"And then he told me he was going to marry her and that I really didn't mean anything to him. That we were just hooking up." Sakura shook her head as she finished her story. "I just feel so stupid I mean I've had a bunch of boyfriends I thought I was so good as this relationship thing. You know the player not the one who gets played."

Ino put her hand on Sakura's shoulder and gave it a squeeze, "Sakura he is just some old loser. You are a great person you deserve so much better. You shouldn't let yourself get so upset over one guy."

"I know you're right Ino but it's just that he ruined my whole summer!"

Tenten sighed, "Sakura stop feeling sorry for yourself this isn't you. So you had a bad summer it happens next summer will be better."

She sniffled, "How?"

"Well next summer we will be all together hopefully we can all do something big together."

"No we won't you all want to visit your boyfriends."

Ino hugged Sakura, "Come on Sakura you mean more to us than them."

Tenten nodded, "Because they are all stupid!"

Hinata giggled, "Come on your Sakura you can get a way better guy than that Kakashi like Lee."

Sakura turned to her, "How do you know about Lee?"

"He called Tenten he told her you needed us."

"He did? But I treated him so horribly just as bad as……" The realization of that moment hit her like a ton of bricks. "Like Kakashi treated me. I am such a horrible person he was such a nice guy and I treated him like crap. But he was right though I did need you guys." She reached out and to hug her three best friends. "I've missed you guys so much!"

Tenten smiled, "It's good to see you smile Sakura hey we have my mom's minivan so we can take you home you don't have to ride the bus."

"Thanks I was so not looking forward to that. I'm all packed but I should find Lee I need to talk to him."

Ino helped her up, "He is probable talking to our boyfriends who ironically are all best friends."


Hinata put her arm around Sakura and Tenten, "We'll explain on the way."

~The Boys~

Lee scratched his head, "So you three are dating Sakura's three best friends?"

Naruto nodded, "Small world right?"

"Oh yeah I still can't believe you guys are here."

Neji shrugged, "It was nothing but how are you? I mean after the way she treated you why'd you call for her."

Lee was about to answer when he spotted the girls coming down the road towards them. Sakura quickly walked ahead to Lee, "Um can I please talk to you."

Sasuke glared at her, "No you can't."

Lee ignored him, "Yeah sure let's go into your cabin so we can talk privately."

They walked side by side towards her cabin leaving the three couple alone. Neji spoke first, "Are you going to talk to us?"

Tenten crossed her arms, "Are you going to apologize?"

Neji looked back at Naruto and Sasuke before answering to make sure they were all in agreement, "No."

Tenten didn't need to look at her friends to respond, "Then no."


Once inside Lee said, "Funny how our friends….know each other."

She giggled, "They are dating they don't just know each other Lee."

"Funny if we were still together we would be four for four." Lee had no idea why he just said that so he just started rambling, "But that doesn't mean I want to get back together. I mean I care for you I mean that's obvious since I called your friends. Did they tell you that? If they didn't I 'm sorry I probably shouldn't have said anything. You were the one that wanted to talk and here I am just rambling on like an idiot."

She couldn't help but to laugh again, "I think it's best for me to be single for awhile I thought a big part of my life was boys and I should focus on me for awhile and not them."

"That's sounds like a good plan. I guess the talk with your friends really helped."

"Well it wasn't really what they said it was more of the fact they were just there. Like they always are when I need them but they wouldn't know I needed them if it wasn't for you. Thank you Lee I really mean it you are a great guy and I should have treated you way better."

He just shrugged, "Hey don't worry about it you were blinded by your feelings for Kakashi. I don't hate you for what you did. I mean I did when it first happened but I got over it once I saw what it was doing to you. That's why I called you needed help. That's what friends are for."

Her eyes brightened as she looked at him, "We are friends? Really?" He nodded which made her jump for joy, "Oh Lee I'd really like that I don't think that I could go the rest of my life without talking to you."

He gave her his hundred watt smile, "You can call me anytime." He opened his arms for a hug which Sakura happily gave him.

From the windows they heard, "Awwwww."

They looked over to see all their friends peeking in girls on the left boys on the right. Sakura put her hands on her hips, "Why were you guys eavesdropping?"

Tenten just rolled her eyes as she said, "You really didn't expect us to talk to them did you?"

Naruto nodded, "Come on Lee let's get out of here already."

Lee turned to Sakura "Looks like we have more work to do. I'll get the boys you take care of the girls."

"Got it!"

~On the Road Again~

Lee tried to get through to his friends, "Oh come on are you really fighting over Sakura and me. Are you seriously going to just go home without saying goodbye to them? "

Neji just shook his head, "No I have to go back to Tenten's house to get my things. Then I'll go straight home."

Lee sighed, "You guys are impossible this is probable going to be the last time you see them for a long time. Is this how you really want to leave it?"

None of the boys answered and none of them spoke for the rest of the drive back to Tenten's.

Sakura wasn't having much luck either in the girl's car, "You have to talk to your boyfriends. This is the last time you will see them."

Tenten just rolled her eyes, "Sakura enough already we are not going to talk to them till they apologize end of story." She reached over and turned up the volume on the radio to tune out all talk.

~Tenten's house~

Tenten pulled her car in first followed by Sasuke and the eight passengers slowly got out and headed for her house. Naruto shouted out, "Ino I'm sorry!"

Neji punched Naruto into his arm, "Dude what are you doing?!"

"Lee was right I'm not going to see her for awhile I don't want to leave angry."

Ino smiled, "Oh Naruto I'm so sorry!"

Tenten shook her head, "INO!" But it was too late Ino was already in Naruto's arm hugging him. Tenten groaned and looked over at from Lee to Neji. "Where's Sasuke?" Tenten looked behind her, "And where is Hinata?! They were both here a second ago!"

Lee peaked to the left, "Uh I think I found them." He pointed to other side of the van. Tenten walked over and groaned when she saw Sasuke and Hinata making out against the van. "Oh come one guys! Not you too!"

Lee smiled, and wrapped his arm around Tenten and Neji, "Come on everyone else is making up so now if you two will just make up we can all go out and enjoy a nice evening together."

The angry couple glared at each before pulling away from Lee and saying, "NOT UNTIL I GET AN APOLOGY!"

Lee scratched his head, "This is going to be harder than I thought. Come on guys lets brainstorm."

Sakura pointed to the van, "Should we break up to two love birds?"

"No leave them they'll come when they almost run out of oxygen. Besides I think that not even the Jaws of Life can pry those two apart."

Once everyone was inside Sasuke pulled away from Hinata and took a deep breath, "Um yeah so I'm….well you know."

She rolled her eyes, "What? You're sorry?"

He scratched the back of his head, "Yeah that."

"Yeah me too."

He took her hand, "You know once Neji packs his things we have to go."

She looked away, "Yeah I figured that. I can't believe the summer is over. I'm going to you know…"

He smirked, "Miss me?"

"Yeah that."

"Me too."

She smiled looking into his eyes, the eyes that she tried over and over to draw correctly. "Oh that reminds me I've got something for you."

She reached into her bag and pulled out two frames and handed them to him. "These are your drawing of me."

"Yeah and the other is of us together I never drew myself before."

He smirked, "Well you did yourself justice. They are great but I have one problem I'm wearing a shirt in these I distinctly remember posing for you without one. What happened to those sketches?"

She couldn't hide the blush that was on her cheeks, "Um…I'm going to keep those…they are not finished…."

He placed a kiss on her forehead, "Sure they are. Come on lets go inside."

She pulled him back, "No I don't want to go inside just yet."

He smirked again and pinned her against the van again, "So what should we do out here?" He leaned in to kiss her again.

~`Later that Night~

Ino groaned and leaned against Naruto, "I'm hungry can we go out to eat yet?"

Lee shook his head, "Not yet we are about to initiate plan get Tenten and Neji back together."

Naruto scratched his head, "What is the plan again?"

"Why weren't you listening when we went over? When we go out to dinner I'm going to hit on Tenten and Sakura will hit on Neji so much throughout dinner then while we are getting dessert I'll propose a toast talking about how we are all together and how nice is it. Then during our slow dances they will realize their feelings and get back together."

"Seriously that's your plan?"

Lee crossed his arms, "And do you have a better one?"

Naruto looked around and picked up a bracelet, "I assume this is Tenten's?"

Ino nodded, "Yeah I gave that to her."

He smirked at Lee, "Watch and learn. Neji!"

Neji came down the stairs carrying his luggage, "What?"

He tossed him the bracelet which he caught, "Thought you'd want a memento to remember her by."

Neji groaned, "Great I have to put this back now."

Neji went back upstairs. Lee threw his hands up, "That's your plan burglary?"

"Just wait. TENTEN!"

Tenten came in from the kitchen, "Yes Naruto?"

"Just letting you know I saw Neji roaming around in your room."

Tenten said nothing she just ran up stairs to her room with Naruto following her with a chair. She stormed in her room, "What are you d-"

She was interrupted when Naruto slamming the door and pressing the chair under the knob to lock them in there. Tenten pulled at the knob, "Come on let us out."

"Not until you two forgive each other!" Naruto went back down stairs and smirked, "That's how you do it. Now come on let's go pry Sasuke and Hinata apart and go eat."

Ino jumped up and down, "Finally!" She grabbed Naruto's arm and ran outside.

Lee looked over at Sakura, "My plan wasn't that bad was it?"

She smiled and patted him on the shoulder, "It was good just next time think simpler."

Upstairs Neji was watching Tenten desperately tugging on the door knob. "Are you going to tear the door down?"

She didn't stop, "If that's what it takes!" He just shook his head and threw himself on her bed. She turned around, "What are you doing?"

"Relaxing we could be here for awhile."

"There has to be a way out of here."

"The door is locked and we are on the second floor you'll hurt yourself if you try to go down. We won't be let out till we stop fighting."

She crossed her arms, "So what you're saying is that will be here forever."

He couldn't help but laugh, "Hey it could be worse?"


"You could be stuck here with someone unattractive." She turned around to hide the fact that she was smiling. He peaked up, "I know you are smiling."

She didn't turn around just shook her head, "I am not."

"I spent the practically the whole summer with you I know when you are telling a lie."

She pretended to be interested with something on her desk, "I'm still mad at you."

"No you're not you're just stubborn."

"So are you!"

He just smirked, "Well at least I'll admit it."

She just groaned, "Shut up!"

After that it became silent between them. Tenten was sitting at her desk chair annoyed that they hadn't said a single word to each other. She looked at the clock again and saw they haven't spoke for ten minutes. She looked over at Neji who was still laying on her bed she thought he was a just starring at the ceiling until she heard him snoring. She couldn't take this anymore she knew what she needed to do.

She threw her stuffed animal at Neji to wake him up and yelled, "FINE! I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT SAKURA DID TO LEE BUT YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHAT SHE WENT THROUGH. I JUST DON'T WANT TO KEEP FIGHTING AND THAT'S HARD FOR ME TO SAY BECAUSE I CAN STAY ANGRY FOR A LONG TIME! I JUST DON'T WANT TO BE ANGRY AT YOU ANYMORE! SO FINE I'M……" Trying to say that last word was the hardest thing Tenten ever had to say it tasted like vinegar in her mouth. She mumbled it under her breath, "Sorry."

He sat up grinning, "What was that?"

"You heard me."

"I want you to say it so I can hear it this time."

She rolled her eyes, "S-…..S….Sorry." He just starred at her not saying a word. "What why aren't you say anything?"

He just chuckled and said, "I am kind of speechless I mean never expected you to ever say that word."

She put her hands on her hips while impatiently tapping her foot. "Well don't you have something to say to me?"

"You're very good looking."

Her hands immediately became fists, "NEJI!"

He put his hands up in self defense, "Kidding, relax. I'm sorry too. This is stupid this is going to be the last time we see each other for a long time. I don't want to leave upset."

"Well you probably won't be able to leave seeing as we are stuck in here."

He got off her bed and walked toward her window, "No we won't I'll just go out the window."

"But you said that we'd get hurt if we tried that."

He opened the window, "No I said you would I am an athlete this will be a piece of cake." And with that Neji jumped out the window and swiftly climbed down the side of the house and landed safely on the ground. "See easy as pie."

She leaned out the window, "What's with all the food metaphors?"

"I'm hungry now jump down so we can go eat."

"What are you crazy I'll really hurt myself if I jump?"

"I'll catch you do you trust me?"

She was on the fence till her stomach rumbled, "Fine but I swear if you drop me I'll kill you."

He put out his arms, "Yeah, yeah just hurry."

Tenten nervously teetered on the ledge before pushing off and jumping into Neji's arms. He smirked, "See I'd never let you fall."

~The Restaurant~

Sasuke was the first one to spot Neji and Tenten walking towards them. "Hey they made it out alive."

Tenten smiled, "Yeah but all might not."

Sakura patted the seat next to her, "Oh come on we just wanted to help. And we order your favorite foods."

Lee asked, "So are we forgiven?"

Neji and Tenten looked at each other and answered together, "NOPE!"

Naruto sighed, "You guys didn't learn anything."

~3 hours later~

Once they all finished eating and the tables was being cleared Ino looked around, "I would never thought this summer would end like this."

Hinata pouted and looked down, "I can't believe its over."

Sasuke immediately put his arm around her, "But at least it was a lot of fun."

Lee lifted his glass, "Let's toast to the summer and let's promise here and now to do this again next year bigger and better!"

Sakura lifted her glass, "I'm in to the summer!"

Soon everyone lifted their glasses, "TO THE SUMMER!"

As the glasses clinked their glasses they looked around at their old and new friends. They thought how they never expected their summers to turn out they way they did. And how it truly became a summer to remember.

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