The Final Chapter

I rested these letters gently on my desk, as if such fragile details might shatter beneath my mere touch. I began to think of what had come over my dear friend, who was Dr Henry Jekyll. From his explanation, it seems, in all of his beloved selflessness and dedication to friends and colleagues alike, Jekyll was unable to satisfy his own needs; that is, until his sheer delight at the discovery of one Edward Hyde. There was such an important fact that Jekyll, purposefully or not, forgot- and that being the mechanics of which we call life. I like to think of it as a sensitive scale, an equilibrium that must be kept; the slightest sign of unbalance can upset it, and, in the case of Henry Jekyll, this balance may never be retained. It is partly this reason, I think, for his ultimate misfortune.

Besides that, I do solemnly believe that every man is given the opportunity in life to be good or evil; it all depends on which path the individual chooses. However, even while on such a path, the individual is capable of falling for the temptation of the other path. What is most important in such a situation is for said person to not only be in complete knowledge of what he shall encounter, but moreover, what he shall leave behind. I believe, truly to God I do, that Jekyll was unaware of either of these, and unfortunately, it was too late to turn back.

As much as I can blame Jekyll for his ignorance, I cannot say with honesty that I might not have fallen for the same trap to regain my fruitful days of youth, animation and excitement so violently snatched from me by society. And so, with such misfortune to the loss of my dear friend, I can only pray that a case as strange as that of Dr Henry Jekyll and his "truly two" persona Mr Edward Hyde, may never, ever occur again.