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Chapter 6: Chunin Exam Pelims

Naruto was walking around the stadium. He was nervous. "Naruto? You okay?" asked Sasuke. "Yea, just peachy" Naruto said sacastically. Sasuke glared at him making a few people snicker. 'I'm to old for this shit' thought Sarutobi. "TODAY! IS THE START OF THE PRELIMS! GET READY!" Sarutobi shouted. "-cough- Let's see who's first" Hayate said as the board.

Neji Hyuuga vs. Dosu Kinuta

Neji and Dosu stayed down in the stadium as everyone else left to the second floor. "Hajime!" Hayate said. "You cannot defeat me" Neji said. "We'll see" Dosu said as he charged Neji. Neji dodged at attacked Dosu with kunai & shuriken. Dosu used his sound attacks, but Neji blocked them. Suddenly Neji charged Dosu with a kunai. Dosu fell unconcious. "Shousha Neji!" Hayate yelled. "Waste of my time!" Neji said.

Kankuro no Subaku vs. Haku Momochi

Neji went upstairs as the medics took Dosu away. Kankuro & Haku came down. "This will be a piece of cake!" Kankuro said. "Say that only after you win!" Haku told him. "Hajime!" Hayate said. Kankuro attacked with crow only for Haku to use ice senbons to block. "Let me show you an attack that Naruto-kun taught me!" Haku said as she started to a lot of handsigns. "Ice Style: Eternal Winter!" she said as a huge snow storm came. Kankuro was frozen in ice. "Shousha Haku!" Hayate called. Naruto cheered.

Garashi no Subaku vs. Chouji Akimichi

Medics took Kankuro away as Haku went up to the next floor & stood beside Naruto. Garashi & Chouji came down. It was over before it began. Garashi just flung Chouji into a wall knocking him out. Then she went upstairs & stood on the other side of Naruto as Chouji was rolled up to the hospital.

(Ino & Sakura's battle is the same as is Temari & Tenten's, except Naruto caught Tenten before she hit the fan)

Hinata Hyuuga vs. Sayuri Uchiha

Hinata & Sayuri stood facing each other. Sasuke had just faught Zaku. He won by breaking Zaku's arms. "Let's do our best, ne Hinata-chan?" Sayuri called. "H-Hai. S-Sayuri-chan!" Hinata said. "Hajime!" Hayate said. They then called out their respective bloodlines. "Byakugan!" "Sharigan!" They then charged each other. "Fire Style: Blazing Inferno!" Sayuri yelling, breathing out a fire stream from her mouth. "Water Style: Raging Rapids!" Hinata called out breathing water clashing the two attacks causing an elxplosion. When it cleared Hinata was unconcious. "Shousha Sayuri Uchiha!" Hayate called. Sayuri grinned as she carried Hinata upstairs where Naruto healed them.

Hakushi no Yami vs. Kin Tsuchi

Kiba & Shino just got done with their battle. Shino had used his insects to drain, so Kiba used taijutsu. Kiba then faught Shikamaru who used his shadow to knock Kiba out. Shika is now sitting by Ino who has awoken from her battle. "Hajime!" Hayate said. Hakushi stood facing Kin. Kin attacked with the bells, but Hakushi made a barrier. Hakushi then blasted out lighning knocking Kin unconcious. Hakushi scoffed then went upstairs as medics took Kin away. "Shousha Hakushi!" Hayate called out.

Naruto Uzumaki vs. Rock Lee

Naruto walked down along with Lee. "Ready Lee?" Naruto asked. "Hai Naruto-kun!" Lee called. "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" Naruto yelled. "YOSH! YOUR FLAMES OF YOUTH BURN BRIGHTLY!" Lee yelled. "Hajime!" Hayate said. They rushed together. Lee got Gai's permission to remove the weights. Lee did the Primary Lotus only for Naruto to heal himself. "Wind Style: Twilight's Gale!" Naruto yelled. A powerful gale attacked Lee knocking him unconcious. "Shousha Naruto!" Hayate called out.

Sarutobi then congradulated everyone and gave them a list of who they would be fighting in the finals.

Neji Hyuuga vs. Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto Uzumaki vs. Haku Momochi

Garashi no Subaku vs. Hakushi no Yami

Shikamaru Nara vs. Sayuri Uchiha

Winner of that round vs. Temari no Subaku

Everyone nodded. All happy with who they got except Haku who didn't care & Shikamaru who thought it was to troublesome.


Hajime- Begin

Shousha- Winner

These Techniques are Mine:

Ice Style: Eternal Winter

Fire Style: Blazing Inferno

Water Style: Raging Rapids

Wind Style: Twilight's Gale

If you want to use them ask me or at least give me the credit!

Here's some info

Ice Style: Eternal Winter- Makes a very cold snowstorm that could freeze the planet with enough chakra in it.

Fire Style: Blazing Inferno- Makes a jet of fire come from the user's mouth. As hot as a volcano's lava.

Water Style: Raging Rapids- Makes a stream of water come from user's mouth like Rapids.

Wind Style: Twilight's Gale- Makes a very strong gale. The more chakra the stronger. Use it during Twilight and it's invincible.

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