Why I'm Afraid of Vampires

By Bella Swan age 6

I'm afraid of vampires. They are big and scary. They drink blood. Mommy says that vampires aren't real. I think they are. They wait until they smell someone really good and then they eat them. I don't think all vampires are bad. There are good vampires too. They save people.

I'm visiting my daddy this summer. I'm afraid that a bad vampire will steal me and I won't ever see Mommy again. That wouldn't be fun. I'm never leaving Mommy. She said marriage is bad. I heard her say to Daddy that she would rather me become a vampire then get married. She doesn't know I know that. That means there are vampires! They are going to make me marry them!


Why I'm Afraid of Vampires

By Bella Swan age 8

Why do teachers always want to know what I'm scared of? I. AM. SCARED. OF. VAMPIRES. Ok? Not that hard to understand. I'm scared of vampires because the bad vampires eat people. I'm not scared of the good vampires. I wonder if I'll ever meet a vampireā€¦ Mom says I need to get out of this 'fear of vampires' phase.

The End

"Bella?" I heard Emmett say slowly. I turned around to look at him. He was holding two papers. "Bella, I need your help. If you help me I promise I won't ever tell Edward about these papers," he said. I looked at him. "What papers and what do you need help with?" He held out the papers to me. "I'll help you with whatever you need!"