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Chapter 2 – Luck

This must be the luckiest day of my life… Seriously.

Jacob's family hadn't seen him for a while, so they weren't suspicious about me. And I couldn't help but fall more in love with him every second of the day. And his family was amazing.. they just welcomed me. Without doubting me.

How could I ever leave this great feeling.

But I know that when he woke up… I'd have to get out of here.

'So Bella…' One of his sister's suddenly said. 'How did you and Jake meet?' She smiled. His family at least seemed to like me.

'Come on Rachel, I'm sure Bella doesn't want to talk about that…' Jacob's father shook his head at her. And she glared at him.

'Why not, It must be a nice story..' She rolled her eyes and I smiled.

'How do you know it was nice? Maybe it was horrible. Maybe he met her when he just fell in the lake or something…'

'Dad! Of course it was nice, why wouldn't it be… it's Jake! Everything that happens to him is nice.'

'Yeah except that other girl… what was her name?'

'Lauren…' I saw Rachel pull a face. I just smiled when I saw them bickering. I loved them already.

'Yes her, he could've had anyone, and who did he pick? Someone like her. ' Jacob's father rolled his eyes.

'But he has a nice girl now…' Rachel smiled at me. 'So tell us… how did you 2 meet, please tell us?' She pouted and I grinned.

'Alright… well.' I smiled and thought about the first day I saw Jacob. 'It was love at first sight.'

'What was it that you first saw about him?' She smiled and looked at me like she was watching some romantic movie.

'His perfect smile…' I blushed a little. Remembering this was his family I was talking to.

'Yeah he better has a perfect smile, that smile cost him about 5000 dollars.'

I laughed. 'Really? He had his teeth done?'

'Oh god yes, you should've seen them before he did… they were horrible…'

I looked over at Jacob and couldn't imagine him looking horrible in any way. He was perfect…

I heard his family talking back and forth while I was lost in my own thoughts.

Seeing them, together as a family. Reminded me of my own family. My mom who passed away when I was little. I didn't even remember her…

And my dad… he stayed with me for years. Until he finally couldn't do it anymore. And he went back to my mom last year.

Since then, I've been all alone. I had a few friends. But no one really close to me.

And I won't even start about a boyfriend.

The only one I got is my downstairs neighbor, Mike Newton. He's always hitting on me, even though I've told him a 100 times I won't go out with him.

'So Bella? His smile you said?' Rachel tried to get my attention back and I looked up. Not realizing everyone was looking at me.

'Oh erm yeah… that first day we met. He smiled at me, and I knew… I knew I'd never feel the same again.'

And of course at that, both the sisters squealed and jumped up and down.


As much as I wanted to stay with Jacob all the time. I knew I had to go home at some point. So around 9 in the evening. I told everyone I had to go.

And I went home.

When I got to the hallway, the first thing I heard was Mike's voice.

'Hey Bell!' He smiled when he saw me. And I groaned softly. Why couldn't he just get it? How could he be SO blind.

'Hi Mike…' I said a little annoyed.

'How are you today?' He smiled, blocking my way.

'I'm fine, Mike. I am just tired…' I tried to get past him. But of course he wouldn't let me.

'Where you been all day? I haven't seen you…' He looked at me with that creepy face of his.

'I was at the hospital Mike, now can you please let me through?' I sighed.

'Hospital? What were you doing at the hospital? Are you alright? Are you pregnant?' He said with big eyes.

'NO!' I looked at him. 'Why would you think I was pregnant! Of course I'm not pregnant!'

He nods. 'Good, because I wanted to ask you…' he got something out his pocket and looked at me. 'Will you go to the big game with me on Saturday?' he held up 2 tickets.

'What game…'

'Ice hockey Bella…'

I rolled my eyes. 'I hate ice hockey…' And I could finally get past him.

'So I'll see you Saturday!' I rolled my eyes.

'Bye Mike!' And I opened my door and went inside.

I let out a groan of frustration again. I so had to move away from here…

I looked around to look for my cat. 'Milo? Milo where are you…'

I gave him something to eat and I sat down on the sofa and sighed.

Milo was really all I had…

I realized I was just pathetic. I only had a cat to love me. Well and Mike, but he's creepy.

But I couldn't help but hope, that thanks to Jacob. Things would change soon…


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