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A young shinobi lay on the green grass of a hillside, gazing up lazily, at the fluffy white clouds above, with his deep onyx eyes. He had his hands under his pineapple shaped head; his black hair was tied tightly in a high pony tail, which spiked up at the end. Although a shinobi, the boy appeared very relaxed and unguarded, with no visible weapons on his attire. A breeze crossed the hillside blowing the males hair, letting loose strands fall upon his face, covering his soft features.

Closing his eyes he listened to the surrounding sounds of the village, taking everything in and picturing the villagers every movements, their very words and actions coming to mind. Yet he frowned as he heard harsh whispering, the sounds of objects being thrown, he had heard this sound before, he had pictured the movements, heard the words spat…and he had found out who the anger was directed at and knew why it was so. He didn't like it, yet he couldn't do anything about it, and he hated the fact with passion. No matter how troublesome a situation, he always helped a friend out when they're in a time of need, yet he could do nothing but watch and pick up the pieces left behind.

Shikamaru stood up and dashed off towards a clearing where he knew the young blonde would be, after something like this. Shikamaru would always watch her clam herself in her own way. Stopping short in front of a large crystal blue lake, the sunlight reflected off it, earning shining twinkles of light. He hid up in the foliage gazing down as he saw the young blonde coming through the thick forest, in her normal disguise. It was a procedure he followed almost every time this happened, he would always look over the blonde in disguise releasing her anger and hurt, when she was done she would usually pass out, and he would carry her back to her apartment, putting up the genjutsu again.

Shikamaru learnt long ago that Naruto was in fact a girl, although he never did tell anyone about it, not even the girl herself, knowing it would bring trouble and problems would arise, not only for him but for her as well. He watched as the blonde dispelled the genjutsu, the loud male knucklehead disappeared, and was replaced by a young female one. Her shoulder length golden hair glistened in the sunlight, her bangs falling atop her brows. Long lashes framed her big cerulean eyes, three faint whisker-marks on each cheek hidden by a natural blush, she had a small soft curved nose, that rested atop her small plump rosy lips.

The figure was wearing a purple tank-top today with a black mesh shirt over it showing off her well developed figure and nicely developed curves, she wore long black baggy pants that hung limply from her hips, her head banned tied loosely around her waist and had standard black shinobi sandals. Her weapons pouch hanging from a loosely done up belt she wore on her pants.

Shikamaru sat watching, entranced by the young figure beneath him, following every step, every movement she took across the shimmering lake before him. He watched her dance to some unknown music, no matter how many times he saw it, it always caught him by surprise, and the way she would float across the lake, her arms flowing with every step she took. The crystal water below rippled as she stepped across the surface, her eyes glistened with small tears that trailed down her face, melting into the liquid surface below. Shikamaru's eyes softened at the sight, he tightened his fist in anger, sorrow filled his eyes looking away from the sight, he let his hand hang limply at his side. Looking back to the small figure below he let her movements wash over him, feeling every emotion she portrayed as she danced atop the liquid.

Almost a hour later, the young figure collapsed from exhaustion and charka depletion, Shikamaru dashed towards her and caught her just before hitting the water below, as the girl slipped into unconsciousness. He sighed in relief and sadness, looking down at the girl he carried bride-style in his arms, he walked back towards slid ground, and gently laying her down he brushed the golden strand of hair out of her flawless features. Sighing with sorrow again he preformed multiple numbers of hand seals, before whispering something incomprehensible. A young male blonde now lay beneath him, picking up said 'male' blonde he dashed off towards 'his' apartment before anyone saw what happened.


Setting the blonde down on 'his' rusty bed, Shikamaru turned around and glanced at a nearby clock, he cursed mentally he was late again. His sensei was starting to get suspicious, glancing back at the blonde, he let a smile grace his features, it was worth it. This was the only thing he could do for his friend, he needed to help and he would keep helping, after-all if he didn't then who would, as far as he knew no one knew that Naruto was, in reality, a girl, not to mention the fact that she had to go through all this suffering alone. Shikamaru sighed, before muttering something about troublesome blondes who don't know how to take care of themselves, before taking one more glance at the blonde he smirked, he didn't mind so much though. With that last thought in his mind he dashed out of the complex, on his way to meet up with his team members.

Naruto woke up to find her self back in her apartment, this was the hundredth time, and still counting, time this has happened. She ran over to the mirror and found that, like all the other times her genjutsu had been put back into place. She was a unnerved that someone had discovered her secret, even more so when she didn't know who the person was. Yet at the same time she couldn't help but have that little hope in the back of her mind, saying that maybe someone was doing this because they cared about her. Maybe she wasn't as alone as she thought, maybe just maybe their was someone out their that she could depend on. Although she never wanted to get her hopes up, so she locked the thoughts away not wanting to get her spirit crushed when she found out about the brutal truth that they didn't care and were doing it for their own benefit.

Tears threatened to fall as she thought about this, but she willed them away, looking at the small clock on her side table she realised she was late, very late for her team meeting. Running out of the apartment, she locked the door (not that it helped, but still) and dashed away towards team seven's meeting place. Upon reaching said area, immediately put up her normal façade, "Konichiwa Sakura-chan!" 'He' called running towards his team mates while waving ecstatically, Sakura turned around furious, Naruto rolled her eyes inwardly, 'here we go' she thought, still running and waving. Sakura took a deep breath, Naruto channelled chakra towards her ears blocking out all sounds, so when Sakura shrieked at how late Naruto was she did not hear a thing. Sasuke on the other hand was not so lucky and got full blast of the horrible sound, wincing at the sheer volume of her voice he would not be surprised if he went deaf.

"Aw but Sakura-chan" She pretended to whine to her 'crush'. Sakura screamed something else that the blonde didn't hear just before a 'poof' resounded in the area and clouds of smoke engulfed the three. Waiting for the smoke to clear Sakura looked her sensei straight in the eye "Yo" he said before everyone grabbed their ears in pain as Sakura screeched "YOU'RE LATE!" so loud the whole of Konoha heard, and were NOT at all thankful. Back with team seven Sakura was currently fuming at a bored looking Kakashi who found he could ignore her by reading his beloved porn. Which left Sasuke and Naruto to go off to train on their own, desperate to get away from the screaming banshee; even if, Naruto shivered at the mere thought of it, it meant that they had to work together.

Leaving the disturbing scene behind them, both came entered a tree infested forest and picked a location far from the bridge, so that they could not hear the pink haired girl screech. The two 'boys' faced each other, getting into different stances. A small green leaf floated down from the foliage above, seconds passed both 'males' faced stared at each other, not breaking eye contact even to blink. The tip of the leaf touched the ground below, both 'boys' shot forward.

(A/N: I'm not bothered to write the fight, it's too troublesome, basically Sasuke beat Naruto…although Naruto might have not gone all out in the fight due to her mind being on another topic other then the fight)

Both figures lay side by side panting, "I win, again, Dobe" Sasuke panted, "That was, just, dumb luck, teme" Naruto panted back, Sasuke snorted "In your dreams Dobe" Naruto wasn't in the mood to argue so she just let it be and closed her eyes. It was getting dark out, they had been sparing for hours, she turned towards her comrade on her right "Hey, teme?" Sasuke grunted he had closed his eyes as well, "What's your favourite food?" She asked, Sasuke turned to face her, his eyebrow raised as if to say 'what the hell?' but replied nonetheless "…Strawberries" Naruto turned back to face him, a surprised look on her face "I always thought you were a tomatoes type…strawberries huh" Sasuke smiled as Naruto thought this out loud.

Their was a short silence before Naruto broke it, "Oi teme, you're meant to ask me what mine favourite food is" She murmured quietly, Sasuke with his eyes still closed said "I already know your favourite food, ramen" He replied simply, Naruto shook her head, then realised he could not see her "nope" She replied which made Sasuke looked at her in shock, she smiled at him "It's red apples" Sasuke blinked blankly taking the new information in. He then smirked "Dobe" he said before closing his eyes and resting his head in his palms. Naruto smiled turning towards Sasuke and curling into a ball "Don't call me that, teme" She said meakly, Sasuke grunted in reply, it wasn't long before both fell into a deep sleep. Atop the tree tops lay a figure unnoticed by both of them, looking down at the blonde he watched over "Goodnight, Naru-chan" he whispered softly his voice carried away in the night's breeze that drifted across Konoha.

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