"Guys. We need to add someone to the band." Cory said.

"But, why?" Meena asked.

"Cuz Alexander just called and said we need to add someone to the band." Cory said.

Cory, Newt, and Meena had a band called DC3 and it was just the three of them. Cory on drums/backup singer/rapper, Newt guitarist/backup singer, and Meena, the lead singer/songwriter. But most the songs they wrote were together. Shes written a couple.

"Cory, I don't know. I mean, remember how looking for a keyboard player turned out?" Meena said, having everyone remember what it was like to have Stickler take Cory's rhythm away then lie about it.

"We have to or we're not the Semi-Regular-Alternate-Fill-In-Band." Cory said.

"I don't know, man. It could screw up again." Newt said. He can sometimes be dumb, but sometimes, he's the voice of reason.

"Do you WANT to get fired?" Cory asked.

"No" Meena and Newt said.

"Then we have to add someone to the band." Cory said. Personally, he didn't want someone else in the band, but he didn't want to get fired.

"OK Cory, we'll hold auditions. Does it matter what they do?" Meena asked, just as reluctant as Cory.

"No, as long as they make our sound awesome, if not better." Cory said.

"OK, we'll do it." Meena said, sadly.