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Let the World Crash

'You can find me, you can find me,

You can find me anywhere.'

Chapter One

"Deidara-senpai!" the obnoxiously cheerful voice had the blond Akatsuki member gritting all three sets of teeth.

He raked a hand through his long hair, turning to face his partner. The masked ninja was practically dancing in excitement, his gloved hands clasped together in front of him.

"Tobi is a good boy, Deidara-senpai," Tobi added.

Deidara fought the urge to strangle his partner. There were times when he desperately missed arguing with Sasori over the true definition of art. His blue eyes narrowed in on the single hole in Tobi's mask, an obnoxiously bright orange that had no place on a ninja of any sort, especially not on an S-class missing-nin. When Tobi continued to prance about like he was standing on hot coals, the blond nin surrendered to his violent urges. Tobi never saw the blow coming until he was laid out on the ground. He lifted a hand to rub at his masked head.

"Is Tobi not a good boy, Deidara-senpai? Tobi didn't interrupt you this morning, even though you spent over an hour fixing your hair. Tobi thought it was a waste of time, since it still looks the same as it did when Deidara-senpai woke up, but..." for once, Tobi trailed off upon seeing the growing expression of rage in his partner's eyes.

He scooted backwards awkwardly on his elbows and feet as Deidara took a menacing step toward him.

"Tobi did not mean to anger Deidara-senpai! Tobi just wanted to inform him that someone was coming," he said quickly.

The blond stopped his advance, expression contorting in a darker scowl.

"Someone is coming after us and you just now decide to inform me, yeah?" he growled.

"Oh no, Deidara-senpai. The stranger is only heading to the base, not following us. Tobi is not stupid," the masked ninja said defensively.

Deidara could argue that, but now was not the time. One hand sank into the pouch which contained his clay, while he turned his head in the direction Tobi had come from. His left eye narrowed behind the scope which covered it, as though it could pierce through the trees dividing him from the intruder.

"How far away was he?" the blond asked.

"Actually it was a she, Deidara-senpai. Tobi didn't think-" the masked nin began.

"Good. That's my job, yeah. Now, lead me to her. She should be stopped before she gets any closer to the base, yeah," Deidara commanded.

Tobi visibly deflated as he rose to his feet.

"Yes, Deidara-senpai," he said softly.

The blond ignored the slight flicker of guilt at the dejection oozing from his partner's very posture. It wasn't proper for an Akatsuki member to wear his heart on his sleeve as Tobi did after all. Deidara opened a hand, the mouth contained in the palm spitting out a tiny bird made of clay. It fluttered from his palm and, with a puff of smoke, more than tripled in size. Deidara leapt easily to its back, training his scope on the forest floor as Tobi vanished beneath the ground. The masked nin made certain to leave a tiny trail of disturbed earth for his partner to follow.

A few minutes later, he popped from the earth. Deidara gracefully leapt from his bird and landed on the ground beside his partner. Tobi pointed to the tree branches above them.

"She should pass right there, senpai," he said.

The blond nodded, "Wait underground. I'll be ready to greet her with a can take care of whatever is left of her, yeah."

"Yes, Deidara-senpai," Tobi said.

With a single hand sign, he faded back into the earth. Deidara leapt from branch to branch until he found one with an excellent view of the area his partner had pointed out. He crouched down there, glancing toward the sky to make sure his clay bird was hidden. Whoever thought they could waltz up to Akatsuki headquarters was in for a big surprise.

Not surprisingly, his first glimpse of her was through his scope. She was moving fast, even for a shinobi. He would have to time this perfectly to make sure she received the brunt of the blast. His bird began moving into position and his fingers were forming into the first seal, when his regular eye caught sigh of her. The rapid flow of seals slowed. He knew this woman and...was that an Akatsuki cloak she was carrying? His blue eyes narrowed, then widened as he recognized her. In an instant, he was running beside her.

"What brings you so far from home, Leaflet?" he asked.

Deidara leapt to the side as a kunai sliced through the spot where he had been running. She crouched before him, panting and still holding the kunai defensively in front of her.

"You...were with Itachi," she said.

"You remember me, yeah. But you didn't answer my question," he said.

Just then, Tobi materialized from the tree trunk beside the Leaf kunoichi. He wasn't quite as quick to move as his partner had been, and thus received a gash in his cloak. He glanced down at it and, had he not been wearing a mask, the blond was sure there would be a pout on the flamboyant nin's face.

"You know her, senpai?" Tobi asked.

Deidara was silent, continuing to observe the girl. Her brown eyes moved restlessly from him to Tobi, her defensive posture not relaxing for an instant. The Akatsuki cloak he had noticed was held tightly in her free hand. Interesting. She clutched it like it was a lifeline of some sort.

"I'm trying to find Itachi," she said.

Had Deidara not been watching the kunoichi so closely, he would have noticed that his partner momentarily stiffened at the mention of the Uchiha's name. The masked nin recovered an instant later, bouncing sightly with excitement.

"You want to see Itachi-san? Tobi can take you to him! Tobi's a good boy," he said.

"Tobi's going to be a dead boy if he doesn't keep his mouth shut, yeah," Deidara muttered, "We can take you to him, but once you enter our base...I doubt you'll come out alive, Leaflet."

"You wouldn't let me leave alive even now. I have nothing to lose," the kunoichi responded boldly.

Deidara's lips curved in a slight smirk. He liked this girl's spirit. Although, the more he saw of it the less he could imagine the stoic Itachi ever becoming close to this kunoichi.

'They say opposites attract, yeah,' he thought.

"Follow me," he said aloud, heading toward the base.

He felt the kunoichi fall into step behind and to his right, which was quite considerate of her. That way, he could keep an eye on her using his peripheral vision. Though, as a chattering Tobi fell into step beside her, the blond reflected that he could just follow her movements by tracking Tobi's voice. One day, the idiot masked nin was going to get himself killed. Deidara hoped he would be there to see it.

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