Here´s a story of prisoners of war

Locked up in a prison, they thought we´d fight no more

Gerry said, "For you, war is o´er!"

But with Colonel Hogan

Our Colonel Hogan

It still is a busy war


From our base at Luftstalag Thirteen

We go out and blow up the nazi warmachine

Spying, sabotaging Klink´s car

And Schultzie knows nothing

No, he knows nothing

Apart from a candy bar


Wonder who we are?

There´s Peter the pickpocket

A master with the cards

Hogan sets up the Kommandant

LeBeau makes Strudel

Kinch spreads the rumours

And sergeant Carter makes things go boom!


No escaping, we are to stay put

Fight with all our might, till the nazis are kaput

Trust and teamwork, those are the keywords

That make us heroes

Hogan´s own heroes

Helping to win the war