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Prologue: Little blue-haired girl


Vegetasei (16 years before Frieza blew up the planet)

Vegetasei had used to be a big and strong planet. Used to be. Years ago, the Lord Frieza had taken it under his power and made the powerful saiyans that lived on it his personal slaves. He used them to conquer other planets which he either sold to other kinds, collected slaves from for use on his ship, or simply destroyed purely for his own pleasure. Nobody dared to go against his orders; he was the most powerful being in the universe! Nobody to the day had collected enough power to dethrone the evil lizard from his status as Master of the Universe.

That day was a very special day for Frieza, and a very unfortunate day for planet Vegetasei; it was going to be destroyed and left in ashes. The brave saiyan warriors of the planet had started to rebel against the evil force of Lord Frieza, and that was not something he was about to tolerate. After all, if anyone dared to go up against Frieza, the punishment was a painful death. But Frieza was not stupid. He knew some of those insignificant monkeys had the potential to be quite useful to him and his team, so he decided that he would save the lives of a few of them.

The first and most important addition to his forces was going to be young Prince Vegeta, son of King Vegeta and heir of Vegetasei. Though the boy was only 10 years old, he was one seriously annoying little brat who seemed to believe that the world should bow at the sight of the dirt under his feet. The only reason Frieza had decided to keep Vegeta was that the boy was meant to be very powerful. He had descended from the most powerful saiyans that had ever laid foot on Vegetasei; and as long as Vegeta remained under the Lord's control, Frieza could use that to his advantage.

The second saiyan who had been granted the luxury of living was Nappa. He was not very smart; Nappa was simply Vegeta's dumb pet. He had been the little brat's bodyguard ever since he had been born, and would do anything to protect his life. Of course, Nappa had some sort of value in Frieza's eyes; after Vegeta, the idiot was probably the next strongest monkey.

The last, and probably least important, was Radditz. Not only was he even dumber than Nappa, if that was even possible, but he was weak. Radditz was a simple third class saiyan, and presented no real fighting interest to the Lord Frieza. The only reason Frieza had decided to keep him alive was because of the rumors circulating about his brother. Apparently the man (or perhaps boy, Frieza wasn't sure) was alive somewhere, and Frieza would be damned if some Saiyan somewhere was going to live in peace.

Frieza had an excellent reason to destroy this (according to him) useless planet: a legend. Yes, the most powerful being in the universe feareda simple legend that could turn out to be false. There was a legend among the saiyans that one had once been a Supersaiyan, and he had been unbeatable. The Supersaiyan would have had the power to eliminate Frieza easily, and since it was still possible for a saiyan to reach that level, Frieza would take no chances. Legend or not, nobody would have a chance to beat him. Not then. Not ever.




The planet was a complete mess. Most of the houses were on fire and many saiyans lay dead; slaughtered in the streets, impaled on poles… everywhere. The streets, the houses, even Frieza's warriors were covered in blood. The massacre going on was evident, and neither party seemed to want to give up. For the saiyans, giving up meant losing their planet and their lives; they were willing to fight to the death if they had to. A lot of men dressed in saiyan uniforms were walking around, with bloody hands, but they were no saiyans. They had been sent by Frieza, who had instructed them to bring back anything that would be worthy of his time and attention. So far, nothing had been brought back. After all, the only thing that came in abundance on Vegetasei, according to Freiza and his troops, anyway, was monkeys. They did not need their jewelry or their money; such trivial things were useless to Frieza.

"I'll check this house." Zarbon was one of Frieza's right hand men, and he knew that Frieza would probably only accept something of value from him. He decided to look into that house, which, except for the palace, this one was possibly the richest house around. He smashed the door of the large house to pieces with one powerful kick and walked inside. He smirked as he noticed the disastrous state in which the house had been left; someone had already been through it. He thought someone, or something, important might have been hidden within the house since it was fairly secluded. A perfect hiding spot.

Zarbon was ready to leave, seeing as there were already two dead saiyans laying on the kitchen table, but just as he was about to leave and report to Lord Frieza, he heard a sneeze. Zarbon spun quickly and noticed a foot under a desk. Smiling, he walked silently to the desk, grabbed the foot, and gave a tug. To his surprise, his hand was closed around a little girl that couldn't have been more than 5 years old. But there was something strange about her. She didn't look like any regular Saiyan; she had blue hair and...a blue tail.

"What in the world..." He had never seen a saiyan like this little girl before. He looked down at the child and was shocked to see that she was staring fixedly at the wall, her empty eyes devoid even of tears. 'I should bring her back to Frieza,' thought Zarbon. 'She might be special, and he might want to do something with her.' He thought about calling Lord Frieza first, but didn't want to interrupt his fun. He knew the reptilian Lord was busy reducing a planet to dust, or at least, planning to do so. Obviously, he wouldn't want to be bother by another saiyan. At the worst, if Frieza didn't want her, he would simply kill her, and it would be no big deal. In the case that Frieza did want her, then Zarbon would be rewarded for doing such a thing.

He intended to put her with the three other saiyans, Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz, but paused as he considered the possible consequences of that particular action. What if Frieza decided to keep the girl? Maybe he would not want the three monkeys to know there was still a female alive. What a fight that would be; those primates would probably all want to fight to mate with the last female. He chuckled as an image of how ridiculous they would look popped into his mind; yes, that could be a pretty entertaining fight.

"Take her to Lord Frieza immediately." He threw the little girl into the arms of another alien working for Frieza. "Make sure she gets there in one piece, and that Frieza is the only one who gets her." The orange alien nodded, as he carelessly threw the little girl into a closet within a tiny ship and hurriedly slammed the door in her face before she could get out.

Zarbon smiled as he watched the ship fly away from Vegeta-sei. He looked around, taking a last look a the destroyed planet. In a few minutes, this place would no longer exist, and they would finally be free of those damn monkeys parasits.




Frieza was admiring the fireworks he created, laughing coldly as he did. Nothing better than blowing up a planet to make his day, heck, even his week better. His good mood quickly disappeared when a pink elephant-faced alien dressed in saiyan armor knocked at his door. "Who is bothering me?" asked Frieza, his feminine voice hinting at a whine. He had finally gotten rid of those insignificant monkeys; who dared to try and spoil his fun? Whoever it was, today was not his lucky day.

"We have something for you from Zarbon," said the alien, his voice clearly shaking as he held the little's girl hand. Now was a bad time to bother Lord Frieza; he sincerely hoped that he wouldn't lose his life just because of some blue... monkey. If he was to die, it was all Zarbon's fault! Zarbon knew better than to bother Frieza; that's why he had sent him. That coward.

Frieza sighed; if this was something trivial, he would have the man's head! Then again, Zarbon would not usually disturb him for silly things... He pressed a green button and the doors to his control center opened. Frieza frowned disgustedly as he caught a glimpse of the blue haired little girl. "What the hell is this?" he asked, his features relaxing slightly. "Why did you bring this hideous thing to me?"

The alien was relieved that Frieza did not kill him immediately when he entered the room. He turned the little girl around roughly and lifted her dress a little to pull her blue tail out for his master to see. A particularly harsh tug brought a pained wince from the child; the spot where her tail was attached to her body was a very sensitive. Lord Frieza did not look shocked; rather he looked… content. "Well, well, what is this?"

Contrary to Zarbon's fears, Frieza found that the little girl was worth some of his oh so precious time. He rose from his high throne and walked toward the terrified child. Bending, Frieza lowered himself to her eye level. "What's your name?"

Having this horrible monster's face so close to her was making the little girl shake. She had never seen anything quite like it, and it scared her terribly, but she knew she had to answer. She could still see the fireworks created by the explosion of her planet. "B-bul-lma," she managed to say. She almost cried as she remembered her mom crooning her name so softly, trying to reassure her as the evil aliens invaded their planet.

"What was that?" Frieza asked, his voice loud beside her ear. The child jumped, frightened, and Frieza did not bother to hide his pleased smirk. He wanted to be sure she would fear him; after all, to survive on this ship it was necessary to fear and respect its leader, and to obey his every command.

"Bulma." She replied more clearly. "My name is Bulma." She was staring at the alien leader with wide eyes, realizing for the first time that he was not only frightening, but also quite ugly. Thoughts scrambled with panic, she wondered vaguely how her parents would have reacted to this fierce alien. They had always been a bit overprotective; she had not been allowed out of the house, and visitors had been strictly forbidden.

"Bulma," he repeated, softly, which was very unsual for him. He was trying to not scare her even more. After all, he was trying to get some information out of her. "And what are you?" He was intrigued; he knew the saiyans were the only race that resembled humans with tails, but he had never seen one with blue hair, or even a blue tail. Maybe she was a hybrid of saiyan and another race? Although that was highly unlikely; not every race could mix and actually produce a child.

"I'm a blue saiyan," she said proudly; her mom had always told her she was very unique, and to be proud of herself. Apparently there was only one saiyan born as a blue once every 10000 years, and she was one of the lucky chosen ones. She did not think that it made her very powerful; just different. She was not allow to fight, so she was still in the dark about her fighting power, but her father had been very powerful; perhaps she had inherited his strength.

Frieza stood suddenly, abruptly angry. A blue saiyan? What the fuck was that? He had never heard of such a thing! He looked down at the little girl. "What the hell is that?" Was she a treat? Could she be immensely powerful, like that other type of saiyan in the legend? He looked down at her. No, probably not; if she was important, she would not be wearing such ragged clothing.

Frieza had clearly scared the little girl; she sank to the cold floor, pulling her knees into her chest in a typical childish defense mechanism. "It's a very rare type of saiyan. My mommy told me." Despite her terror, Bulma held her chin high as she said that.

Frieza's smile returnedas he walked away from her to return to his throne. "Very rare," he said, smiling cruelly. "Well, aren't you lucky? Not only are you the only female saiyan left, but you're a blue saiyan." He said the last part in a subtly mocking way. He definitely needed to keep this one around; she could prove to be quite useful in the future.

Just then, Zarbon arrived. "Lord Frieza?" Zarbon poked his head into the room, wordlessly asking permission to enter. Frieza signaled him with his hand to come in. "I see you've already seen what I brought back with me." He shot a disgusted look in direction of the little girl; he could not stand these monkeys. They looked so disgusting, especially with their tails.

"I'll forgive you this time for bringing another useless pet in here." Zarbon was confused; Frieza had looked to be in a good mood when he had come in! "But only because she might become useful." Frieza signaled to Zarbon to bring the little girl closer to him. The green alien hurried to do so, grabbing her arm in a painful grip and practically throwing her at the reptilian Lord.

Frieza ran his horribly cold hand through Bulma's hair. Bulma froze, unsure if she should move. "Should we put her with the other saiyans?" asked Zarbon, ready to call one of the animals in. They would probably all try to get a hold of her in some pathetic way. After all, if they wanted to continue their kind, she was the only female left. To them, she was probably of great value.

Lord Frieza shook his head at his servant. "They will not find out about her." Zarbon blinked, genuinely shocked. Why not keep her with them? It was not like it mattered to Frieza if the others three knew; what would it change? "They must never see her tail."

Bulma's mouth opened in shock as she grabbed her tail. "Y-you're going to cu-cut it?" She started to mindlessly rub her tail; she could not live without, it was a part of her! And the pain of removal… an involuntary shudder ran through the small body. It would be unbearable.

Frieza let out a booming laugh. "No." He paused, silent for a moment. "It's too special to be cut." He grabbed the tail from her hand and started to pet it as though it were a kitten's tail. "We will simply have to hide it. Is that clear?" Bulma felt bad shiver run up her spine as he petted her tail. When her mother had used to do it, it had felt good; but with Frieza she simply felt shivers of fear.

Bulma was so scared that she could barely force herself to nod to the terrifying alien. "Good." Frieza turned to Zarbon, ready to explain the orders to him. "She will be in contact with the other saiyans from time to time. If anyone on this ship learns about her, I will know who talked." He grabbed Bulma's hair harshly, his grip painfully tight. "And you. You will never tell the others what you really are. Never." Bulma nodded silently. "I will make this very clear. If you do tell them, I will kill the precious, stupid prince of your damn planet."

The cerulean eyes of the little girl started to fill with tears. If there's one thing all the saiyans were taught when they were young, was that they had to respect their king, queen and prince. If they had to sacrifice their lives for them, they were expected to do it. And, though her planet didn't exist anymore, Bulma had been taught to follow that law, so that was what she intended to do. "I promise I won't."

Frieza smiled at her as he let go of her hair. "Good girl. Oh and from now on, call me Lord Frieza." He signaled the pink elephant man to leave the room. "Zarbon, go get Vegeta for me." Frieza felt the joy building inside him as he noticed the little girl's expression. Yes, she could prove to be quite useful when he needed her in the future. Quite useful.

Bulma's eyes widened. "The prince?" Frieza's joy melted into rage when he heard those words escape the child's mouth. That was her first mistake and he hoped for her it would be her last. "You will never call him like that again! HE IS NOT YOUR PRINCE ANYMORE!" Bulma's eyes once again began to fill with tears and she fought to hold them back.

Feeling his anger growing by the second, but the blue saiyan bowed, cowering before her new master. "I'm sorry." Bulma was still fighting to hold back her tears. "I will not do it again, Lord Frieza." Frieza ordered Bulma to wrap her tail around her waist, and put her shirt over, which she hurried to do. She was still young, so Frieza didn't think it mattered yet to show her how to hide her ki. Vegeta's scouter wouldn't go crazy over such a small power; she would blend in with the rest of the servants for now.

They waited there for a couple of minutes, until the doors started to open. When Bulma saw the spiky hair of her prince appear through the door, she prepared to bow to him. But when Frieza saw her beginning to bow to this so-called Prince, he gave her a swift kick to the back that sent her sprawling.

Vegeta and Zarbon snapped their heads towards the source of the loud bang only to see a mess of blue hair. Vegeta scoffed as he walked towards Frieza. Another insignificant, useless slave; didn't they have enough of those already? "Why am I being disturbed?"

"We have a new pet around." Frieza pointed down at Bulma who was still slumped on the floor. "She will be working at the Medical Lab, helping in the healing of our weaker warriors." Frieza could feel Vegeta's anger; the young prince knew this comment was directed to him. Frieza intended to have his men give the boy a good beating once in a while so Vegeta would not forgot his place.

"And this has something to do with me because..." Vegeta trailed off, his tone suggesting annoyance. He had better things to do than admire Frieza's new pet; the girl would probably be dead in a week anyway, just like all of the others.

Frieza smiled at Vegeta's growing impatience; the boy needed to learn how to control his anger. "I want you to take her to her new job." As he said that, Bulma finally rose from the ground, her eyes filled with hope. When she saw the prince, she checked to be sure that her tail was hidden. She didn't want to take any chance; her duty was to keep her prince alive, and she didn't want to mess up on her first day.

Vegeta opened his mouth, but Frieza knew what he was about to say and pre-empted the question with a snappy order. "Because I'm ordering you to do it. And that's a sufficient reason. Now take her and get out of my sight." He kicked the little girl one more time, this time on the butt, sending her sprawling in front of Vegeta's feet. 'She is probably enjoying kissing his feet.'

Vegeta sighed heavily as he looked down at the weakling at his feet. He grabbed her by the wrist,his grip harsh, and lifted her into his arms so he could carry her out of the room. "Stupid lizard." Vegeta muttered, his voice low. He was fairly certain Freiza had heard him, and he didn't give a damn either way.

Zarbon approached Frieza's throne, ready to speak to his master. He had remained silent for long enough; he was burning with an important question. "May I ask why you're sending her to the Medical Lab sir?" He looked at the disappearing shadows of the two young children. "She is only a chil;, she will be no use over there!"

"She will learn." Although it might be difficult, he thought, monkeys are not known to be smart. "Because she will be healing our warriors, so she will be spending a lot of time with our little Prince." He smirked at the thought of the tortured look on her face; sweet, sweet torture. "Not that I would do anything to make her uncomfortable."

Of course, the translation of that sentence was, he would take great pleasure in her suffering. Frieza's goal was to make sure that every monkey that was still alive would suffer until their death. And of course, their life would not end until he decided to. He would control every single aspect of their lives until they begged for sweet relief, which would be death. But then, when he would finally kill them, he would make it slow, and painful.




Bulma's cheeks were red as she walked down the hall with her prince. She had only been this close to him once before, and she was not feeling worthy enough to repeat the experience at the moment. She remembered when she and her parents had been invited to the castle by the king and queen; and the whole time she had been observing the prince from afar. 'He looked so strong,' she thought, amazed that he was so young, yet already built like a fully grown man. She looked down at herself; she was still only a weak little girl. He probably found her pathetic. Walking down the hall with Prince Vegeta had made her very self-conscious. She didn't even feel pretty enough to be around him, causing her cheeks to become even more red.

Vegeta had noticed her staring at him intensely. He had no idea why she was doing that, and he was in a bad mood now. He had almost cried when Frieza had destroyed his planet, and it had taken every bit of strength in him not to do so. He was Prince Vegeta, and he would not cry! Instead, he had transformed his emotions into anger. Now the creature that had destroyed all that he had cherished the most wanted him to give some ugly little alien a guided tour? It was a disgrace! He had better things to do; he intended to become the strongest, and that would require much training!

He wasn't about to become some babysitter for this brat. She was of no use to him, unless she was going to work for him. Vegeta already knew she was going to be Frieza's slave, which meant he had absolutely no interest in her. She was ugly anyway. What was up with her blue hair? She was young, and looked very scrawny; not that he would ever be interested in her, of course. She wasn't a saiyan after all.

Though it seemed to take an eternity, to Vegeta, anyway, the pair finally reached the laboratory, which made Vegeta sighed in relief. He would finally get rid of her."Look, here's the lab. Now you can go and leave me alone." He pushed Bulma towards the door, causing Bulma to hit the door pretty hard. Vegeta didn't seem to care on bit. "I have better things to do than lose my time with some weak race like yours… whatever you might be."

That sounded like a question to the little girl's ears; or perhaps he was just too proud to ask her. Bulma had to think fast; she couldn't tell him what she really was! Frieza wouldn't hesitate to kill him! "I'm a..." she paused; it had to be something plausible. It was hard to think about a race that looked like saiyans. "I'm a human." After all, without her tail, though it broke her heart to admit it, she did look like an earthling.

Vegeta laughed; this was even worst than he had first imagined. "Then you are even weaker than I thought you were! Pathetic." Bulma's eyes filled with tears; she didn't know her prince could be so rude. Never had she heard him pronounce so cruel words before "Now get away from me, and I might decide to not blast you away." He smirked at his own remark before turning his back to the little blue haired girl and walking away. At least, he got rid of her; he would probably never see her again, and he wouldn't mind.

Bulma could not hold her tears any longer; she let them roll down her cheeks as she entered the medical lab. Her life had just officially turned into a nightmare. She was not allowed to have her tail free and she couldn't tell anyone who she really was. She was only 4 and she had already lost all of her privileges, her freedom. And she was sacrificing everything for her beloved prince, who would kill her on sight without regret… Of course, she would not hold that against him! How could she ever do such a thing; he wasn't aware of her true identity. He was simply a saiyan, and like every other saiyan, he was looking down on weaker being. She could not blame him for doing such.

Bulma had been taught to be strong, and for because that meant so much to her, she intended to do anything she could to relieve some of her prince's suffering. She would give her life for him if she had to. Though she was only four years old, she had found her purpose in life; to protect her prince, at any cost. It could have seemed quite silly for such a young child to devote her life to someone like Vegeta, but since birth, Bulma had known no different than to love, care and protect her prince.

It had been that way her whole life, how was she supposed to know any different? Now that she was on this ship, she would probably never know any different.




It is a AU about Vegeta & Bulma (obviously!) And I don't think I've ever really read something like this (and trust me, I've spent a lot of time reading BV fics lately.) You probably read stuff that was alike though.

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