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First Ray-Red

He knew the phrase "seeing red" as well as any other person. But he wasn't one to fall for it. Anger was an emotion that could be channelled, could be controlled. To see red was to lose once senses, to act irrationally.

To see red was to make a mistake, be blinded, let impulse over come rationality. Human kind may still be corrupted beings, but they had evolved enough to exercise restraint upon themselves. In the military, one could not afford to make such a great mistake as to do this.

The red emotion could be channelled into his flames, into his drive, into his being. As it coursed through his blood, he visualised exactly what he would achieve, how he would make sure his changes would really benefit the people. Yes, his anger at society, the military even the world could be channelled. He never really "saw red."

But there was one exception.

He could see red when they looked at her, their eyes undressing her, caressing her, touching her. He saw red when their callous barbs caused her eyes to narrow in distaste. He saw red at their inability to sense, to know that she was off limits. His Lieutenant was not an object for any man to covet. She belonged to no one. His anger would speed through his being, his eyes clouded with the rage and blood, the fire more real than the alchemy he used. Those who had been under fire from his red gaze had never felt so petrified. They would not even allow their eyes to flicker in her direction from then on. It was exceptionally clear.

Roy Mustang was an extremely dangerous person when he saw red.

Especially in regards to Riza Hawkeye.

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