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Bulma opened her eyes, drips of sweat going down her neck. She could feel cool chills going through her body as she sat up. She blinked a few times before wiping her dripping forehead with her shaking hand. She felt dead inside, and empty, as she shook her head slightly, trying to chase the feelings away.

After a few seconds, the feeling in her gut, and her nausea was gone. It wasn't like she wasn't used to it. She had those nightmares over couple of weeks. Frieza just left a mark deep inside of you, and there was no way to completely get rid of it. Well, as long as Frieza was dead, she could live with a few nightmares, it was worth it. Bulma looked at the empty spot beside her in the bed. No surprise there; Vegeta was always awake hours before her. No matter how long he had been freed, he still couldn't break free of his routine.

She smiled when she hear a familiar cry coming from the room beside hers. She shook her head softly as she got out of the bed, all previously bad thoughts gone from her mind. The cold ground felt great against her bare feet, lowering her body temperature.

As soon as she opened the door of the door, her smile grew wider. "Someone is hungry," she said, her voice filled with joy. She walked toward the crib, and picked up a purple-haired baby from it.

"Morning Trunks."

Trunks simply answer by shoving his fist in his mouth, then back out. He then shook around his drool-dripping fist around. Bulma shook her head; just like Vegeta, impatient, and resorting to fist for everything. Except Trunks was cute enough to get away with it. He was growing up so fast, almost one year old already. It seemed that ever since Frieza's death everything had been moving in fast motion. Everything before that day was a blur, and then, their lives started.

It burnt. Bulma's whole body felt like it was on fire. She had a scorching pain coming from inside of her, and her vision was extremely blurry. She extended her hands in front of her, in the hope of grabbing something that was familiar. The only thought in her mind was that she was dead. There was no way she was alive right?

The last thing she remembered was she life being drained out of her. It was painful and it was heartbreaking. Tears came to her eyes, making her vision even worse. She grabbed her chest with her fist, and tried to breathe normally. She couldn't, as if something was closing her lungs shut.

Bulma didn't know why, but something was preventing her from breathing. She coughed a few times, before trying to take another deep breathe. It was a very bad idea since it only made it worse. She got on her knees, and palms, desperately trying to get oxygen to her lungs. She was coughing like a mad woman, when she felt something heavy rest on her back.

The weight immediately caused her to collapse. She closed her eyes from the pain, almost waiting for relief. She turned her head slightly, and with all her energy, opened her eyes again. She almost gasped when she saw Vegeta, unconscious/dead resting on top of her. There was no way… he couldn't be… could he?

No wait, he couldn't be dead, because if he was, so would she. Maybe they were both dead? Her heart was beating fast and pressing against her rib cage as it seemed to try and escape. No, not Vegeta. She bit her bottom lip.

"Vegeta," she said her voice coming out as a whisper.

When he didn't respond, her worry only grew bigger. No, they couldn't be dead. They were alive, he was alive. Bulma felt the tears almost burning her cheeks as they came down. Bulma gathered her strength, and moved away from Vegeta slightly until his body was resting on the ground instead of on her. She then walked over him again, and using up all her energy, she lifted his head up, so it was on her lap. Without even thinking, she moved her hand to his cheek, and slightly caressed it.

It was warm.

A tiny smile appeared on her face. He wasn't dead. Before she could control herself, her tears fell down even more, and on Vegeta's face. Then, he slightly frowned, and Bulma's heart grew even lighter. He was going to be just fine. He wasn't going to die. Once more, on an impulse, she threw herself at him, her head resting on his chest. She had never been so scared of her whole life.

"Idiot," she said in a whisper. How could he scare her like this?

"Hmpf. I save your sorry ass, and this is how you thank me?"

Almost in shock, Bulma raised her head, and looked into Vegeta's semi-opened eyes. Her heart skipped a beat as she watched him struggle to sit up. Gosh, he was stubborn. Her tears were falling everywhere as she shook her head at him.


Suddenly, Bulma felt like an idiot. Frieza. How could she have forgotten? How could it have slipped her mind? She started gasping, as her breathing accelerated. She looked around, and for the first time noticed her surroundings. She had been so worry about Vegeta, that nothing else had mattered. The ship, if it was still even a ship, was completely destroyed. There was still black smoke coming out of the room, and the walls were covered in blood.

Bulma bite her bottom lip, as she was still looking for Frieza. He didn't seem to be anywhere to be found. If he was alive, he wouldn't have just left them there right? She shook her head, her eyes finally drying. "I don't see him." She hoped, and prayed he was dead. She knew they wouldn't handle another fight, Frieza would win.

Vegeta grunted as he managed to get back on his own two feet. Bulma worried as she watched him limp, as he walked deeper in the room. He wouldn't rest until he would know for sure Frieza was no more. He wouldn't let his guard down until he knew. Everything in front of him was slightly blurry but it didn't matter. Moving hurt every single muscle of his body, but that didn't matter either. The feeling of power inside of him, was enough to overcome all this meaningless pain. It would go away anyway. Vegeta tried to focus as he looked around, trying to see any remains of Frieza. He wanted to find them, he wanted to know he was dead. He had to find something, anything.

That's when he found what he was looking for. Sort of.

Vegeta had blown a huge whole in the ship, and right there, he could see what seemed like body parts. Exploded, blown to pieces, parts. Heck, he couldn't even tell where the hell they came from, or what they were. All he knew, all he recognized was the white, and the purple. His chest was immediately filled with a weird pride, and before he knew it, he dropped to his knees. He had never done such a degrading gesture before, but this required it. His energy was completely drained, and he was exhausted.

He did it. It was over.

Vegeta could almost feel his eyes tearing up, but he didn't let it out. He wouldn't do that. He wouldn't cry. Never. He closed his eyes for a mere moment, gaining back his control, and letting himself be filled with pride.

He turned his head slightly to look at Bulma. She was barely able to stand up. Her hands were close to her heart, and as she watched him, her eyes watered again. She was fine. Kami, for a moment there, he believed he had lost her, and himself. For the first time in his life, he had been terrified. For the first time, his heart had been crushed, in a way he didn't believe possible. Heck, before she came along, he wasn't aware he could feel such things. Vegeta got back on his feet, and walked towards her. Bulma wasn't sure what to do, and she remained still. There was something in his eyes, she couldn't explain.

After a few minutes, which felt like hours, he reached her. Before Bulma could do anything, she felt his arms being wrapped around her, and her face pushed against his bleeding chest. She gasped in surprise, as Vegeta held her even tighter. Her ear was pressed against his chest, and she could hear his heartbeat. It was unusually fast, and it almost surprised her. Vegeta's breathing was uneven, as he held her as tight as possible, just to make sure it was real. Then, she felt Vegeta's hand in her hair, and she wrapped her arms around him, scared to let him go.

He almost lost her. He almost caused her death. He had been reckless; if he had done it properly, she wouldn't have been captured in the first place. He was stubborn, and it almost cost them their lives. Vegeta lifted his hand, and put it on her stomach. All of their lives. Once again, tears threatened to come, but he held them back. He wouldn't cry. He couldn't cry. He sighed heavily before kissing the side of her head, then he went down to her ear. Bulma could feel his warm breathe, which sent chills down her spine.

He wanted to say it, he wanted to say those words again. Maybe it wasn't the same because she was conscious this time. His face frowned as he cursed himself mentally. He couldn't say it, the words wouldn't come out. He sighed angrily, before closing his eyes. Then, he bent down even closer to her ear. Bulma held her breathe in as he whispered ever so softly in her ear. She almost wondered if she should have heard it. Heck, she wondered if he really said those words, or if she was making it up in her mind. She couldn't remember how long she had wish for those little three words. She had given up on it. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and buried her face in the crook of his neck, a tiny smirk on her lips.

"I love you too," she said almost as inaudible as he did.

Maybe she hadn't been suppose to respond. Maybe, he didn't want to know if she heard him, but she didn't care, she did anyway. They had waited for this moment for years. They were free. They had done it.

It was over.

After that day, she had never felt so free. Of course, it only added to her happiness, that they were able to give Trunks an actual life. She looked down at her son, who was in her arms, still waiting for his food. Looking at Trunks reminded her of how happy she was, but also, of all the sacrifices they went through. The main reason why they decided to take Frieza down then, was because they knew they couldn't let him grow up on the ship like they had.

As Bulma walked past the window, something caught her attention, and brought her out of her thought. She smiled before looking down at Trunks.

"How about we go see Gohan before some breakfast?"

The little boy didn't reply, but he smiled, and Bulma took it as a yes. She could see from the window that Chi was outside with Gohan. As soon as Bulma opened the door, she could hear the giggles coming out of the little boy's mouth. Quickly enough, Chi raised her head to look at Bulma, and nodded to her.

Things were a little better between them. Bulma couldn't help some of the feelings she had towards Chi, but after nearly losing everything she had, including her own life, she couldn't find it in her heart to ignore her. After all, wasn't it for the same reason that Chi and Kakarot left? To save what they had? Themselves? She had never been theirs, she had simply been a task assigned to them. She felt resentment, but she couldn't hate her forever. On top of that, Kakarot had been the one to provide them with a new home to live on.

Bulma and Vegeta were still tangled into each other, clinging on like their lives depended on it. Suddenly, the noise of the door opening caught their attention and both of them immediately looking in direction of the intruder, only to see Kakarot standing there. His face was extremely serious has he walked closer to them, before going down on one knee to bow to Vegeta.

He knew what happened. It hadn't been very hard to feel the extreme change of power in Vegeta during the fight. When Chi had felt Bulma's ki hanging by a thread, she had almost thrown him out of the room so he could go help, but on his way something stopped him. He felt the burst into Vegeta's energy, and without even seeing him, he knew he had achieved it. He had almost smirked at that moment, as he pictured Frieza's reaction in his mind. It must have been priceless. The lizard had gotten exactly what he deserved for destroying their world. Although, Kakarot knew Vegeta had other reasons for what he did.

Somehow, the thought of losing Bulma, and their child, had been so much more of a trigger for him, than getting revenge for their fallen kind.

So, he had waited, in the hall, for the fight to be over. He knew it was better not to get involve in the fight, and he had no worries. Vegeta wouldn't lose, or at least, if he had indeed died, Kakarot knew he would have taken Frieza's life with him. Kakarot himself had been shook by the huge explosion that caused Frieza's death, and he had found himself slightly wounded. Nothing that wouldn't heal in a couple of hours though.

He had a feeling he was interrupting a little something between Bulma and Vegeta which was also why he bowed. The ship was falling to pieces, and if they wanted to make it out alive, they needed to get going soon. They needed to take one of the ship, and leave this place.

"We have to leave," stated Kakarot as he got back on his feet.

Vegeta, who was still holding Bulma by the waist, nodded. Bulma looked at Kakarot, then Vegeta. Why did they seem so sure of themselves? It's not like they had anywhere to go for the moment. Sure, anywhere was better than here, but still. She didn't want to take over anyone's home. It had been done to them, and she didn't want the same thing happening to anyone else. But, she didn't want to be under someone's control again.

Kakarot seemed to notice Bulma's worry. "We already have our destination. Namek."

It took them two weeks to reach Namek. Bulma had been a little worried when they first landed, but the Nameks had been very kind people. They took them in, and let them stay without a doubt. Bulma had been very grateful for their hospitality, but it still wasn't their home.

This planet belonged to someone else, and they would never truly be able to call it home, but she was still confident about having their own home. Actually they were about a year away from maybe having their home back. The Nameks had very special items; dragonballs. They were said to grant any wish, no matter the nature. Because of their extreme power, they needed around 3 years to complete regenerated themselves. The Nameks had offer them the next available wish.

Of course, considering something like this would take time. They all wanted Vegeta-sei back, but it could be dangerous. While they moved 16 years forward, their planet, and people didn't. Things could get complicated, but, they would want it back more than anything else in the world. They still had a year, and time to think. The most trouble by it, seemed to be Vegeta.

Bulma gasped in surprise, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around, only to see Vegeta standing behind her, blood dripping down his arm. Although he was slightly hurt, he still had a smirk on his face. Ever since he had reached the supersaiyan level, it had been impossible to wipe it off his face. Of course, he was being overly confident, and somewhat cocky, but for once, Bulma didn't have an argument against it. She put Trunks down on the ground, right beside Gohan, before turning around to look at him.

His features were still very neutral, but Bulma knew something he only shared with her. His warmth. He was completely different with her, and Trunks then he was with the rest of the world. She could see how he was acting, and although, she knew he wouldn't hurt anyone who didn't deserve it, he would still act tough, cold, and sometimes mean. But then again, it was Vegeta; he wouldn't show weakness. Only to her, perhaps because he trusted her or because he loved her.

As Vegeta walked past her slowly, she felt him press a kiss against the side of her head, and she smiled. Ever since that faithful day, he was worried. That worry even created something weird inside of him, something she hadn't seen before. A dark shadow in his eyes. But, it didnt' come from being enslaved, like with Frieza, it was different. Vegeta had developed another side, as if although he became more powerful than ever, for the first time in his life, he had really been scared, as if the thought of someone close to him being taken away changed him. For Vegeta to transform, he had to accept he failed. That just being him, wasn't enough to defeat Frieza. He rarely talked about his feelings, and Vegeta knew Bulma didn't know half of it.

He watched her as she cherish this small moment. He sighed silently before looking down at his son on the ground. Of course, he cared about them, and he would protect them, but he couldn't help the feeling that something was missing. He had his family, but he had lost everything else. Actually to gain what he has, he had to lose everything. Vegeta knew that he wanted his people back, his planet back, but. Actually there wasn't really a but, Sure, it might be complicated, since so much time passed, but he believed they could do it. After all, now, nobody was as strong as him, and if anyone stood in his way, he would just get rid of them.

Vegeta wanted it to be complete, and he couldn't give up who he was. Kakarot and Chi weren't training anymore, but he couldn't push his saiyan blood aside as easily. It didn't matter if there wasn't a current threat, there could be one, and he would not be taken off guard. Sometimes he saw it in her eyes, she thought it was silly, but maybe she didn't understand. She didn't experience what he did, and Vegeta wasn't use to feelings. Especially feeling so much just at once. He could remember that day as if it was yesterday.

Bulma thought she was having nightmares, but compared to what he had, it was clearly good dreams. He would never forget, and he would never make the same mistake twice. Vegeta turned his head slightly and watched Bulma as she picked up their son. Somehow, a ghost of a smile appeared on his lips. They had freed him. His son would never had to go through all the horrors, he had to.

His son.

His mate.

He wanted to give them more, he wanted to be more. They had helped him, after all. All these years he had trained with only hatred in his heart, and he wanted revenge. Never had he been able to reach the power he wanted, but then, she came along. It wasn't his hate for Frieza, nor his thirst for power that made him transform. It was only when he reached bottom rock, when he thought he would lose everything he held dear, only when he opened his heart, and realized he wanted to save her more than he wanted to save himself did he succeed.

As ironic as it was, everything he ran from his whole life was the key. Of course, he wouldn't go around, praising feelings, he knew it deep inside, and so did Bulma. It was enough, he didn't need more, and he didn't need anyone else.

Vegeta was brought out of his thought, when he felt his nose being grab forcefully. He opened his eyes wide, only to see Trunks pulling at his nose, a smile on his face. Kami knew he hadn't wanted this, not yet, not now. He still wasn't use to such a little being. Actually, it was always very awkward to hold him, so he avoided it. He couldn't train him, so he didn't understand what else he was suppose to do. His only memory with his father were training. They never talked, or did all that other stuff. They weren't close, and they didn't share.

It's not like he was going to do it with his son. He raised his head slightly and saw Bulma looking at him, watching his every move. He knew she was trying to make him spend more time with Trunks, but it wasn't going to happen, not yet. She couldn't understand, she didn't know how conflicting it was for him. Vegeta gently took Trunks' hand in his, and removed it. The little boy had a confused look on his face, before his feature slightly saddened.

Bulma immediately hugged him in her arms, glaring at Vegeta. She wasn't really mad, but more disappointed. She couldn't understand why Vegeta was so reluctant to spend time with his own son, but then again, there was still a lot of thing about him she didn't understand. Although, she knew Vegeta cared for Trunks, and that was enough. She walked towards Vegeta, with Trunks still in her arms, and she buried her face in his chest. She knew something was missing for him.

She was happy where she was, but he wasn't. Maybe she was wrong, since he wasn't telling her anything about this, but she couldn't chase the feeling off. Bulma wouldn't give up though, and she knew whatever his wish was going to be, she'd follow. She had a feeling that whatever was about to come, would be difficult, but if they could make it through Frieza, than they could make it through anything. Vegeta's past had a lot of dark secrets she didn't know about, and even when she tried to see what was in his mind, it seemed he would block his past. She didn't want him worrying about it anymore. She wanted Vegeta to let go of everything that was painful. She had done it very easily, especially with Trunks coming in the picture. She had just wished it could have been as easy for him. She looked up at him slightly, watching his closed eyes as his head rested on hers. Bulma couldn't help the small sigh they escaped her lips.

He deserved to be happy.

They deserved to be one.




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