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2 screams were heard over the sound of a titanic battle.



As both attacks met there was a huge explosion and as both figures fell to the ground, one figure was dead with pain, while the other from exhaustion.

The one who was tired from exhaustion laughed insanely, as he looked at the dead body before turning and running away.

After he was gone a figure appeared over the body of the dead one and said "Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze huh, the spiraling maelstrom of wave and wind. The controlled chaos, I think you will make a grand champion!" as he picked up Naruto body and disappeared into a black void.

Just then a man with gray hair and one normal eye appeared looking over the valley

He saw the blood on the ground and thought "Oh god, I'm to late!"as he tried to find either of his students.

Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes and looked around

He found himself in some kind of ancient looking temple. There were flame torches on the wall and stone pillars all over the place.

He looked around and thought 'Where am I?'

A voice said "You are in my temple." drawing Naruto's attention. Naruto looked around and saw a man sitting on a thrown at the top of a set of stairs.

Naruto asked "Who are you? And how did I get here?"

The man said "I am the god of chaos, as for how you got here I brought you here, young Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto asked "How do you know me? And why did you bring me here?" as he looked around.

Chaos said "Relax boy, the only two people here are you and me. As for how I know who you are I have watched you for some time and you have impressed me. You have impressed me so much that I am going to make you my champion."

Naruto said "Huh?" as he rubbed his head confused.

Chaos said "Relax and I will explain. Have you ever looked at the night sky and notice how the stars make the shape of something like a scorpion or an archer or something like that?"

Naruto scratched his head.

He did, didn't he?

"Yeah, I have. What about them?", he asked, puzzled.

Chaos said "You see, those stars are called constellations. They are designed like that because a god like myself chose a champion who went after receiving a gift or two from the gods and then went out and became so legendary the king of the gods made the constellation to remember the champion for all of time. I have decided I want to have a champion so I am going to choose you."

Naruto said, "Me? Champion?". He saw a look on Chaos' face that screamed 'Yes'!

Chaos said "Do not worry about why and what. Here is all you need to know. I am going to give you a couple of gifts similar to bloodlines. Then I am going to send you to a few places to learn how to use your gifts. Then you will be returned to your home of Konoha at the age of 4 after you have learned how to use your new gifts and then you are going to do whatever the hell you want to. Thats it."

Naruto said "Wait, you mean you're going to give me a bloodline, train me to use it and then leave me alone?"

Chaos nodded, and Naruto's brows furrowed.

"What's the catch?"

Chaos said "The catch is this : if you become famous like the other champions of other gods then the king of the gods will make a constellation in memory of you and then I get to brag to the other gods that there is my champion, the one I chose to be the best. Thats all I ask of you, to become the best. After your done learning how to use you gifts then you go back to Konoha the day you get your apartment for the first time and do whatever you want. Except..."

Naruto looked at him and said "Except what? What's the catch?" as he eyed Chaos.

Chaos said "You can't tell anyone that you know the future when you return to Konoha at the age of 4, and if people ask where did you get your gifts, say you don't know. Thats it. That way nobody thinks your crazy or something like that. Does that make sense?"

Before Naruto had a chance to say anything he found himself falling out of the sky and landing in the middle of a lot of water.

Naruto screamed and quickly got to the surface before he drowned and he saw he was in the ocean near an island.

Naruto began to swim toward the island when a man appeared in front of him, grabbed his arm and then he was standing on the beach.

Naruto blinked and looked at the man and then at the ocean and then at the man again and asked "How did you do that?"

The man looked at him for several seconds and said "The same way you got here. I jumped. Where are your clothes."

Naruto looked down.

To see that his clothes were gone and he saw on his chest the scar from the Chidori and he quickly covered himself and said "Um...I don't know. I had them on a few moments ago."

The man asked "So how did you jump here kid? I thought nobody knew about my island."

Naruto said "I don't know, one minute this guy was talking something crazy about gods and then the next moment I was falling into the ocean. Where am I anyways?"

The man sighed and said "Must have been a Paladin, you're lucky to be alive kid then. As for where you are, we're on a private island in the middle of the pacific ocean where no one but me and my wife ever comes to. Somehow you must have accessed one of my jump spots to come here. Name's David."

Naruto said "Naruto." as he tried to cover himself.

David said "Come on kid, I think I might have some cloths at my house you can have." as he began leading Naruto away from the beach.

Naruto followed and soon found a nice 2 story house in a clearing in the woods and David said "Hey Millie, we got company, can you go into the kitchen so I can get this kid some cloths? He jumped here and I think it's his first." as he walked up on the porch.

Naruto followed him inside and then down a hall till they came to a bedroom and David looked through a closet a few minutes and said "Here." as he tossed some clothes over his shoulder.

Naruto grabbed them and said "Thanks." as he saw they were a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

He sighed and slipped them on.

David turned around and said "So kid, where're you from?"

Naruto as he pulls the shirt on said "Konoha."

David blinked and said "Never heard of it, what country?"

Naruto said "Fire country."

David blinked again and said "I thought I have been to every country before. What nation is that in?"

Naruto looked at him and said "The elemental nations, why?" as if David was stupid or something.

David sighed and said "Well I never heard of any of those places so I guess your going to have to figure out how to get back there yourself."

Naruto asked "Um...how do I do that?"

David sighed and Naruto stomach growled at that moment and David began to laugh as Naruto looked sheepish and said "Come on kid, lets get you something to eat. So how old are you?"

Naruto said "15."

David nods and said "I made my first jump when I was 5 but then I didn't do it again until I was 15. I did it on accident both times. If you want I can teach you how to use it. Give you a fighting chance against the Paladins if they come after you again."

Naruto asked "Who exactly are the Paladins and what do you mean Jumping? This is all new to me."

David said "Don't worry kid. I will explain after we eat. Hey Millie, the kid's decent."

Naruto watched as a brown hair woman in her early 30 walked out of the kitchen and she looked like she was pregnant and she said "Hello there, I'm Millie."

Naruto said "Nice to meet you. I'm Naruto."

Naruto stomach growled again and Millie laughed and said "Just sit down and I will bring some sandwiches I made out." as she walked back into the kitchen and then returned a few seconds later with a tray of sandwiches.

Naruto sat down at the table with both of them and they each started to eat the sandwiches and Naruto said "Hey, these are pretty good."

Millie said "Its just bologna and ham sandwiches."

Naruto said "Well there still pretty good. Back home all I can eat is ramen." as he eats a second sandwich half.

David looked at him and asked "Why. Don't your parent cook for you."

Naruto looked down and said "Um...I don't have any."

David said "Oh...I'm sorry, my mother left me and my dad when I was 5. I know how it feels."

Naruto said "I never knew my parents. I was told they both died the day I was born when Kyuubi attacked."

Millie asked "Kyuubi? what's that?"

Naruto eyes got wide and he looked at her shocked and said "You mean you don't know about Kyuubi. I thought everyone knew about him."

David said "Sorry kid, most of the stuff you talk about is something we've never even heard of before - like Konoha, Fire country, elemental nations."

Naruto blinked and asked "Where the heck did I come to? Fire country's the largest country in the world."

Millie looked at Naruto and said "I will be right back Naruto." as she got up and a few minutes later she came back with a globe and she set it down and said "Can you show us where your from here?"

Naruto looked at the globe and asked "What are these places?" as he looked trying to find something that looked familiar.

David said "That's a globe of the world kid, It has every country on it."

Naruto looked at him shocked and said "But...where's my home then? I don't understand...None of this looks like my home."

Millie said "David...I don't know why, but I don't think he jumped from here."

David said "I think you might be right. I know its crazy but I remember hearing about a guy who wanted to jump to the moon once. Perhaps this kid might have jumped from another planet or something on accident or perhaps he's from an island that is so small that nobody has ever found it like this place. I guess the only thing we can do is help him learn about jumping and then see if he can jump back home."

Naruto who was looking confused and sadden before suddenly got misty eyed and said "Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou." I don't know what I can do to thank you." as he hugged David to death.

David said in gasping breath "Air...need air."

Naruto looked sheepish as he let go and David gasped for breath and asked "What the hell are you kid?"

Naruto said "I'm a ninja."

David blinked and said "A ninja, really?"

Naruto said "Yeah, I'm a Gennin right now. I would have made Chunnin if that hebi-teme hadn't attacked Konoha."

David sighed and said "Forget it kid. I am not going to ask. Let's just go outside and I will teach you how to use your powers and then tell you about Paladins."

Naruto said "OK." as he got up and followed David outside.

David said "Alright kid. Now you see that tree over there?"

Naruto looked where he was pointing and then David was standing next to the tree and Naruto got wide eyed and looked back and forward and said "Cool."

David said "To use your power picture yourself standing where you want to be. If you have been there before or can see it then you can jump there."

Naruto looked at the tree and then the next moment his nose was smacked against the tree with an audible crack.

David winced and said "Sorry kid, forgot that you have to learn to stop moving. Here let me help." as he went to help as best as he could.

Naruto said "Don't worry about it." as he popped it back in place and it healed quickly.

Davids eyes got wide and asked "How did you do that."

Naruto looked confused and asked "Do what."

David said "Fix your nose like that."

Naruto thought a second and said "Oh that. I heal real quick for some reason."

David could only nod and asked "So do you want to try it again?"

Naruto said "Yeah."

David said "OK, try jumping to places around the field here."

Naruto looked and then a few seconds later he was across the clearing."

David said "Good. Let's see how good you are. Let's play a game of tag. I will jump and then you have to tag me by jumping trying to catch me. OK?."

Naruto said "Yes."

David nods and then jumps and Naruto looks and sees him and jumps but when he appears again David had already moved.

Naruto then tried again and again as David slowly picked up speed.

After about 30 minutes David was panting, as was Naruto. He said "OK, that's enough for now."

Naruto nods and David said "OK, you seem to understand basic jumping. The only restriction with jumping is that you either have to be able to see where you want to jump or been there before. That should be how you get home but rest for now. I need to tell you about Paladins."

Naruto nods and they both sit down and David said "OK, Paladins hunt Jumpers like us. They were created because of religious belief that only god has the right to go anywhere they want. They have weapons that are specifically made to kill us. They hit us with electricity which makes it nearly impossible to jump so be sure to avoid electric wires and any of their weapons. If you can't jump your as good as dead."

Naruto said "So avoid electric attacks. Guess thats how Sasuke was able to hurt me." as he rubbed his chest where the Chidori hit.

David said "Yeah, Its best to just avoid them. The best policy when fighting a Paladin is if there is just one of them and several jumpers tag team him and take him out. If you are one on one or outnumbered get out of there using multiple jumps to different areas. They have been hunting our kind for hundreds of years and are really good at it."

Naruto nods and said "Thanks for telling me all this."

David said "Hey, we have to look after our own kind. Besides, I may not be there when my son needs help so maybe by helping you someday you or someone you helped will help my son."

Naruto said "Deal. If I can I will help your son if he needs it."

David smiles and said "Well let's go get some sleep and tomorrow you can try to jump back home but try not to come back here again. Paladins can track us through our jump sites and I don't want them to find this place and my wife."

Naruto said "OK. I won't come back again if thats what you want."

David gave him a sad smile and said "Its not you kid. I just want to protect my family."

Naruto smiled and said "I understand. A friend of mine told me once that when you have something precious to protect, only then would you find true strength."

David said "Your friends right and I only ask you not to come back so I can protect my precious wife and unborn son."

Naruto said "You have my word, I won't come back but if you ever need me find me and I will come."

David nodded and Naruto started to go inside when the next moment he fell and hit a wooden floor hard.

He raised his head and said "OW!"

As he fell forward passed out.

David looked at where Naruto was moments ago, and sighed and said "You didn't have to leave already though." sadly.