A few minutes earlier Naruto and Madara had taken the fight inside the temple and Madara said "I must say, I am impressed with this temple. After I take over the world I think I will make it my thrown of power."

Naruto said "Glad you like it....because it will be your tomb." as the door to the temple closed and a small light could be seen coming from the top and the floor underneath them caved in as all the gold, jewels and them fell down into a huge chamber in the center of the temple.

As they got to the bottom of the temple Madara looked around and said "What the hell is this." as he looked around with only a little light from above to see.

Naruto said "This is the treasure room...most temples like this have them and when I built this temple I wanted to make sure anything trapped her would die here. Without my bloodline you can't enter or leave here and since we can't use chakra you can't either. This is your tomb Madara."

Madara said "Your trapped her with me boy."

Naruto smirked as he pulled out a scroll and smeared some blood across it throwing the scroll into the air as it began to smoke and said "Normally....you would be right....except you don't need chakra for sealing." as he used some blood from a cut and wiped it across a seal on his arm and disappeared in a yellow flash.

Madara eyes got wide trying to escape but found he couldn't and as the scroll turned upside down a huge vat of liquid began to fall and as it hit the ground the entire place exploded.

Current time

As the fireball that destroyed most of the island disappeared everyone was in shock or crying and mourning and a voice from behind them said "What's everyone so down about dad, they look like someone died."

Everyone turned and saw Selen, Konohamaru, Hanabi and Naruto standing there and the next moment Naruto was on the ground with Kurenai, Rin, and Miko all holding him.

Naruto chuckled and said "What's wrong ladies."

Tsunade looked back and forward between the smoldering island and Naruto and she finally asked "HOW."

Naruto said "I set a trap where Madara and I couldn't use chakra. With our bloodlines we both are nearly impossible to kill since you can't touch us. By cutting off our ability to use chakra neither of us could use our bloodlines so when we fought into the temple I activated a special seal by spilling some of my blood on it and the temple sealed and we fell to the bottom of the temple. Since the fall made us fall far apart I unsealed a scroll with a very unstable and very powerful explosive called NITRO in it and I threw the scroll into the air and activated this." as he raised his shirt sleeve.

Hiashi said "What is that."

Naruto said "Because of fear I had that my daughter would accidentally use our bloodline and be lost to the world I placed a Hiraishin seal on her so that I could instantly find her. I simply wiped blood on it and boom, the seals preset with chakra already stored in it to activate it and I was instantly taken to the Toads home where Selen was."

Selen said "Luckily dad had the toads inform me that he needed me there to insure his escape."

Inoichi said "Wait, how did they know."

Naruto said "Simple, I had planned to destroy this island from the moment Madara brought all those nins here. I couldn't let them reach the fire country or it would have meant the end of Konoha. That was why I was pulling the whole final sacrifice move and wanted you all to leave with the people of Wave. When I wrote the scroll I was writing the scroll to the toads and I used a secret hand sign to Ma to read the scroll and disregard whatever I was saying in case someone was spying on us. When you all showed back up here it through my plans into trouble which is why when I brought Sakura here to bring you all here I used the second part of my sealing jutsu that gave Sakura those kunais I told her to send chakra into them when she threw them. They put a shield around 1000 yards of them. I used them in case I ever needed to appear in the middle of a war zone where jutsu were being used heavily so I wouldn't be killed by the jutsu before I know whats going on. The only thing that could pass through the shield is flesh and it's only one way. None of you could have escaped this area as long as the shield was active."

A screech was heard and Naruto sweat dropped as he saw the pirates and jack coming back and Naruto said "And...what."

Jack screeched again and Naruto said "I see....well the pearl should be restored in about 3 minutes and I will drop the shield then.....by the way, you can come out now Kabuto."

Kabuto emerged from the ground and said "I see...tell me Naruto-kun, how was it that you knew I was there."

Naruto said "First tell me, what did you do with Sasuke since you have his Sharingan eyes."

Kabuto opened his eyes showing the Sharingan and said "Oh...when I returned I was just in time to see Orochimaru-sama die at the hands of the Sandaime so while everyone was distracted I took samples from his body and implanted them in me...Orochimaru made it when he freed me from Sasori control that he would have complete control over me so he made it where if he were to die I would goto his body and implant parts of it in me so a seal jutsu he placed on me would slowly allow him to take over my body. I then took Sasuke eyes and put them in my body so when Orochimaru takes over he would have what he wanted.....so how did you detect me."

Naruto said "Everyone here but the ANBU know I never trusted Sasuke because he was a flight risk. To ensure the Sharingan didn't fall into the hands of our enemies I placed several seals on Sasuke body.........One was set so that if anyone removed his Sharingan a virus that was sealed in his eyes would be released into the person body the eyes were implanted in. I can tell the virus is already effecting you."

Kabuto frowned and said "What virus. I don't feel anything."

Naruto smirked and said "You should....right about.....now."

Kabuto suddenly lurched forward as blood flew out of his mouth. He grabbed his chest and Naruto said "The virus is an egg. The egg of a crow demon. The crow demon is an scavenger bird that eats a person from the inside out...starting with their heart."

Just then the head of a black crow burst out of Kabuto chest where his heart is and Naruto using dragon breath sliced the head of the demon off killing it.

Naruto said "Nasty buggers." as he turned and saw everyone shocked and he asked "WHAT."

The Sandaime shook his head and blinked and said "HEY, what happened to the island, it's back to normal."

Rin said "So you used that huh." causing everyone to look at her.

Kurenai seeing everyone questioning face said "When Naruto-kun was training us when we were younger he created a bunch of seals that allowed him to restore a training ground to the condition it was when the seal was activated so no matter how much you destroy it the seals would repair all the damage.....you placed the seal on this island huh."

Naruto said "Now the people of Wave can return to their home and get on with their lives without ever knowing the fate of the world was decided here. The only ones who will ever know what truly happened here are those of us standing here. Go silent and without a trace and leave nothing behind to show you were there, thus is the code of the ninja."

A chuckle was heard and Shikamaru said "You are the most troublesome person ever Naruto."

Naruto said "True...so whose ready to go home. Since Orochimaru dead, Madara dead, Akatasuki dead and....the pirates are leaving, I don't see anything that could cause trouble in the near future for our village."

A ship motor was heard and everyone turned and Naruto sweat dropped seeing the Kazekage coming and he looked at the Sandaime and said "So....you want to tell him."

The Sandaime said "You hate me, don't you."

Naruto said "Nope...your still alive."

As the ship stopped and the Kazekage along with 60 Sand nins and his children arrived the Kazekage said "We are here Sarutobi, we saw a huge explosion in the distance but I don't see an army like you said."

The Sandaime started to say something when Naruto said "Pardon me Kazekage-sama but I am Naruto Shunpo, the Flash Sannin of Konoha and that explosion you saw was me activating a trap that killed the army we called for aid to help defeat. THAT is the Yondaime Mizukage over there who is the only survivor of the battle here on the enemy forces side. The body of Orochimaru, the Otokage is right there along with the leader of the Rain village is over there. Madara Uchiha, the master mind behind this invasion is also dead. My daughter Selen informed me that she told you about the group who were hunting the Jinchuuriki. Madara Uchiha was the leader of the group and at this time we believe all members are dead. I will have a file sent to you about all that we know of them just in case when I return to Konoha. The Sandaime was not informed that I was in the area when he called for your aid but I am more then happy to pay you 3 S-rank mission pays to reimburse you for the trouble of coming here. If you don't mind renegotiating the alliance between our village also to strengthen it I also have some information that should help you convince the Wind lord to send ALL missions to you from now on for the rest of his life. That should help your village greatly."

The Kazekage said "Really....and what might that be."

Naruto said "You know how your current wind lord married his wife who was the daughter of the previous lord to gain his position. What would happen if information about a child he had with another woman were to reach his wifes ears."

The Kazekage eyes got wide and said "He would most likely lose his position."

Naruto said "Hmm....what do you think she would do if she found out he had 17 children with other woman then." as a scroll appeared in his hand.

Naruto waved it around and said "Konoha part of the renegotiations. Can't have our greatest ally get weakened by an idiot, now can we....by the way, if you ever want to help your son to control Shukaku where he could sleep and make it where he will only kill someone if he wants to and not when the demon tries to take over let me know. I can fix that seal no problem and still allow him control over the sand."

The Kazekage suddenly found himself upside down and facing Gaara who sand was holding him in the air and Gaara released some KI and said "DO IT FATHER OR I WILL KILL YOU."

The Kazekage could only nod and Selen said "Oh Gaara-kun, release him for me...please." in a sickening sweet voice.

Faster then you can say white lightning the sand was back in it's place and the Kazekage fell on his head with a thud.

Sakura said "Damn sis, what did you do to him."

Selen said "Who me....nothing."

Gaara looked scared and said "Can we go home. Shukaku and me are scared of her." causing everyone to look at Selen with a sweat drop.

Naruto said "That's my girl....Now lets go home, Kagebunshin no Jutsu." as the area was covered in smoke and when the smoke cleared everyone found themselves back in their respective villages.

A few hours later Naruto sighed as he laid back on the Hokage Monument and looked at the sky and Sakura and Selen sat beside him and Sakura asked "So what is it that you waited to tell us."

Naruto smiled and said "Well....you know how everythings coming to an end and how everyone now knows about my 'brothers' sacrifice since the Sandaime and granny had that public speech earlier where Tsunade was named Godaime and I was a Sannin and the people are starting to see me for me."

Both girls nod and Naruto said "Well....I am the embodiment of chaos. It's what I do. When I got that scroll from Kagome there were 2 other scrolls inside it that I never saw before. I know what's in them and I want you both to be the first to see what is inside...consider it an early birthday present for both of you." as he handed each a scroll.

Both girls opened the scroll and Naruto said "Just add blood."

Each girl looked at him and then each other before doing as he said. When the scrolls started to smoke he said "Now quick throw them on the ground."

Both girls did and a few seconds later there was a puff off smoke with something being released and when the smoke cleared Naruto smiled and said "Allow me to introduce your grandmother Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze and your grandfather Minato Namikaze."

Both girls were wide eyed and fainted causing Naruto to laugh and Naruto said "Hi mom...dad."

Both looked confused and Kushina said "Naruto...but..."

Naruto said "I know, you both should be dead from child birth and the sealing and all but someone stepped in and changed the rules. Just a second. I'm going to give you my memories with a jutsu I know so you will know everything." as he flashed through hand signs and said "Memory transfer no Jutsu." as he touched both their heads.

Once it was over both fell on their asses trying to figure out everything they saw and heard and Kushina screamed "NOOOoooooo....."

Naruto asked "What's wrong mom."

Minato said "My guess...she just found out Jiraiya is her father."

Naruto nods and Minato said "So mom's the Hokage. Be right back." as he was gone in a yellow flash.

Tsunade was doing some paperwork when a yellow flash was seen in the room and Tsunade without looking up asked "What brat."

A voice that made her freeze said "Who you calling brat mom."

Tsunade slowly looked up and whispered "Minato."

He nods and she fainted. Kushina arrived in a swirl of leaves and said "Naruto-kun wants us to come have dinner with him."

Minato nods and a voice from the window said "So they got you to take the hat, huh Tsunade." as Jiraiya came into the room without looking and he froze in place as he saw Minato and Kushina there and Kushina said "Hello....DAD."

The sound of girly screams was heard for several hours into the night. Naruto who was at his home with his family minus Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Minato and Kushina said "I guess their going to be late, sounds like Jiraiya in town."

Miko said "Your impossible Naruto."

Naruto smiled and said "Mission Impossible....complete." causing everyone to laugh and began to eat and Naruto thought "Finally, I am at peace."

What Chaos the future holds. Only time would tell

The end