Destiny Or Death.

Summary: Azazel may be dead, but he still wants Sam to lead his army. But Sam must choose; destiny or death. Sequel to 'Consequences'. Limp!Sam

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Chapter 7.

"No" Sam whispered, cradling his brother's body. "No!"

And his eyes glazed over a honey yellow once more, the foundations shaking beneath him.

Groaning as he woke, Dean placed a hand on his head; it came back slick with blood.

"Argh" He moaned as a headache hit him full force. "What the?…" The last thing he remembered was the demons sneaking up on him. 2 big brutes. Hitting him in the stomach and smashing his head against the wall before all 3 of them disappeared. Then everything went black.

Sam! Sam was in danger! The only reason they wouldn't have killed him was if they wanted to get to Sam!

Standing and swaying on unsteady feet, Dean made his way to the door of the cell, which surprisingly, was open.

'Ok' Dean thought. 'They definitely want to get to Sam, seeing as they're not bothered about me'.

Walking down the hall, he was also surprised to find no demons at all.

Shaking his head, and thanking his luck, Dean made his way out, determined to find his brother and assure him his safety.

The town was deserted and dark, lightning flashed, hitting the ground in loud bursts.

Sam stood in the middle of it, tears pouring down his face; rage and pain evident in his eyes.

Screaming, he let himself fall into his sorrows.

His powers raged loose, sending a storm howling across the skies for miles.

He felt innocent people's lives slowly ebbing away, but right now, he didn't care,

His brother was dead.

Everything, everyone else was obsolete.

Another flash of lightning hit the ground and Sam screamed, thunder booming at the exact same time. His emotions were the storm.

"SAM!" Dean's voice yelled.

"NO!" Sam yelled. "You're not here!


"Go away!" Sam screamed. "You are not here!"

"Sammy" The voice was now a whisper and a hand touched his shoulder.

Spinning 'round, Sam flung his arm out, sending Dean flying through the air and to the ground ten feet away.


"Stop!" Sam boomed. "Don't call me that!"

"Sammy" Dean whispered. "It's me, Dean".

"No. You're not" Sam whispered angrily but sadly too. Then he yelled. "My brother's dead!"

"Sammy. Please. It's me"

"NO!" Sam screamed and once more sent Dean through the air. Lightning destroyed a nearby house.

Dean struggled to stand, his arm bleeding, but when he finally got up, he looked at his brother, eyes full of compassion and love.

And that was when Sam realised, this was his brother.

"Dean?" Sam whispered full of sadness. Dropping to the floor, the storm fading, he cried.

Running to his brother's side, Dean comforted him. "It's ok Sammy. It's ok" And Dean was glad to see his brother's eyes were back to their usual hazel colour.

"I'm here Sammy" Dean whispered, rubbing his brother's back in a comforting manner.

Then suddenly, a demon appeared behind Sam, a knife in his hand.

Before Dean could push his brother aside, the demon stabbed him.

Dean watched in horror as the demon pulled the knife out and disappeared and bringing his eyes to his brother, who's breath was coming out in ragged breaths, Dean let out a few sobs. He'd finally got his brother back and a demon had to come and try and take him away again.

"Sammy?" Dean whispered and Sam's eyes moved unfocused before landing on Dean.

"Sor…ry" Sam gasped, pain lacing through his whole body, lungs burning, mind and eyes foggy. Everything was darkening.

"You'll be ok" Dean whispered, but it was in vain. Sam gave a small smile before his eyes flickered close and his breathing stopped, his pulse fading until it stopped completely.


"SAM!" The pain filled scream echoed throughout the deserted town.

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