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"Bijuu/Summon/Inner Talking"

'Bijuu Thinking'


Info/ Bijuu in human form while sealed talking


"Gai & Lee yelling"


-Action while talking-

(Author Notes or something I'm telling you or forgot to tell you)

Chapter 1: New Home, New Friend, & A new Technique

Today is October 10th. The day the Yondaime defeated the Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and a young boy is running for his life. Wait...Hold on.

A young boy with unruly sun-kissed blond hair & sapphire eyes was running from a mob. He wore a t-shirt that was to big for him & black shorts. He had three whisker-like marks on his face. His hair spiked in all directions. He had no shoes on. He also had a pendant on. He was running like the devil was after him. You see today is his 5th birthday. It all started a few hours ago.

Flashback to this morning

Naruto woke up to the sun's ray. "Go away, sun!" he cried out. "Get up, akuma! You lived here long enough! Leave this place & never come back!" the keeper of the orphanage said. "What? Alright!" Naruto said getting up & leaving. 'Why can't they see I'm not Kyuubi! I'm innocent!' Naruto thought. He knew about Kyuubi, even though no one told him. He figured it out on his own. What people don't know is that he's a genius. He wears a grinning idiot mask to hide his emotions & intellegence.

He left the orphanage. A few minutes later he accidently knocked a guy down, thing is the guy was a shinobi. "The akuma just attacked me!" the shinobi yelled as a mob gathered. 'Uh oh' Naruto thought running. "Akuma!" "Bakemono!" "Kitsune Gaki!" "You killed my loved ones!" "Die!" "Get him!" "We'll finish what the Yondaime started!" yelled the mob. They chased him for a few hours.

That happen this morning & they are still chasing him. The chased him to a forest behind the Monument, then when they couldn't find him they stopped. Naruto ran deeper into the forest when he came across a compound/store. It had a sign hooked on to it saying 'Devil May Cry'. (Meh! Couldn't resist) He went up to the double black oak doors. He knocked.

There was no answer so he went in (it was unlocked, but truly it sensed him as he approached & unlocked itself. The pendant allows him in. Only a person of his family can wear the pendant. Any blood on the pendant will allow the owner of the blood in the compound. The pendant stays hidden in his shirt however). As he entered he looked around the place, he went into a random room. It was a library filled with jutsus! There was a black table with a scroll on it. He went to the scroll. He read it. 'Kage Bushin?' he thought. He read on.

Kage Bushin- a solid clone technique that when it learns something the user will learn it to. However, it can't do stuff like increase speed or strength, but it can increase chakra by doing the exercises. If to many dispel at once it may cause a headache. A b-rank kinjutsu. Divides chakra in half between clones. The Kage Bushin can attack. Jounin Level.

Tajuu Kage Bushin- A stronger version of the Kage Bushin. Makes more solid clones. Same abilities as Kage Bushin. Dangerous. Even most jounins can't use this technique. Needs a lot of chakra. A-rank kinjutsu.

Naruto saw handsigns & practiced the justus. He got them both right away. So he used Tajuu Kage Bushin to make 1000 clones. 500 to read up on the justu, 200 to explore outside, 300 to explore the rest of the house. He had them slowly disperse themselves. There was 2,000 rooms, not including the master bedroom. 1500 bathrooms. A laundry room, kitchen, a weaponry, a treasury, a armory, a office (2nd largest room in the compound), a game room, a living area, a theatre, a dining area & more on the inside. Outside was a dojo, training area, hotspring, a huge yard, & a forest.

The game room had a plasma tv. Every game console imagined. Psp, ds, gameboy sp in every color. A gamecube (it's silver), ps2, a xbox, a xbox 360, a ps3, nintendo wii, nintendo 64. There was also a computer. There was every game imaginable & 13 racks. 1 rack held psp games, another ds games, there was one that held gameboy color games, one that held gameboy advance games, one held ps games, one held ps2 games. Another held ps3, then there was one that held gamecube, one for xbox, another for xbox 360, one for wii, another for the nintendo 64, there was even a rack for computer games. There was also a pool table.

The threatre had a room that held every movie. The armory was empty. The office had a desk, a chair, & a lamp. The walls were covered with demon heads. The room was covered in orbs: red, blue, green, & yellow. Behind the chair was a sword with a plain sword. Big, but plain (Force Edge).

In the armory there were all kind of weapons. There was three racks. A sword rack that held swords of all shapes and sizes. A rack that held cylinder weapons (Guns). Then another rack that was for everything else. There was a sword with bat wings (Alastor), a sword with a skull (Rebellion), 2 identical swords (Rudra & Agni), & another sword (Yamato). They were on the sword rack.

There was two cylinder weapons that was similar (Ebony & Ivory). Then there was another (shot gun) & beside it one that looked dangerous (grenade gun). They were on the gun rack. On the last rack was gauntlets & shinguards that almost looked to be on fire (Ifrit), gauntlets & shinguards that gave off light (Beowulf), nunchucks that seemed to be cold to the touch(Cereberus), a breifcase (Pandora), & a guitar (Nevan).

One clone even found the safe. There was two scrolls in them. The clone put them on the bed in the master bedroom (Largest room in compound). The master bedroom had a king size bed. It had black satin sheets & crimson black. Even the pillow cases were black. The walls were black & the carpet red. There was a walk-in closet & a bathroom. The sinks & toilets made of black marble. Even the floor was black marble. The bath & shower were also made of black marble.

There was nothing hanging on the wall of the bedroom. There was a black desk to the side with a silver laptop on it. A plasma tv with a dvd/vcr player. (It's already got cable) There was a black drawer beside the bed with a lamp on it. The lamp had red shades. On the drawer was a face down picture in a red frame. (Someone really likes black & red.) Inside the drawer was a photo album. There was a door that led to a mini kitchen. It had everything that the kitchen had. A mini refridgerator, a mini freezer, microwave, toaster, mini oven, mini stove (they are not that small) & all the utensils. Even a sink.

In the kitchen was a refridgerator, a freezer, a oven & a stove. The tiles were red marble. The freezer & refridgerator were black. Black marble sink. A microwave, a toaster & all the utensils (pots, pans, forks, knives, spoons, plates, glasses, bowls, salt, pepper, the other spices.) It even had cabinets. The laundry room had black washer, black dryer, & black marble tile.

Naruto got up & went to bed. He went to the master bedroom & sat on the bed. (There is a couple of clothes. There is a white duster with red flames & a red coat). He looked at the picture. It was a picture of a man & a woman. The man was the Yondaime grinning. He was wearing a jounin outfit with a white duster with red flames. 'So this is the Yondaime's house?' Naruto thought. The woman also wore the jounin vest, but she had a orange shinobi shirt & black shinobi pants. She was smiling. She had long red hair & light blue eyes. 'Is that his wife? She's beautiful!' though Naruto.

He then brought out the photo album. Some pictures had the Yondaime, some had the woman. The others had either 2 people. A man & a woman. The woman had long blond hair & light blue eyes. The guy had flat silver hair & eyes. He wore a red coat, One picture had the guy with another guy. They looked kinda similar. They were probably twins.

This guy had slick back silver hair & eyes. He wore a blue coat. There was another picture. It had the guy in red & the guy in blue as children. There was a woman similar to that other one. She was holding another man with silver hair & light blue eyes. He had a purple coat. It was obviously the twin's parents. Then there was a picture of the guy in red with the look like woman.

Some pics had the twin, some had a woman with black hair, a blue eye & a red eye. There was a picture with her standing with the twin. There were pictures of a little blond girl with blue eyes and some with a man. There was a picture of the man in red holding the blond woman while the twin held the black haired woman. Some pictures also had a red haired woman, a brown haired woman, and another guy who looked identical to the twins.

There was a picture that had the identical man with the brown haired woman. There was a picture of the twins, the identical man, the blond woman, the bi-colored eye woman, and the brown hair was also a picture of the guy in red standing next to the blond woman, the black haired woman, the little girl, and the man. (The scolls are in the drawer) Naruto layed down and went to sleep.


Naruto looked around to see he was in what looked like a sewer. He saw red chakra so he followed it. He came to a room with a cage in the middle. There was no lock, the only thing keeping it sealed shut was the peace of paper that had the kanji for 'seal'. "Hello? Kyuubi, you home?" Naruto asked sarcastically. (Couldn't resist) Soon a pair of red eyes opened and looked at him. "Ah! There you are! So why attack Konoha?" Naruto asked. "I didn't even mean to attack Konoha. I was on my way here to visit a friend when a man who smelt of snakes attacked me. I think his name was Orochimaru." "Who was your friend?" Naruto asked curiously. "A man by the name of Dante Sparda. You actually saw a picture of him. It was that guy with silver hair in red. He always did love the color red."

"So you knew who was in those pictures?" Naruto asked as Kyuubi nodded. "Can you tell me?" Naruto asked curious. Kyuubi nodded. "I can tell you, but not right now, okay?" Naruto nodded. "Hey Kyuubi?" Naruto asked. "What?" "Will you be my friend?" Naruto asked uncertain. Kyuubi smiled (How?). "Yes, kit. I will be your friend." Naruto smiled. "Thanks!" he said. "No problem!" Naruto turns to leave. "Before you go, take this with you." Kyuubi threw a scroll at Naruto. Naruto then leaves the mindscape.

Real World

"That's the Kitsune contract. Sign your name & you'll be able to summon kitsunes. By the way I'm the boss. And before you ask I can now talk to you. To talk to me all you have to do is think & I'll hear it. Later" Kyuubi told Naruto in his mind. Naruto nodded. Naruto was very happy. He got a new friend, a new house, & a new technique! He was still learning so he should get more. Now all he needs is to learn his heritage! Maybe he'll learn it soon! Naruto opened the scroll to see it was a contract


Akuma: Demon/Devil (The way the villagers are using it they are saying 'Demon')

Bakemono: Monster

Kitsune: Fox

Gaki: Brat

Yondaime: 4th

Kyuubi: Nine-Tailed/Nine-Tails

Kage: Shadow

Bushin: Clone

Tajuu: Mass

Konoha: Hidden leaf

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