in playing the field."

Tenten laughed, "That's one way of saying it."

"Oh shut up." Sakura playfully hit Tenten, the girls talked all the way till morning talking and having a great time. Sakura yawned and looked out the window and saw the sun high in the sky and looked at her watch, "It's nine o'clock I can't believe this."

Ino stretched, "I should get going I still have some packing to do before I take off for my dad's house."

Tenten reached into her pocket and pulled out her car keys, "Come on you two I'll drive you guys home."

Hinata walked her friends down stairs and said good bye to her friends. She was about to run back up to her room to get some shut eye when she heard her father calling for her in the den. She entered the room to see him sitting behind his desk fiddling with a bunch of paper work. "Yes father?"

"Hinata you're up, I need to speak with you about this trip you are taking with Hanabi. I want to remind you that you are in charge of your sister; you are to watch over her constantly. You know how irresponsible she can be, I trust you Hinata you are responsible enough for the both of you."

"Yes father, I won't let you down."

"I know now here take this packet, it's got everything you need. Your ride has arrived it's waiting for you outside."

Hinata took the pack from her father, "Thank you, I guess I should get going."

"Yes you should, tell Hanabi I said goodbye." The Hyuga girls were never really close with their father they he just made the rules and expected them to stay out of his way when he didn't want them there. Hinata followed the rules to the letter while Hanabi was always breaking them which is why Hanabi wasn't allowed to go by herself to her drama program.

Hinata exited the den and bumped right into Hanabi, she pushed Hinata's bag into her arms. "Hanabi what is this?"

Hanabi started pushing Hinata towards the door, "Your bag it has your iPod, wallet, art stuff, and all of your other necessities now we have to go."

"B-But what about my luggage."

"Already in the car come on I don't want to be late." Hinata sighed and got into the car she sometimes wondered who was the older sister her or Hanabi. Hinata fell asleep almost immediately when the car started it was over a six hour drive to Shoran where one of the top art schools was they taught music, art, photography, drama, and dance. Hanabi had been talking about this school for months and begging their father to allow her to go. Their father agreed to let Hanabi if Hinata would go to watch over her, and to make her family happy Hinata agreed.

Hanabi woke Hinata up when they arrived at the Shoran Hill Hotel where they would be staying for the next couple of months. A bag boy ran up to the car to greet them, "Hello you must be the Hyuga sisters I've been given strict orders to give you your suite keys and take your bags up to your rooms for you."

Hinata and Hanabi took the room keys and entered the hotel and looked around at the huge lobby, "Wow Hinata look at this place dad really went all out! I can't wait to see our room come on!" Hanabi grabbed Hinata's hand and ran into the elevator and pushed the button for the top floor. When the doors opened on the twenty second floor Hanabi ran out and opened the door, "HINATA LOOK AT THIS PLACE IT'S AMAZING!"

Hinata entered their hotel suite and saw Hanabi running around, she was right this place was amazing. Hinata was standing in the dining room the big kitchen was to her left, Hanabi was now flipping channels on the TV while bouncing up and down on the couches in the living room. Hinata saw two open doors which obviously lead to the bedrooms but Hinata was more interested in the balcony. She closed the door behind her she looked around at the chair swing and the small table and chairs but she gasped when she saw the view. She stood out there starring at the view, "It's so beautiful I can't wait to sketch this."

Hinata went inside and looked around, "Hanabi?"

A voice called out, "I'm in your room!"

Hinata walked into the room where she heard Hanabi's voice, Hinata almost tripped over two unfamiliar suit cases, "Whose suitcases are these?"

Hanabi came out of Hinata's closet, "Yours I bought you new suit cases."


"To go with your new clothes."

"NEW CLOTHES!" Hinata started opening draws and ran to the open closet, "Where are all my clothes?"

"At home, Hinata this is my gift to you for coming with me."

Hinata looked at the clothes in her closet it defiantly was the opposite of what Hinata usually wore. "I appreciate this but what was wrong with my old clothes?"

"Nothing but these are just better they are more colorful, they are newer, they are…"

Hinata pulled out a jean skirt from her closet, "They are shorter!"

Hanabi rolled her eyes, "It's not that short, I mean you're sixteen show some legs. Now get dressed we have to be at my school for orientation in an hour." Hanabi skipped happily out of the room leaving a very confused Hinata.

Hinata sighed and looked at herself in the mirror; she pulled on her long t-shirt and brushed her black pants. Hanabi was right she didn't look sixteen she looked like a much older woman. Sakura, Tenten, and Ino had always told her to change her look for years but Hinata never paid them any mind. But maybe now it was time for a change, "This summer will be the start of a better Hinata but I'm going to need some help. HANABI HELP!"

Hanabi popped her head into her room, "Took you long enough!" Hanabi put a big silver make up case on Hinata's dresser. "Let's do this."

Sakura was in a foul mood her mother took her to the camp bus to take her to Camp Kano. Sakura was excited to meet all the other counselors especially the boys. But when she arrived she was greatly disappointed all the guys she met she either didn't like them, they were taken or they played for the other team. Sakura sat in the back of the bus thinking about how horrible this summer was going to be, when and girl with black hair tapped her shoulder. "Hi are you Sakura?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I'm Kin we are going to be counselors of the same cabin."

"Oh nice to meet you."

Kin looked out of the window, "Look we are here!"

The bus stopped and the counselors got off the bus and grabbed their bags before heading into the mess hall. Sakura put her bag down and put her head on the table as the other counselors all were having conversations around her. "Why me? Tenten was right this summer is going to be horrible, a whole summer and no boys!"

Just then the room got quite as a man entered the room, "Hello counselors my name is Kakashi Hatake I'm head counselor here at Camp Kano."

Sakura raised her head from the table and her jaw dropped, "W-Wow."

Kin who was sitting next to her over heard her, "I know he is so hot too bad he doesn't date counselors especially those who are younger than him."

"How old is he?"

"Twenty six but he doesn't look it right?"

"No he looks so hot!"

"Save it, he's a lost cause you'll never get him."

Sakura wasn't paying attention to Kin though, "This summer I've finally found the one and I'm not letting him go."

Ino couldn't wait for the cab to stop before she ran out and up the stairs of her father's house. Ino's father opened the door as he saw her running up the stairs. Ino threw her arms around her father, "DAD!"

"Hey Ino, how are you?"

"I'm good I'm so happy to be here!"

"Me too, I'm so glad you decided to spend the summer with me."

"Come on in I'll take care of the cab." Ino walked into the house she hadn't been here since she was little. Her dad came back in with Ino's bags, "So Ino what do you wa-" He was interrupted by his phone going off, "Hello? What? Now? Fine I'm on my way!"

Ino sighed she knew what was coming, her father was always working which was one of the reasons her parents got divorced years ago. Ino sighed, "Go ahead dad, its ok."

"I won't be long I promise." He gave Ino a kiss on the forehead and headed out the door. Ino tried to keep herself busy she un packed, had lunched, took a shower, and took a nap. She woke up when her phone rang she picked up seeing there was a message from her dad.


I'm so sorry it looks like I'm going to be here long then I thought. There is money in my office so order yourself some dinner. I'll be home later don't wait up for me.

Ino through her phone back on her bed, "I knew this was going to happen, I thought he had changed but he's still obsessed with work. What am I going to do this summer?"

Ino went outside to the back yard to think, she sat out there thinking for awhile when she heard a splash from next door. Ino walked over to the fence and lifted herself up to see over it. She looked at saw a guy doing laps in his pool, Ino was memorized by this guy especially when he ended his laps and got out of the pool. Ino couldn't stop starring at his muscled body dripping with water as he toweled himself off. Just then the guy turned around and saw Ino, Ino let go off the fence and fell to the floor. She sat there and prayed the guy didn't see her.

"Uh hello?"

Ino looked up to see the guy from next door peeking over the fence at her, "Uh…I…I…"

"What were you doing?"


The guy smirked at her, "Are you Yamanaka's new girlfriend?"

Ino shot up, "What? No? He's my father."

The guy's smirk grew bigger as he looked Ino up and down, "Well, well, well looks like I've got a new neighbor. And a hot one at that what can I call you sweetheart?"

Ino felt her mouth getting dry, "Uh…I'm I-Ino."

"Such a beautiful for a beautiful girl."

"I should….I should go!"

"Nice too meet you Ino, I'm Naruto by the way."

Ino nodded, "Yeah Naruto got it bye!" Ino ran back into the house slamming the door behind her. She smiled, "This summer just got interesting."

After dropping off Ino and Sakura Tenten went home to crash catching up on some much needed sleep. She would have slept the whole day away if her mom hadn't waked her up, "Tenten get up!"

Tenten groaned and pulled the covers over her head, "No! Go Away!"

"No Tenten you need to get up and shower before the guests get here."

"I forgot all about them why do they have to stay here?" Tenten's mom's best friend and her family were staying with them. They used to visit a lot but they haven't visited in over five years which Tenten was more than happy about. She didn't mind her mom's friends and husband it was their son she hated.

"Because they all they always have come on Tenten I know your upset about your friends leaving but it will be alright."

"No mom it won't be, I'm all alone."

"Stop being overdramatic, and you're not alone you can spend the summer with little Neji. Remember he is alone this summer too."

"I hate Neji, Mom."

"Well then I don't know what to tell you now get up!" Tenten's mom pulled the covers off Tenten and walked out of the room. Tenten groaned and walked into her bathroom, she showered and wiped a towel around her body. She exited back into her room and gasped when she saw a guy messing around with some stuff on her dresser. The guy turned around, "Hey."

"Who are you? And why are you in my room?"

"You don't recognize me do you?"

Tenten gasped again, "N-Neji?"

"You got it."

"Y-You grew up!"

Neji looked Tenten up and down and smirked, "So did you?"

Tenten realized she was practically naked in front of Neji, "Get out!"

"You have to ask me nicely."

"This is my room get out!"

"I see some things haven't changed, like you being a total pain in the ass."

The memories of past times with Neji came back making Tenten even angrier, "And you're still a jerk! GET OUT!" Neji rolled his eyes and left Tenten's room, Tenten threw herself on her bed, "This summer just got worst!"