Disclaimer: I do not own Camp Rock

Disclaimer: I do not own Camp Rock.

Author's Note: This is probably not the follow-up to "Five-Year Plan" that anyone was hoping for, but it was the one that I wanted to write. So this is for Oo lovetoday oO who knew what "Five-Year Plan" was going to be about from the note up front.

"Hello," said an obviously distracted Mitchie as she answered her phone.

"Hey, Mitch. How are you?"

"Nate?" Mitchie asked in a worried voice. "Is everything okay?"

Nate laughed. "See, that's why I'm calling. I feel bad that you think that the only reason I'd call is because something's wrong."

"Uhm, Nate. That's cause the only time you ever call me is when something's wrong," Mitchie responded.

"I know, and I feel bad about it. So now I am calling to see how you are doing."

Mitchie laughed, "Okay. I'm fine, I guess."

"You guess? What kind of answer is that?" Nate asked.

"No, I'm good. It's just I didn't realize how stressful recording would be," Mitchie said.

"How's that going? Caitlyn says you're amazing."

Mitchie rolled her eyes, "She's my best friend; she has to say that."

"Mitchie, this is Caitlyn, the girl who told me the first time we met that my past recordings were heavily overproduced. She doesn't say things just because she's suppose to," Nate replied.

"True. There were a few takes where she almost made me cry," Mitchie said.

"So what's the problem? Besides the fact that my girlfriend occasionally lacks tact?" Nate asked. "Maybe I can help. I do have some experience in the studio, you know."

"Well, Caitlyn is fantastic, and she got Andy from camp to come play drums for me, which is amazing. But the guitar player that the label sent over just seems to lack something. I don't know what to do with him," Mitchie explained. "I wish Jason was here." After a moment, Mitchie added, "Or you. I mean Jason or you."

Nate laughed. "Nice catch there. I almost couldn't tell that I was an after-thought."

"I didn't mean..." Mitchie started before Nate cut her off.

"No worries, Mitchie. I am well aware that Jason is better on the guitar."

There was a brief pause before Nate spoke up, "You know John who played guitar with the band on our last album?"

"Of course," Mitchie said. "He's incredible!"

"He wasn't able to go on tour with us because his wife's expecting a baby. How about if I call him and see if he can come over and work with you guys for a few days?"

Mitchie squealed, "Could you? Really?"

Nate laughed, "I'll hang up right now and give him a call."

"Thanks, Nate. I'd really appreciate that," Nate could hear her grinning over the phone.

"No problem. That's what friends are for. I'd better go before it gets too late to call over there," Nate said.

"Hey, Nate," Mitchie said. "Thanks for calling. It was nice talking to you."

Nate smiled. "You'll be hearing from me soon. I added 'call Mitchie' into my calendar every few weeks to help me remember."

Mitchie shook her head. That was so Nate. He felt bad about something, so he created a strategy to address the issue. "I'll look forward to hearing from you. Give Jason and Shane a hug for me."

"Do I have to?" Nate whined.

"Bye, Nate," Mitchie laughed as she hung up the phone. She went back to working on her song with renewed energy. She had always figured that Nate saw her as just his girlfriend's best friend or his best friend's girlfriend, someone he got stuck with. She couldn't believe how nice it felt to know that he thought of her as a friend.