A rainy night

A rainy night

Summary: Danny is called back to serve in Iraq and has to explain to Jack that hre has to go.

Chapter 1: Montecito rush

Danny McCoy sat in his office after a long day, he couldn't go home yet. But it was late and Delinda would be worried.

Suddenly a knock was heard on the door

"Danny?" Delinda opened the door

"hey!" Danny rushed to her "what are you…"

"Daddy!" Jack threw himself to Danny

"what are you doing here?" the marine asked his wife

"we came to see you daddy!" Jack said as Danny kissed him on the cheek

"I can see that, where is Jen?"

"she's downstairs with Mike and Piper"

"can we go home now daddy?" Jack asked Danny rubbing his eyes

"sure" Danny looked at Delinda and followed her downstairs holding Jack close

"Dee!" Piper said running towards them. Jen wasn't with her anymore

"where's Jen?" the blonde asked

"she's with cooper " Mike said reaching his friends

"looks like someone is tired" piper glanced at Jack who had fallen sleep. And Danny had started to rock him side by side

"I think you should go home" Mike said and Danny nodded

"come on baby let's go find Jen, so they can take Jack to bed" Piper told Mike and the two headed to cooper's office

"dee, I…" Danny started "we need to talk"

"can't we talk at home?" Delinda asked brushing Jack's hair

"no, I've got to take this off my chest" the marine said qietly listening to Jack's breathing

"what's wrong?" his wife asked. He barely acted like this after a long day at work

"let's go to the car" he said taking her hand and moving Jack to one side

"what about the baby?" Delinda asked as they got into the elevator. Danny stopped the elevator so Mike could hand Delinda the baby

"thanks mike"Delinda took Jen from him and held her thight "night man" Mike said as the elevator's door closed

When they reached the parking lot. Danny started looking for Delinda's van

"it's not here" she said refering to the car. "I asked a montecito driver to bring me in"

"oh" Danny mumbled and headed to his car. As he opened the back door, he sweetly palced Jack in the back seat and covered him with his Jacket. He opened his eyes for a second and when he saw his dad, drifted back to sleep

"we'll be home soon" Danny whispered to Jack and kissed his forehead

"do you have the baby's car seat?" Delinda asked Danny

"no, I think it's in your car" the marine told her

Delinda looked at her husband with certain disappointment "ecxactly how did you brought Jack to daycare today McCoy?"

"I sat him on the back, the two car seats were in your car" Danny said

"you know you could get a ticket for that let alone go to jail" Delinda reminded him "when did you become so irresponsable!" Delinda shoted at him

"shhh!" Danny palced a finger on her lips "you're going to wake them up!" he looked from Jen who was resting in her arms and little Jack behind him

"sorry, but seriously Danny you should have been more careful, this is your children's safety we are talking about" Delinda said getting on the co-pilot seat

"okay, I get I'm sorry" Danny honestly apologyzed "it won't happen again"

"let's hope it doesn't" Delinda said kissing Jen's forehaead

"can we go home now?" Danny asked like a teenager

"let's" his wife simply said

During the whole way home, niether man or wife spoke to one and other, the only thing heard was the other car's engines next to theirs and the ocassional sound if the city of Las Vegas

When they got home, Danny took Jack to bed while Delinda fed Jen. Once at Jack's room, Danny woke they boy up "hey buddy, let's put your pijamas on, kay?"

"daddy.." Jack mumbled and Danny laid him down on the bed "I want my T shirt" Jack said a little more awake

"okay and that means…" Danny thought for a second

"transformers daddy!" Jack shoted at him

"right, T" Danny laughed and took a pair of shortas from the drawer and the Optimus Prime T- shirt

"there" Danny had finished to change Jack while he was half sleep "okay man, ket's get into bed" . Danny tucked him in and wuth one last kiss, he left the room

"is she done?" Danny asked Dee as he entered the main room

"yes" his wife said glancing at the crib next to the bed

"good" he headed to the bathroom closing the door behind him

"hey" she greeted him with a kiss "I'm sorry about the blow up at the parking lot"

"it's okay, I'm sorry about not being careful" the marine kissed her wife passionately

"so any news from Dr Mars?" Danny asked her

"not yet" she said simply looking at her belly

"do we know?"

"no, we don't, I'm at least 10 weeks" she said proudly "we cant know yet"

"that's okay, I'm sure it's going to be a boy" Dannyy said kissing her belly

"how can you be so sure?" Delinda asked

"because you are as hormonal as you were when you were pregnant with Jack" Danny laughed

"that's not funny McCoy!" she hit him with a pillow

"what?" he asked hurt

"that's mean" Delinda sobbed

"okay, sorry baby" Dannt apologyzed and kissed her again

When she had calmed down she finally asked Danny about what had him so worried

"if I tell you, you have to promise not to freak out, I don't want anything to happen to the baby" Danny started "promissed?"

"what's going on Danny?" Delinda asked looking at his sparkling brown eyes

"remember how people are bargging about war being over and all?" Danny reffered to the news that had spreaded around the country


"well that's not entirely true" Danny admitted and placed a hand on his head

"what are you saying?" Delinda asked about to cry

"I wish this was diferent Dee" Danny said hugging her because she had started to sobbed

"no, this can't be! Not again" Delinda screamed holding her husband close

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