I honestly don't like Author's Notes but I considered it strictly necessary for this story. Be warned, this story contains lesbianism, homosexuality, incest and some kind of graphic sex scenes. If you are easily offended by any of these topics or are not mature enough to handle them, please abstain yourself from reading it. Well that's all! Hope there are some people out there who enjoy this twisted smuttiness as much as I have fun writing it! Reviews are of course always welcome, especially if you have some grammar and spelling corrections (which I absolutely love!). The more reviews I get, the quicker I write!

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Incestuous Debauch

By M. Vuckets (Allegra.Jane.Alec)


I knew there was a voice inside my head shouting at me. Run! Go Away! But I just couldn't do it. There was something about this whole situation that was so enthralling, it scared me and paradoxically enough, allured to me even more.

All the adrenaline rush caused by the incestuous taboo called to me like a siren's song. I wanted him, I desired him to fuck me just as I saw him fuck the others. My thighs and legs were dripping wet just at the thought of his hard cock near me. Run! Go Away! Go Away Now!

I had achieved to remain virgin till today, but that was only because I hadn't met Edward Cullen and his family, that was for sure. After I'd been introduced to his family living style, all I could think of was Alice's pink and wet cunt, Rosalie's big and hard breasts, Esme's round and firm ass and Edward's, Emmett's, Jasper's and Carlisle's four erect, irresistible and delicious looking dicks. Run! Go Away!

It was too late for me now. I gently put the robe over the bed and headed outside, completely naked, towards the room where I could hear all the laughing and moaning coming from. Run! Go Away! Too late now.